Uber Delicious + a 50 Minute Strength & Cardio Circuit

Oh my gosh, you guys. I feel like such a dummy.

Remember the other day when I said I couldn’t believe I was already on chapter 22 on the new audio book I’m reading? Well, this morning on my walk with Niko, I was thinking, man, this book jumps around a lot! Then when I got back in from my walk to turn my Motoactv off, I saw this:


Durrrr Confused smile No wonder I couldn’t believe I was on chapter 22…I wasn’t! Turns out, when I moved the book from iTunes over to the Motoactv, the chapters got all jumbled.

But now I’ve already put 120 minutes into this thing, so I think I may just listen to the rest of it. It’ll all come together at the end, right? Winking smile Even if I do already know the ending by then, LOL.


After this morning’s second client, I had a quick 30 minute break in between before my third (or so I thought) so I had some breakfast:


Overnight oats – the standard – plus some homemade honey almond butter crumbled on top.


I ate this delicious bowl while perusing the new Food Network magazine that arrived in my mailbox yesterday.

Another exciting package the mailman delivered yesterday?


The new UBER Larabars!


I have been wanting to try these out for months, but haven’t seen them in stores anywhere yet. Fortunately since I’m a larabar “friend,” the kind people at larabar sent me over the new flavors to try out – and I’m pretty stoked.

In fact, I just had tried my first one right now after a sweaty circuit workout. The ingredients resemble a regular larabar, but the texture is completely different:


It’s nutty and chunky and delicious – and *gasp* I think I like them better than regular larabars! I tried the roasted nut roll flavor (above,) and as I was eating it I was trying to think of what other bar it reminded me of. I may just not be thinking of it, but honestly, I couldn’t think of one! It’s a bar in its own class Winking smile

Now, back to before the larabar – that sweaty circuit workout. I didn’t think I’d be able to get in much of a workout today, but turns out my schedule had other plans.

Slight rant: remind me to add “when new clients decide they don’t want to show up to their first session but fail to tell their trainer” to the “cons” section of my Personal Trainer for a Day post. When it comes to my schedule, I’m pretty organized, bordering on OCD. When you’re self employed, you kind of have to be. So I scheduled my four clients this morning, with the third one being a new one. We had some back and forth emails all week trying to fit in a time – and I moved around my schedule to fit her in and the time she wanted. Then this morning, I noticed it was a couple minutes past our meeting time, so I hopped on the treadmill. Twenty minutes into my treadmill walk, I realized she’d ditched.

Now, this doesn’t happen all the time – probably only twice counting this time. But it’s definitely one of the downsides of training. At least with clients who cancel, they know they still get charged for their missed session. With new clients who haven’t signed anything, I’m out an hour of my day and that hour’s pay.


Since I had an extra hour in my schedule, instead of letting it get to me, I did my own workout. Hey, I was at the gym anyway, right? Smile


I did the above circuit 3 times through and felt great at the end. Welcome back, strength training!


OK, so my lunch is not exciting at all today, but I always get questions about lunch on the go, and want to share how easy it is.


Yes, that salad is far from pretty. but really, all you need is some veggies, protein, healthy fats, and maybe a carb. For today’s lunch I layered lettuce and spinach, 2 chopped hard boiled eggs, some grape tomatoes, and tore up a piece of cheese. Then I sprinkled on some salt at balsamic vinegar and called it done. On the side, the aforementioned larabar and a couple healthy trail mix cookies for my sweet tooth Winking smile

I’m out like sauerkraut! Have a good one Open-mouthed smile

How tied are you to your schedule? If something changes do you roll with it or let it frustrate you?

What was the last fun thing you got in the mail? I also got a very sweet card from one of my besties that made me cry yesterday. I’d say that wins out for mine.

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  1. That is super frustrating! At least you rolled with the punches and got a little workout in! What a great package to get.

  2. No shows are the story of my life :(

  3. I am very stuck to my schedule and do not like last minute changes at all. I am OCD that way too. But I need to learn to change this, and not be so annoyed by the changes. A work in progress there 😉
    I received new lemon and orange Stevia yesterday. Can’t wait to try them!
    Those Larabars look awesome, we are always so slow to get stuff up north so I might see them next year 😉 haha

  4. Gah, that stinks about the client, but at least you were able to bring back some strength with a bang! For me, it really depends what changes about my schedule whether or not I have a panic attack. Something I’m working on 8)

  5. Ok that salad is just hilarious looking, but I do want to eat it.

  6. Oh, I would not take that well. I’m really anal about my schedule, and when something unexpected comes up and messes with it, I kind of lose it.

  7. i agree, i think i like the new uber larabars better than the original too. i’ve only tried the bananas foster and roasted nut roll flavors, and i love them both. bananas foster was REALLY amazing. i definitely plan on buying more!

  8. I tried these bars and reviewed them (they sold them at my local WF)… they kind of remind me or Kind bars or Mojo bars… sorta. I’m also a Larabar “friend,” so I hope when I go visit my parent’s house this or next weekend, there’s a package waiting for me, too!

  9. RAN Mom says:

    I love larabars. Thanks for turning me on to them. But sometimes I want something salty to pick me up instead of kinda sweet, so the new nut roll, uber larabar will be on my shopping list for sure!

    Sorry about the no-show. I know how it feels when students don’t show for appointments or tests, but at least I don’t get docked.

  10. i just got/ate those new larabars today too!!!

  11. Definitely frustrating!!! If thats only the 2nd time thats happened consider yourself lucky. But that could also be a difference in not training for a gym. No shows suck.

  12. Just saw those uber bars at WF tonight. I actually love the looks of that salad. I wish i could convince Kevin to like hardboiled eggs because I never want to make them just for me. That’s a bummer on a new client canceling! Always frustrating. I want to start teaching piano again, and that’s definitely something you can run into with that as well.

  13. That workout looks great! I can’t wait to try it.

    I am VERY tied to my schedule. I used to tutor math in college and when student was a no-show (which was kind of often with college kids) I was furious. Especially when I drove all the way to campus just for that tutoring session. At the time, I was a pushover and didn’t say much about it to them (except something like, “you missed our meeting last week!” but now I know I would let them know that it bothered me (in a nice-ish way).

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