The Dreaded Mile

It’s funny. This morning I was thinking about how I was kinda bummed out that I couldn’t do my usual Wednesday morning run because of my hip pain I started experiencing on Sunday after running. If you’d asked me 5 years ago if I thought I’d ever be upset that running couldn’t be my method of cardio, I would have laughed at you. Now? It’s true.


I love running! When my hip lets me…But I used to absolutely hate running. Hate.

The other day I was training a client, and I suggested she try the couch 2 5k plan as cardio to supplement her workouts. Her response?

“I hate running.”

but I used to, too! Then I tried the couch 2 5k plan and all the sudden I loved it!

She ended up trying it (and liking it so far!) but I was still thinking about our conversation, and thinking about why I hated running so much before. Then it dawned on me.

Two words: The Mile.


The dreaded mile! I hated running “the mile” in high school and college. I loved volleyball practice and P.E. but hated those days when we’d have to run – as fast as possible – for a mile. And proceeding, I hated running every time someone else told me that I had to.

Turns out I actually like the exercise if I decide to do it on my own.

Instead of running the not-so-dreaded-anymore mile(s,) I woke up after a poor night’s sleep – I tossed and turned all night – and hopped on the elliptical upstairs instead. I did this quickie elliptical workout 2 times through. While ellipticalling away, I read:


I’m almost done with the 3rd book of 50 Shades…almost. Ugh.

Breakfast came shortly after, in the form of a smoothie:


Chocolate covered cherry’s where it’s at! At least this morning it is. My regular mocha frappucino + half a banana and half cup of frozen cherries. Yum!

Off to train! Today’s going to be a busy day full of clients, and then my parents are coming over tonight. They’re staying at our house to watch the pets and the house when we’re gone, so they’re seeing us off tonight Smile

Have a great day Open-mouthed smile

If you enjoy running now, was there ever a time you hated it?

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  1. Oh yes, I hated it too. Running never came easy until I got my asthma under control (I take Singulair daily). I couldn’t run 5 mins straight let alone a mile. I was a dancer but it became harder and harder to find advanced adult ballet classes. I turned to the gym – walking on the treadmill. But that was SO boring. Then I started running in intervals. But it wasn’t until I took my running outside and got out of my head that I fell in love.

  2. I was a sprinter in HS so I thought a 400 was a long distance. The mile was TERRIBLE and the cross country kids who did TWO miles were insane! And now…I run marathons…lol!

  3. In my initial training session with clients, I make them do a mile as fast as they can. They all HATE IT! Even the fit ones. But I totally get it….it’s as much a mental challenge as a physical one!

  4. YES! I express the exact same thoughts in this post: <– I dreaded 'the mile' in gym class, even though I enjoyed playing sports. It was no fun being told "run" and then having the embarrassment of trailing behind those few speedy peers who could run 6-minute miles. Nowadays, a mile is comfortable, and I am not the same person as that gym class student lagging behind. We've come along way, haven't we :)

  5. I HATED the mile so so much in school. Anytime I finally start to LIKE running (rather than just doing it to burn calories and hating every second) I seem to get an injury – my body doesn’t want me to be a runner!

  6. I was really overweight as a child and would sweat a lot so I avoided running throughout elementary school. In junior high and high school, it was not “cool” to try in gym so I would just walk with my friends. I think it would be such a great idea to have gym classes do couch to 5k and at the end of each quarter or semester do a 5k to raise money for the school!

    At this point I don’t LOVE running, I am just tolerating it.

  7. I was the same exact way. I played soccer my entire life and I still hated forced running for the sake of running with an absolute passion. I remember “the mile” in school sounding sooooo far and horrible. Couch 2 5K completely changed my outlook on running. No idea what clicked but something finally did and now I love it. As long as it’s on MY terms 😉

  8. Yes! I am right there with you! I HATED running for volleyball and it made me so nervous. I actually had a coach tell me she didn’t think I could ever run more than a mile at a time. And then I saw her at wedding last weekend and told her I ran a half marathon — sort of the best feeling ever :)

  9. The timed mile always scared me to death but actually we more had the pacer (I know there are many names for it) where it was that beeping running sound. Kill me! Now I love running but now lie, the mile still scares me.

