Ten Minute Triceps

Good morning!

Even though today is a light day for me, it just does not feel like a Friday. Wednesday, for some reason, felt more like a Friday than today does. Weird. But I’ll go with it Winking smile

Before we get in to today’s post, I’d be remiss if I didn’t share the dinner I made last night with you guys.


I tore this recipe for spinach and potato hash out of my Fitness Magazine last week, knowing it’d be a dish both Shane and I would enjoy. However, when I went to make it, I couldn’t find the recipe in my purse (not a surprise.)

Luckily, I found it on the internet on Fitness’s website. Lucky because I still got to make it and lucky because now I can share the recipe with you guys!

hash 2

Don’t mind the pictures – I took them with my iPhone.

Don’t laugh, but my good camera’s memory card was full, and I felt too lazy (and hungry) to go back and mess with deleting pictures. Shane gets so aggravated because he says my memory cards are always full. I just think they happen to be full when he happens to look. That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!Don't tell anyone smile

Dessert was almost just as good.

hash 3

Almost. Love this chocolate Smile

Bottom line – go make this hash. It’s delicious and quick. How I like my meals.

I also like my workouts this way…or at least quick.

Ten Minute Triceps

I’ve made it no secret that I prefer lower body days over upper body a million times over. However, my favorite muscles to train in my upper body are probably a tie between triceps and back.

Since I’m a compound exercise-lover, I tend to neglect exercises that focus solely – or mostly – on the triceps. Lately, however, I’m strength training a bit differently by actually adding in some isolation exercises.

Yesterday I was doing a quick triceps/shoulders/chest workout, and decided to go ahead and document some of my favorite no/low equipment tri exercises.


(That’s my grrr face. Duh.)

The workout:


Time for a morning run!

Have a great Friday all! Open-mouthed smile

What’s your favorite upper body muscle group to train?

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  1. My favorite muscle group to train is definitely shoulders! Hope you had a good run, and happy friday :)

    ps I love that you had pics of your moves today! very cool

  2. Thanks for the photos and a no/low equipment workout – it will be the perfect compliment to my spin class on Saturday! :)

  3. Awesome pictures/moves — 3A and 3B especially show off your hard work to training those tris! You rock! :)

  4. I ripped this recipe out as well!! glad to know it is a winner!

  5. Biceps, but I need something different for them besides curls. Shoulders are fun too. I am fairly weak in my upper body or at least when it comes to things like push ups and pull ups, not sure what to work on more there though. Thanks for the tricep exercise I usually stick to standing one arm extensions and dips but will try these next time.

  6. Looks like a great workout! I sometimes hate working my triceps because I think they are fairly weak haha…but this gives me ideas for new exercises to try!

  7. Besides the pushup, those are all new tricep moves to me, love it! In livefit, triceps are one of the areas that I find hard to find good at home substitutions for so I may throw a couple of these in now :)

  8. looks like a killer workout, I love doing upper body!

  9. I think tricep floor dips are deceptive. They look easier than they are, and they really target deep in the muscle.

    happy friday!

  10. Tricep workouts always kill me! I feel the burn for days! It’s one of the areas I’m uber targeting to tone up for the wedding.

  11. Ha, I’m like you and I love to train the triceps. However, all of my female clients usually hate it :)

    Question – where’d you get those mint green Nikes? Love the color!

  12. i <3 quick & easy dinners. it's prob why i end up having almost the same thing every night…because it's quick & easy hahah

  13. I enjoy training my triceps, so I’m definitely going to keep this workout in mind!

  14. I love Green & Blacks. It’s so rich and perfect for when you have a chocolate craving! I like training my tri’s too. Extensions, kick-backs – feel the burn!

  15. I’m so glad you posted this. I’ve started to get a little tricep definition, and I really want to start working on them some more.

  16. I’d have to say tri’s and back are my favorites to work. Mainly b/c they need the most work 😉 Chest/Shoulders/Bi’s are easy to train and not my favorite b/c they tend to hurt the worst after a work out.

    These look great- will be incorporating them next week! Dips are getting B-O-R-I-N-G so this comes as a perfect time to switch it up!

  17. Triceps are my faveeee muscle group to work out! Love this!

  18. My current favourite body parts to train are chest and back. Nothing feels better than super setting them to fatigue!

    Triceps are great too; but I tend to hit them in my compound moves rather than isolate them (although my group fitness class participants love triceps work!)

  19. I am LOVING the workouts that you have been posting Paige! And you’re so darn cute too! Love the pic of you!

    I love training triceps! I love it :) I think my favourite exercise would be cable pull downs, but I have noticed huge gains when I began to do overhead DB extensions! :)

  20. great reminders of tricep exercises- thanks!

  21. is it bad that i covet your arms? THEY ARE BANGING

  22. Courtney says:

    I made the recipe last night and it was tasty! I pretty much followed it to the T. Next time, I’d take away some of the Paprika. It was a little too much for me :) I see you added broccoli. YUM!


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