Some Things Never Change

Hi there, everyone! I hope you’re all having a great weekend.

It’s been pretty fabulous over here. It’s Africa hot, so we’ve been staying inside during the day for the most part, and then venturing outdoors once the sun starts to head over the horizon.


During the staying inside time, I obviously had some free time on my hands to paint my nails and put my hair up in a top knot. What can I say? Beforehand, I was visiting one of my blog obsessions and tried to be pretty in pink. Whilst wearing slippers outside and sipping a gin and soda. Can’t be too classy now Winking smile

Shane and my new thing is to sit out back on the porch before dinner reading, having a cocktail, and listening to some tunes.


Actually, that last bit is kinda new. Before, we were lame and just turned up one of our iPhones to play music. But then the other day I picked up this Sony potable radio thingymabob at Target, and it’s changed my life. I bring it outside to relax, I blast it in the kitchen while cleaning the main floor, I bring it in the bathroom when I’m soaking in the tub. And I just bought it on Friday. LOL.

This weekend’s music of choice has been all three of Robin Thicke’s albums on repeat.


I swoon for thee voice. I was also appalled when, at a cookout last night, not a single soul knew who I was talking about when I mentioned him. Appalled.

At said cook out, it was so hot even, that it went to a cookout to a cookin. Or, cookout, but eat in rather. Then once the temps dipped back below 90 degrees, we migrated out back for some chocolate fondue. Note to self: this is a very, very, very good idea.

This morning, though, I haven’t yet moved from the bed aside from the obligatory bathroom trip. I’m feeling particularly reflective this morning, and caught myself thinking to past Memorial Day weekends. For some reason I could think of the last two year’s without looking because I could remember:

wanting to cook out way more than we actually did and

-it was our landscaping extravaganza (this reminds me of my vegetarian days! I also rolled my eyes at Memorial Day 2010 self numerous times while reading this post! lol Oh dear…)


Old pic! Short hair, don’t care Smile with tongue out

And I’ll probably remember this Memorial Day weekend as both the weekend before leaving for Colorado (we leave this week!!!!111!eleventy!!1!) along with the weekend Shane spent all of his free time working/studying/researching for a workish-related event. Poor guy!

Although a lot has changed since Memorial Day 2010, some things never change.

  1. I still wear the hat pictured above, and only the hat pictured above while wearing ball caps.
  2. I can say the same for Shane. Although his is looking a little haggard these days. It’s kinda hot though Smile
  3. I’m still a sunscreen nazi. Actually, instead of applying sunscreen, I’ve just been trying to avoid the sun between 10-3 (peak hours.) This is easy when you don’t have a pool, or any friends with a pool. Note to self: make friends with someone who has a pool.
  4. I still don’t want to go out and water all. those. darn. plants we planted in landscapestravaganza 2010.


I have a story about that lavender. A couple stories, actually. But I’ll leave that for another day because a) this post is already getting random and incoherent, and b I’m out of coffee and c) that would require more pictures and I’m far too lazy to get the camera and take them at the moment.

And D) I need to get out and walk Niko before it’s peak sun hours. Sun

Have a great rest of your weekend, my friends Smile

What’s changed since this weekend last year for you?

What’s stayed the same?

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  1. I’d love to know how to make that bun! What a cute way to get the hair off your neck when its hot.

    Memorial day last year I did almost nothing because it was the day after I got back from my trip through Europe with my sister. I was in recovery mode :)

    • I just put it in a high ponytail and wrapped the tail part around and pinned it down. Took about 3 tries though 😉

  2. As you know, rambly posts are my favorite!
    LOVE lavender!! I need to plant some with my other herbs! I’m guessing you can get it at Lowe’s?

  3. So jealous of your Africa hot weather! We actually got snow here this week :( Ya, not cool, Paige! HAHA.

    Ps I mentioned you in my last Hight Five Friday post xx :)

  4. I’m loving your bun in the first photo!

  5. I love your bun! is it a pinterest thang?

    • I’m sure it’s on Pinterest somewhere 😛 It’s just my hair wrapped around the ponytail holder and the pieces pinned around.

  6. We’re having gorgeous and hot weather where I live too! I’m so happy about it! Your bun looks so cute, love. I have such a huge celeb crush on Robin Thicke his voice makes me melt on the inside. I have all his CD’s, can’t get enough.


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