My Favorite Yoga Poses

Afternoon! Glad you guys liked the medicine ball circuit workout from this morning. Please let me know if you try it out!

This morning’s run was absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are, but here in Illinois it’s dry and in the upper seventies, which is absolutely perfect to me. I ran 3.75 ish miles around a nearby lake while listening to my latest book:


I’m trying to finish the third book in 50 Shades as quickly as I can, but as I’ve said before, I’m more than ready to move on. However, I’m not a huge fan of reading two novels at once. So instead, I’ll read one and listen to one! Plus, it makes runs and dog walks that much more fun Smile I started it yesterday on a 30 minute Niko walk, and after a 35 minute run and another 25 minute walk, I’m already on chapter 22! I’m not sure how many chapters there are, but I thought that was pretty impressive for only 90 minutes of listening.

Then, it was eatin’ time.


I brought back an old favorite today for breakfast:


Banana split breakfast parfait. It’s an old picture, because this morning’s fare didn’t look as pretty, but it tasted delicious after a workout.

I’m working the majority of rest of the day, so the remainder of my eats (until dinner) will be eaten-on-the-go style:


Chicken fajita salad, Greek yogurt + oats + mango, and an apple:


And tonight I think we’re having burgers for dinner! Mmm Smile

My Favorite Yoga Poses

If you’ve been reading recently, you guys know I’ve been on somewhat of a yoga kick lately. I just love how it makes me feel. It makes me feel strong, empowered, in tune with my mind, body, and self.


While the last time I was on a yoga kick, I was focused on power yoga and other classes that really made me sweat and feel like a workout, this time around my focus is more on the mind/body aspects. Sure, I’ll still do a power flow class every now and the, but for the most part I’m digging rejuvenating and restorative yoga.

Regardless, there are certain poses that work magic on my body. Every time I do a few certain poses, I feel like a new person.

Some of my favorite yoga poses include:




Where my other tight hips peeps at? I know this is one of your favorites, too. I have extremely tight hips, so whenever I find a podcast that offers a pigeon pose sequence, I do it. It hurts so good when I’m in full pigeon, then when I swing back to downward facing dog, my hips feel so. much. better.

Apparently, we carry a lot of emotion in our hips, which is why a lot of us have tight hips. Or so the yogis say. However, I haven’t ever cried or gotten overly emotional while stretching them, and I’m not sure how much clout that holds.




Ahhh the heart center. We have the natural tendency to slouch our shoulders forward, which results in a tight chest and stretched upper back muscles. Not only is this a great front body stretch, but whenever I do it, I feel energized and rejuvenated.

Dead bug


Again with the hips – not the same spot, though. Dead bug – or happy baby – stretches the inner groin area. It’s also said to relieve stress, which is definitely true for me.

Reverse Warrior


Reverse warrior is another hip-opening stretch (are we noticing a theme yet? Winking smile) It’s a super stretch for the hip flexor and outer groin. It also increases flexibility in the spine and stability in the core.

Downward Facing Dog


Yep! Good ol’ basic down dog. I l-o-v-e coming back into this position multiple times throughout my practice. It seems that my body feels different (mostly better) after each sequence. This pose stretches the hamstrings, calves, and shoulders, while strengthening the back – as well as the shoulders.

There are more poses that I love, of course, but these are my very favorite and leave me feeling very zen and “ahh” after a practice.

Have a great rest of your day, my friends Open-mouthed smile

What’s your favorite yoga pose?

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  1. Up Dog is my favorite. I used to hate Camel but now have fallen in love with it. Such a great stretch!
    Both of those books are on my to read list but I got stuck in the Gossip Girl series and am trying to finish it! So many books to read, geesh 😉

  2. I love pigeon pose!!! Downward dog is a great one too! I’m going to do the dead bug pose next time. I bet that feels great! I don’t normal read books that follow a trend, but I really want to read 50 Shades of Gray. I’m so intrigued!

  3. Ugh – the Pigeon!! It hurts so good!

  4. I love love love pigeon. I know some people hate it but I just love it, I swear it gives me the best stretch.

  5. I love pigeon pose, especially after runs! This post inspired me to do some yoga tonight to stretch out my quads/hamstrings because they’ve been feeling extra tight lately. 😀

  6. I love pigeon too. And warrior! I haven’t done yoga in about two weeks and I feel off, I can’t wait to get back to it this week!

  7. love pigeon pose, looks like just about everyone else does too :)

  8. I love the pigeon pose its one of my favorites! I also love reverse warrior and of course the good old downward dog. I really feel the stretch in those three.

  9. Courtney says:

    I hardly ever do yoga, but I do have sore hips ALL THE TIME. Especially after working out. I looked up hip stretches and saw pigeon pose. Is the form really strict? I like it, but I’m afraid I’m not doing it correctly. You always hear stories about people who hurt themselves more because of stretching the wrong way :(

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  11. Yoga gets your blood flowing. More specifically, the relaxation exercises you learn in yoga can help your circulation, especially in your hands and feet. Yoga also gets more oxygen to your cells, which function better as a result.


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