I’m Over It–My Disinterests

Last Thursday I posted Thursday Things – Obsessions edition. And just like I’ve become obsessed with several things lately, I’ve become disinterested in just as many.


Things that Used to Interest Me but Now Don’t:

1. Racing.


So I got on a racing kick for a couple years. Now I’m over it. Usually by now I’d have already run 3 races in the year, and have 5 or so more planned. This year, I’ve run in zero races and have zero planned. I’m fairly certain this interest will come back eventually, though.

2. Makeup


I have a cycle. I become obsessed with makeup and skincare products for a few months, spend way too much money on high end products, and then become disinterested in it, and all the products sit on my vanity, waiting to expire until they can be replaced by my next bout of makeup obsessions.

3. Talk radio.


Remember this post where I said I was listening to, like, soooo much talk radio? The Oprah channel, CNN, Fox News, etc? Not any more. Now I listen to rap, r&b, coffeehouse music, this music, and Robin thicke.

4. 50 Shades of Grey and the rest of the books.


Uninterested. Can’t wait to finish the third book so it can be over!

5. Banana soft serve.


I know, blog-world blasphemy. But I made some last night at 8:30 pm for dessert, and then immediately became utterly disinterested at the huge mess and amount of dishes I had to do because of one tiny bowl of pureed bananas.

6. Sunflower seed butter.


This is my last jar of 3 when I went on an obsessed-binge with it earlier in the year. The first two I finished in two weeks. The one above has been in my fridge for at least three months.

7. The paleo/primal thing.image

I got into it for a while. It branched out my creativity in the kitchen and made me expand my usual methods in baking and cooking. I even created a paleo/primal pinterest board! I still like to use almond meal in baked goods, but I’m over paleo-ing everything for a while. (Side note: I was never paleo/primal…just liked to experiment with it!)

8. Juicing


I’m just over it. I was into it big time last summer, and I’ve been waiting for the want to start juicing to strike again – now that the weather is warm again. Alas, the juicer is still in the basement…behind the rice cooker.

Which of your previous obsessions are you over now?

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  1. HA! I hope you know that I made your Chocolate Chip Paleo bars TODAY!!! serious!

    • I think i like the paleo/primal cause its easy. not a lot of ingredients. But I am with you on most of these.. Plus, i never really got into the 50 shades of grey

  2. It’s not so much that I’m not interested in the things I was before, but I’m just kind of blah about a lot of it. I am not an extremest with anything (except baking and exercising) so I don’t get super attached to much like that. I have become so much more relaxed about a lot these days too, which is strange. I don’t stress about not catching a blog post the minute it is published, I don’t worry about being fixed up to go to the store, I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get my workout in…I needed to relax and just enjoy more, but not to an extreme.

  3. haha! i went o.d. on sunflower seed butter too and now i just don’t even want to think about it! i was never on the banana soft serve bandwagon because it required SO MUCH FREAKING WORK. i’m like i might as well just eat the banana and move on.

  4. I never got into Sunflower Butter, tried it a few times and tossed it… Juicing, I am over too. I had to have a juicer for Christmas, got it, realized it makes a mess, wastes a lot and costs a lot, sadly I have not used it since January. The other one – making my own nut butter, I did it last year a lot, then realized its easier to buy it, and I found it expensive to buy all those nuts too!

  5. I share your cyclical obsession with make-up and face potions!!

    I am so over my slow cooker, I bought one and thought yay, throw all the ingredients in in the morning and hey presto supper done by 5pm. Except it turned everything into similar tasting sludge (this could of course be my recipes but I’m blaming the slow cooker).

  6. I go through phases with a lot of things- I think that probably just means we’re passionate people because when we like something we REALLY like it. :) I was obsessed with this lightened up Russian dressing (that I made with Greek yogurt) for a while and now I have zero interest in it.

  7. I’m about a quarter of the way through 50 shades and that has taken me 2 weeks. I actually opened The Runner’s Diet last night, because I wanted to read that instead!

  8. I feel like I go through phases with lots of different things. For a while there I was OBSESSED with my heart rate monitor. Now I wear it occasionally.

  9. oh, Fifty. 😉 I know exactly what you mean… the first book, ugh. the second book, okay story (although poorly written!), and the third? I was over it too, but had to read to the end.

    and THANK YOU for saying banana soft serve. um, I like it, a lot… and I think I was over the hype of it before actually moving on from the actual thing. don’t get me wrong, it is absolutely genius…

    I don’t think I could ever be over juicing. Jason just told me this morning he wants to do another juice fast! 😀

    I hope this is only a short term “over it”, or because I am too busy right now, but I am over my drums. I haven’t wanted to play at all, and usually that is a fun stress outlet for me. I still run for exercise, but I am over the extracurricular running right now too – in fact I am liking treadmill running more right now! weird. 😉

  10. I feel ya on the juicing thing. I made some juice last weekend but I think it’d probably been a good 6+ months since I’d made some before that.

    Also, I’m sort of over half-marathons. I used to do one each Spring and Fall and I do not forsee myself signing up for a Fall one this year.

  11. Haha, I love this! I’m going to have to agree with you on almost all of them, except makeup, I just love my makeup products. I’m probably one in a few on this one!
    And totally agree on 50 shades, I’m sorry I couldn’t even get passed the first book!
    And I don’t get the whole banana soft serve either, I mean its like 2 tablespoons of just pureed bananas, and it does NOT taste like ice cream?!
    I definitely like some paleo foods, like bars and stuff, but I could never do it full time.


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