  10. HAHA! That is too funny that you bring this up– I literally CHEATED during the mile in high school! We were supposed to collect Popsicle sticks each time we went around the track and we had to have four sticks at the end to show that we completed it four times. Well… I just so happened to find one on the ground, and skipped out on a whole fourth lap 8)

    You can only imagine how impressed my coach was when he thought I ran a sub 8 minute mile haha!

  11. Mile Day in gym class was the worst. I was one of the slowest girls in class and often walked a good portion of it. Funny how now I’m pretty proud of my ability to pull out a sub-8 when I feel like it! :p

  12. I LOVE running now but I hated it in grade school. They would grade us on how fast we ran the mile. Ex. below 8 minutes=A, Below 9 minutes = B. I don’t think people should be doing that to young kids. Just because you can’t run fast doesn’t mean you aren’t giving it your all.

  13. I don’t remember ever having to run a specific distance, but I do remember having to run laps around the field and hating it. I’ve never been fast, and for the first few years high school I was not interested in running at all. Especially not when I was told to do it.

  14. Hi Paige! I jsut started reading your blog this month, and I am interested to hear a little more about the hip pain.injury you have felt. I checked out your 2011 posts about 5 steps to recovery, but could never figure out when/how you injured it and how long your recovery took. I get occasional pain in my flexor and thigh when I overtrain (run too long, too many times a week), and after a recent flareup, I’m on my second week of rest and have been doing the eliptical for cardio. I’m really nervous to start running too soon, but also nervous if I wait too long I’ll have to start my half training from the start. Would love to hear your “hip story” and advice that you’d give one of your clients in the same boat. Thanks :)

    • Hi there! This is a good idea for a post…it’s quite a long story! I’ll work on writing one for it soon :)

  15. I was a sprinter in high school, but I liked the 100 and 200 but hated the 400 even though that was “my event.” Running more than that was something I hated, until I started distance running in late college. Nowadays, running is kind of uninspiring, which is why I started Insanity, and my fire for exercise has definitely been on!

  16. Oh my goodness; I teach at a high school & the mile is still a very dreaded thing!

  17. Gah, yes! I hated running in school! A mile is FAR when you are not a runner. You need to practice and work up to that and they never did that in school. When I started running on my own (doing a couch 2 5k and walking/running with my SIL); I LOVED it. And now I am pumping out 5k’s like no one’s business and training for my first half marathon. Stupid gym class ;(

  18. I definitely enjoy running more when it’s something I want to do as opposed to something I have to do. I think that’s why I haven’t done a race yet…because having to stick to a plan and knowing that I have to run so many times and so many miles would just make me dread it!

  19. I have ALWAYS hated running.. I think I am doomed to never like it. I am OK with that.

  20. I so wish we had frozen cherries at my grocery store, but I never see them when I’m there. Boo. We never had the mile in gym class (we go by km’s here), but we did have 5 K day, which I guess is worse than the mile haha. We had to finish in a certain time too or else we failed that term. How fun did my school sound?! I definitely still dislike running, spinning is my thing :)

  21. You know what’s funny? I actually liked the mile! But then we also had the 20-min run and I REALLY didn’t like that. So I guess I should’ve been a sprinter?

  22. I absolutely hated running in school. I even joined the track and field team but did mostly field and the 100 meter dash. I hated that dash. Thinking back, why did I put myself through that? Probably because it was the easiest team to join if you were weren’t athletically inclined. 😛

  23. I used to absolutely hate running! It was so hard! However, I decided a couple of years ago to do the Couch to 5K and the rest is history!

  24. I used to hate running SO much! I used to play softball and volleyball so running was our punishment for doing something wrong haha. But now I can’t get enough. Funny how that happens.

  25. I am still waiting to love it. But I am running better than I ever have.
    And with baby steps I am progressing. Right now I am doing 4 mins run/1min walk, and repeat however many times as I can.
    Sounds like I need to take it outside, too. And stop running the tread so much. Its just my neighborhood is not so delightful to look at. I want me some trails!!!


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