WIAW–Dreams of Breakfast

Good morning! Things are starting off here bright and early. I actually made it to the 5:30 spin class! Never mind the fact that I felt like a zombie for the first three songs, because I feel great now!

Ask me again around 4:00 this afternoon, though Winking smile

Since I enjoyed participating in What I Ate Wednesday and it seemed to be well-received last week, I thought I’d give it a repeat this week Smile

Breakfast #1-6:30 a.m.



I normally don’t eat this early, but I was hung-ry! I think it’s because I didn’t really eat a nighttime snack before bed like I usually do, save for a few pieces of watermelon. I think I even dreamt that I was hungry! haha This was just part 1 of breakfast, to get me through my workout.

Breakfast #2 – 9:00 a.m.IMG_7967

Chocolatey overnight oats. The usual mix, which just tastes fabulous. I topped it with my homemade honey almond butter. It was tasty, but it almost made me too full. However, not too full to finish it off Winking smile



Lunch – 1:30 p.m.


Lunch was smaller since breakfast was eaten late and filled me up quite a bit. I continued with the “salad salad” theme of the week, and went with tuna salad. I just mixed some Greek yogurt, mayo, relish, chopped HB egg, s&p, paprika, and chopped onion with a can of my favorite tuna and topped it on a bed of spinach. On the side I ate an apple, and the apple pie Uber larabar, which was super tasty Smile

Snack – 4:00 p.m.

In the late afternoon, I had an hour break in my day before I had to be back to train a couple more clients. When I walked in the house and saw the kettle corn, I went after it.


I’m obsessed with kettle corn lately! In fact, Shane and I got a giant box of mini kettle corn (I almost wrote kettle bell LOL) in the basement to snack on while we watch movies. There were 28 little bags when we got the box, and now there are three Embarrassed smile

Dinner – 7:45 p.m. – Barbeque chicken, broccoli, and sweet potato salad


I don’t normally eat dinner this late, but had a later client. I almost grabbed Subway, but then remembered I had chicken thawed in the fridge. Besides, ever since I made this potato salad, I’ve been thinking of how to make a sweet potato salad.IMG_7973

And I nailed it! Recipe coming this afternoon for the sweet potato salad, but I will say I will be making MUCH more of this side dish in the future Smile

Now, I’d usually post something like 8:30 – nighttime snack – coconut milk ice cream or something else sweet here, however, after dinner I was SO full. Actually, let me clarify: after putting away dinner – and sneaking a couple extra bites of the sweet potato salad, chicken, and veggies – I was so full Winking smile

Do you usually snack after dinner? If so, what’s your typical nighttime snack?

This is actually one of my weaknesses. I feel like I have to have something dessert-like before bed. I’m trying to break this cycle, but it’s tough! And…I like my nighttime sweet tooth dessert, haha

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  1. Can’t wait to see the sweet potato salad recipe! I’m obsessed with kettle corn, too – all popcorn, actually. :)

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  2. I usually eat dinner pretty late – between 7:30 or 8 pm depending on the day, so a night time snack usually doesn’t happen. I love anything with sweet potato – can’t wait to see the recipe!

  3. I don’t usually snack after dinner unless I am starving still, I rarely have desert unless my boyfriend offers me 16 handles, then I can’t turn that down. Oh I am excited for this sweet potato recipe, I love sweet potatoes!!

  4. I am the worst about snacking after meals. It often has to be something sweet to make me feel all “balanced out”. Which usually means I have my hand stuck in a cereal box for a bit… :p

  5. If my clothes are ever feeling tight or I feel sluggish, I stop eating at 8pm and can drop weight so quickly! I’m a late night snacker for sure!

  6. It is totally tough not to have something sweet after supper! The only thing that saves me (like for you last night) is a late supper. Since we go to the gym after work, supper is usually eaten about 7:30pm and by my 10pm bedtime I am usually not hungry. But on weekends on days when we do not workout and eat supper earlier I almost always need something sweet about 8:30-9pm. I have anything from a square of dark chocolate, energy date bites, Greek yogurt and fruit or a ice cream treat from the freezer.

    • Oh man…if I went to the gym later in the day, I bet my snacking would be even worse because of that metabolism spike! :)

  7. Your sweet potato salad looks amazing! Can’t wait to see that recipe!

  8. i like to have an evening snack on the sweeter side too each evening. i figure it’s not a big deal if it’s on the smaller side, and i’m not eating sweets all day. one sweet a day won’t hurt me. looking forward to that sweet potato salad recipe!

  9. Sweet potato salad! How have I never thought of that? Can’t wait for the recipe!

  10. I always need something sweet at night. Fruit would be the best choice, but I usually look for a cookie or some ice cream before resorting to fruit!

    • Haha – I always say I’m going to eat frozen fruit…then it never happens. Same with tea before bed 😛

  11. I’m looking forward to the recipe! :-)

    I always have a sweet snack after dinner! I wish I could break the habit, but it’s just what I crave after dinner.

  12. That sweet potato salad looks amazing! Do you have a recipe for it?

  13. Gosh everything just looks so good!

  14. I remember using a real pottao with Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Colors ..I love mostly red with white spots and ticking. I also love mostly white with red spots and pink bellies. Tri-Colors are pretty awesome as well;)Nope, not done shopping yet but hope to get it over soon. Ugh


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