A New Running Strategy + Ice Cream Replacer

Good Tuesday morning!

Although I woke up to a howling cat and a growling dog, I woke up feeling awake and refreshed this morning. Then, as I always do, I turned on the morning news and did a little happy dance when the weather segment came on.


Um, mid-fifties at 6:45 in the morning after nearly a week straight of temps in the 90’s?!?

That’s when the urge crept in. I needed to go for a run. You guys know (and if you don’t, now you do) that I’ve taken a break from running. It’s been probably two weeks since I’ve laced up my sneakers and headed out for a run – due to my hip pain.

Against my better judgment, I decided to go for a short, 3-ish miler. However, I took some precautions first.


I always try to remember to foam roll (self-myofascial release=relaxed muscle b/c of the signal from the golgi tendon) after workouts, but I’ve never tried it before, despite claims that it really helps the muscles loosen up. This morning, I took about 5 minutes before heading out to really massage the sore/tight hip area.

Then I headed out. Although the run was surprisingly tough despite the nearly perfect running weather – I had a hard time keeping pace and my hamstrings were tight – 3.5 miles later I returned 99% pain-free! And then I promptly foam rolled again and then did my stretches (hip flexor, periformis, soleus and gastrocnemius calf stretches.)



Running reward:


iced french press coffee w/ cinnamon and coconut milk. This coffee almost tasted dessert-like because of the cinnamon – plus I whipped it all up before drinking.

Speaking of dessert

It’s no secret that I have a raging sweet tooth. It, like the freaks, comes out at night, and it usually finds itself satisfied in a bowl of ice cream – at least during the summer.

This is fine, except for sometimes I get on streaks where I’ll have a bowl every night for a week. While that might be fine with some, it’s too much sugar for me, especially at the end of the night.

Last week, I found myself sitting down to a bowl of ice cream one too many times.

Instead of not having anything sweet at all, I switched it out with a much healthier option:

-organic cottage cheese
-frozen raspberries
-almond meal or butter

Last night I even got a little more creative and whipped the cottage cheese in the Vitamix for a froyo effect Smile


Add cottage cheese and stevia to a blender and whip until smooth. Add the berries, and pulse a couple more times to incorporate them. Top and stir with almond butter or almond meal.

I like having cottage cheese before bed if I’m feeling a little hungry because it’s rich in the protein casein. Casein is a slow-releasing protein (your body breaks down the amino acids and absorbs them over time) so it keeps you fuller longer. About a half cup with the works keeps me full until it’s breakfast time :)

Are you a nighttime sweet snacker? What’s your current favorite?

I also want to try out Lisa’s "coconut cookie dough" that she’s been making!

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  1. Okay I love iced coffee and my husband hates it. So how do I make iced coffee in a french press? Please share because I am all over that! :)

  2. love you replacement. i’ve been cutting my regular ice cream with Arctic Zero..not as good, but it works.

  3. Sure am! Or really I have a sweet tooth any time… haha. My summer goal is to enjoy treats in moderation so a couple times a week. Other night I can make a healthier dessert at home, like banana soft serve, chocolate avocado pudding or just a bowl of fresh berries and a square of dark chocolate. My favorite real treats like now is Menchies fro-yo, or a new local ice cream food truck who has the best ice cream ever!

  4. I love almond meal/flour in yogurt but haven’t tried it in cottage cheese – looks delish and healthy!

  5. I usually crave salty snacks over sweets, but lately I’ve been wanting a milkshake like nothing else. Must be summertime!

  6. i defnitely like a nighttime sweet snack after dinner. i go in phases but usually my nighttime snacks rotate between ice cream, cereal/granola, whipped cottage cheese + nut butter (i agree, SO good!), greek yogurt with fruit, or just a big spoonful of nut butter with a glass of milk.

  7. OK, I’m just going to say I’m freaking jealous of that temp!!! It was 81 degrees at 5:30 this morning. Sigh….I’ve never tried rolling before a run but had someone suggest that once before actually.

  8. that looks delicious, I love cottage cheese anything! Hopefully you will have time to submit a recipe for my round up on thursday!

  9. I am a nighttime sweets eater. I at least need a little something sweet after dinner, whether it’s a few bites of ice cream or a lollipop. But I have noticed that the more sugar I eat, the more I crave it. So I have been trying to eat less of it. It’s a work in progress!

  10. I eat oatmeal at night with protein powder on top and frozen berries on top of that. It makes it taste like a thick muffin batter…soooo good! I’m glad the run went well. Hopefully the rest of your day will be pain free!

  11. That ice cream replacer looks delicious! Will be trying your recipe soon. Cottage cheese…who knew?

  12. Mm that sounds like such a nice post dinner treat! Does the cottage cheese come out runny, or is it still pretty thick after you blend it? Somehow everything I blend seems to turn out runny, so I definitely want to avoid that when I try making this!

    • I only buy the Kolani brand because of it’s the only non-runny cottage cheese I’ve found! So it’s neither runny in it’s, err cottage form, or whipped :_

  13. I am the QUEEN of nighttime sweets! I don’t really like cottage cheese, but perhaps if I whipped it up like fro yo I would!

  14. I’ve never tried foam rolling before either. Might just have to give it a shot.

  15. I’m a night time eater in general, I can eat well all day but at night I just want to shovel in food. Ice cream has been a #1 lately though. I should probably find some alternatives as well.

  16. I’ve been trying to stay away from ice cream so I’m going to try this. Thanks for sharing!

  17. I’ve heard that blending/whipping cottage cheese is tasty – I need to try it!

  18. Woohoo for no pain on your run! I love blended cottage cheese! So good with pumpkin as well! Clearly I’m pumpkin obsessed, I’m such a weirdo 😉 Let me know if you try out the coconut cookie dough, its pretty good if I say so myself hah. I am such a night time snacker as well, I just can’t not end the day on a sweet note, it feels wrong!

  19. I went out and met up with a few fellow bloggers for happy hour last night and it was CHILLY. However, it made sleeping quite fabulous last night. As the girl on the top floor, having my window open and fan off in the middle of June is rare.

  20. I should have ran outside this morning too, maybe tomorrow. I always eat oatmeal with something sweet (cookie butter, cocoa almond butter, etc) to feel a little better about snacking :)

  21. I still can’t get on the sweet cottage cheese wagon! Maybe one day :) It’s so hot here, too! 100*!

  22. I have got to find myself some almond meal!

    The foam roller is my BFF also, love to hate that thing though!

  23. Oh, I’m so much like you– I could have ice cream every single night if I had the option! I love this idea though! Maybe even FREEZING yogurt or cottage cheese and then blending it would be good too 😀


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