Medicine Ball Circuit Workout

(workout at the bottom of this post)

Well yesterday turned out quite differently than I expected!

As I was driving to my third (and final) client’s house of the morning, I got a phone call from my friend Heidi saying that one of her babies was sick. The trip to Chicago was off! Although I was bummed about missing a day of shopping, I was pretty stoked to have an impromptu free day. It was only 9:00 and I had the whole day ahead of me!

Since I’d planned on spending the entire day with Heidi, I made a quick stop by her casa to say “hey” while the babies were sleeping. It was nice to catch up –I always love a good chat with a girlfriend, whether it’s shopping up a storm and kickin’ it on the couch

My day’s next endeavor was  a long walk with Niko around a lake that’s fairly close to our house.


I usually just walk her around the neighborhood or the trail, so the new scenery was a nice change up! I think Niko enjoyed it, too.

The rest of the day involved a lot of reading, playing with pictures, cleaning up some memory cards, yoga, and even a nice relaxing bath, with the help of this product:


I picked it up at my chiro/homeopathic doctor’s office last week, and just tried it out yesterday. Love it!

In my senior year of college, I took baths at least once a week. A little wine, a good book, some candles, and bath salt, and I was in heaven. Then, for some reason, when I entered the working world I stopped taking them. Shane also went from second shift to first shift during this time, so that could have something to do with it. In the past few weeks, I’ve been adding them back in once a week, and I don’t know why I ever stopped!

Anyway, I digress. My point is that this stuff is awesome. It’s a natural salt with tons of trace minerals, including an ish load of magnesium, which has a lovely calming effect.

I’m such a damn sucker for crap like this. I also walked out of his office with a calming tea/drink (which I haven’t tried yet,) aminos, and almost got a homeopathic sleep aid. I’m a tough sell, let me tell ya! Embarrassed smile

I wasn’t really quite sure what to do with myself for a good part of the day! I tell myself it’d be awesome to only work part time, or stay at home, and that people who do are lucky, but honestly, I think I’d get way too bored. I like being productive!

So instead of me talking about the rest of my day, here’s a workout I put together for you guys! It’s the one I did on Friday – and it left me sore until Sunday night! All you need is a medicine ball and yourself Smile


As always, please check with your physician before beginning any new nutrition or exercise program.


Da moves (click to enlarge)


Please let me know if you have any questions and if you tried the workout! Open-mouthed smile

I’m off to get a run in on this gorgeous morning. Today’s going to be a busy one for this girl. I’ve got a few new clients to train (yay!)

Have a great Tuesday, my friends!

What do you typically do on an unexpected day off?

Are you a tough sell? Or will you buy anything that sounds good for ya? (like meWinking smile)

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  1. pinned! always looking for new med ball workouts!

  2. Great workout! I really like adding the “chop” movement with a ball. It’s harder yet better at the same time. :)

  3. Oh nice looking workout. I never think to use the medicine ball for anything other than abs. I used to take baths all the time when I danced. But for some reason I don’t think to take them now with running. And an epsom salt bath is always so relaxing. Actually Jason makes fun of me b/c I get the water SOOOO hot that I can’t stay in long. It gets too steamed up (bothers my asthma) and I get bored. Sad huh?

  4. I rarely get an unexpected day off, but when I do it usually involved a morning workout or run, blogging, reading (I love baths too!), and baking.
    I am sucker, we will keep it at that. My husband keeps me in line 😉 haha

  5. That workout looks great! Pinned it :). Hope you have a great run! I haven’t taken a bath in ages! I totally need to do that when I move home and can use my mom’s huge tub haha.

  6. Oh gosh I cannot take baths. I get soooo bored! I’ve tried many times, gotten a book, some bubbles. I don’t last more than 10 minutes!

  7. oh my goodness, medicine ball circuits make everything burn!!

  8. Pinned! I love my medicine ball. Such a functional piece of equipment that you can do so many moves with.

    I’m not a bath taker at all. I find them weird!

  9. I need to get myself a medicine ball, it would be such a good way to change up my workouts.

    I take baths all the time. I feel like without them, I’d never have a chance to just relax.

  10. I actually hate baths. I’m odd, I know.

    Love the workout! And how you have the explanations of the moves laid out kind of like a magazine. Very cool.

  11. I do love an unexpected free day, but you’re right- I always end up feeling restless! (Although, taking a walk always seems like a good idea on a nice day!) If you reschedule your day up to Chicago on a weekend, let me know! :)

  12. I am definitely a tough sell. I love a good salt bath though. They feel so good! I’m glad you enjoyed a relaxing day. Love that workout!

    By the way, I sent you a Facebook message since I don’t have email right now. I hope your having a great week!

  13. That looks like a great workout! Saved. I used to hate baths, but now I love them. I’m such an easy sell, I always feel like I “have” to buy the product and feel so weird saying no. Wow, that is awful actually haha. I don’t even want to know all the money I have spent on stuff I don’t really want.

  14. love this workout Paige!!! I am so excited to try it! :)


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