Strength & Cardio Circuit Workout

After I post this, I’m on my way out the door to train a client and then hittin’ the road out west! So as you’re reading this, we are hopefully either a) scrambling to get out the door or b) already on our way to Colorado. Perhaps 1 hour into the 18 we have to get there…


Meanwhile Niko and Clarabelle are kickin’ it with my parents at our house. Lucky them, they get to spend a week with “gramma and grandpa” since they’re house sitting for us Smile

Either way, I’m sure I am or was in a complete rush to get out the door, so I created this workout, and subsequent post in advance for you guys!

I did this workout last week, and I also did it this morning before training my first and only client for the day. It was only 45 minutes, and made my muscles shake, heart rate sore, and sweaty to boot. Glorious Smile Directions below.

Disclaimer: please check with your physician before beginning any new exercise program.

collage workout3

Warm up – 5 minutes cardio

Split jump push press – 10 reps each side – Standing with feet hip width apart and a dumbbell in one hand, jump the feet into a split position while boosting the weight up over head. Jump back to starting position. Repeat.

Single leg deadlift – 12 reps each side – stand with dumbbell in front of same leg, holding it in an overhand grip. With the knees soft, press the hips back, while simultaneously lifting the non-working leg off the ground. Keep the spine neutral as you flex the working leg’s hamstrings and glutes to return to a starting position.

     complete the exercises above as a superset, completing each exercise one after another, and then repeating 2 more times

Cardio! – perform cardio of choice for 5 minutes

Goblet squat – 12 reps – With feet slightly wiser than hip width apart, hold a dumbbell (vertically) or kettlebell under the chin. Push your hips back and lower down into a deep squat so your elbows come between your knees. Press back to starting position.

Stability ball mountain climber – 20 reps – in a plank position on the stability ball, bring one knee in, and then the other, in a quick manner.

complete the exercises above as a superset, completing each exercise one after another, and then repeating 2 more times

Cardio! – perform cardio of choice for 5 minutes

Narrow grip floor press – 12 reps – lying supine on the floor, hold two dumbbells in a neutral grip at sides. With elbows against ribcage, push the weights straight up, and slowly lower them back down, keeping the elbows in.

Inverted row – 10 reps – lying under a sturdy horizontal bar (I’m using a smith machine bar in the picture above,) place the feet either flat on the ground (easier) or heels on the ground, legs extended (harder.) Grab the bar with an overhand grip, and pull yourself up until the bar touches or is close to your chest.

Stability ball push up – 12 reps – In a prone position, place the ball under your shins, arms extended into a high plank. Lower down until your elbows form a 90 degree angle, and press yourself back up.

complete the above 3 exercises as a circuit, completing each exercise and then moving onto the next. Repeat two more times.

Cardio! – perform cardio of choice for 5 minutes

Cool down – perform low intensity cardio for 5 minutes, stretch.

Have a great Thursday, guys Open-mouthed smile Let me know if you give the workout above a try!

How do you fit in strength and cardio? Do you combine them like the workout above? Or have separate days for cardio and strength?

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  1. Have an AWESOME time on your vaca!!!

  2. Have fun on your trip!!

  3. I do both. It depends on my mood for the day as to wether I do strength and cardio together or split them up. That is one heck of a workout!

    Have a safe trip Paige!

  4. Have a great holiday!
    I do both, usually 30 mins of cardio to start then 30 mins of strength after.

  5. This looks like a great workout! And I know Niko and Clarabelle will love being with their grandparents – my dog is the same way, he loves spending time with my parents!

  6. Enjoy your trip! :)

  7. I wish you could train me, Paige! I love your workouts.

  8. I hope you have a safe trip! And love the circuit. As always. :)

  9. I love doing what you did here with cardio, I usually break up strength workouts by doing a 10 min cardio warm up, 15 min weights, 10 min cardio, 15 weights, and then 5-10 min cardio at the end

  10. Have a fun (and safe) drive today!

  11. Have an awesome and safe trip!!!! Great workout! I love stability ball push-ups! Get such an awesome burn from them

  12. Hey chica, just wanted to let you know I’m giving you an award in tomorrow’s post 😉

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