Water Content in Food

Shortly after training one of my morning clients, I was checking my email and responding to blog comments, when I happened upon an email in my inbox that ignited some unexpected excitement. One of my articles was published today!


I’ve just recently begun freelancing, so when I see my name in print, I get a little giddy inside Smile

After training and a Niko walk, I snacked on a couple trail mix cookies before heading to the gym to work for a few hours.


A little while into work, I broke for lunch, continuing with a lunchtime favorite:


Kidney bean & egg salad salad! I also added some potato salad from last night’s dinner. I think this qualifies as a triple salad, no?


An apple and an uber bar for sides.

Water Food

In my previous job at the BIC, I’d get up from my desk to refill my water bottle three times a day. As I’ve mentioned before, there are some coworkers who are healthy habit haters. I had a coworker who used to poke fun of water drinking habits. She even once went so far as to say her doctor told her we don’t really need to drink that water. That we get it from our food.


She was right about that last part. You can get part of your eight glasses from food. Unfortunately for her, there’s not much water in frozen microwave dinners Winking smile

There are, however, a variety of foods that contain upwards of 80% water content. Think juicy fruits and vegetables.

The other day I was reading my Shane’s Men’s Health Magazine, and it listed some fruits and vegetables with a super high hydration point.

1. Cucumbers – 97%

2. Raw radishes – 95%

3. Celery – 95%



4. Watermelon – 91%

5. Raw broccoli – 89%

6. Peaches – 89%

7. Yogurt – 88% (I imagine this is regular yogurt)

8. Raw carrots – 89%

9. Plums – 87%

10. Apples – 88%

Pretty interesting, right? I would have thought zucchini would have made the list, too, so I looked it up. According to this chart, zucchini is 95% water!

Any of the above foods surprise you?

I almost forgot! If you’re in the mood to read another blog, check out my friend, Kim’s! She completed her first triathlon on Saturday and posted a super fun recap!

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  1. Yogurt and broccoli surprised me! More reason to eat my broccoli!

    • yogurt surprised me too! But then I thought about how much of the volume drips out when I strain yogurt to make my own Greek yogurt. A LOT!

  2. Interesting! I really need to get better about increasing my water intake, but I find it difficult being a teacher & not being able to go to the bathroom whenever necessary… I have a small bladder! Summer is right around the corner though, so let the water-chugging begin!

  3. I’m so glad I eat cucumbers like they are going out of style. Number 1 on the list! Between that and the 1000 bottles of water I drink a day, I’m set!

  4. Very interesting!! I am doing a 21-day program to rebalance my body (lose weight, help blood sugar and digestion, etc). Anyways, it has had SO many servings of cucumbers, zucchinis, carrots, apples, and yogurt on it! I guess I see why! I’m not complaining though! :) I’ll happily eat my watermelon as part of my breakfast.

  5. Dude, you seriously always post the most interesting tidbits! More so than any other blogger! I love you. Not just for the tidbits, just in general :)

  6. This is really interesting! When we were training for the half, I kept telling my fiancé to eat cucumbers for hydration…good to know I was right :) Congrats on the article!

  7. I always knew things like watermelon had a high water content but carrots and yogurt… hmm. I guess I never thought vegetables had that much.

  8. I suppose that is why I never try to juice a microwave meal….. 😉

  9. This is such great info to know because i have the hardest time drinking water and tend to get hydrated from foods more! Very interesting too, I was surprised at the yogurt especially!

  10. YOGURT?? Wow!

  11. I would imagine you’re right about the yogurt. I’m a water drinker and a watery food eater! I love my water!!! Congratulations on the article! That’s great!

  12. So true! I am surprised by the yogurt but it makes sense.

  13. Oh wow, yogurt definitely surprised me the most. I drink so much water throughout the day, I definitely love my water!

  14. RAN Mom says:

    Congrats on the article:-)

    Surprising that radishes have more H2O than watermelons! I love them both.

  15. Look at you, Paige! So author-esq of you having your name published! Congrats :)

    And your co-worker sounded like a real negative nancy. When I used to work at a law firm I had a few older woman who would make fun of my healthier lunches, and the smell of my tuna. Hey, whatever helps them sleep at night 😉

  16. really? she is going to poke fun at people for drinking water…thats kind of obnoxious…
    Yogurt has 88% water!? I never would have thought of that as a high water food. cool!

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