I Cheated

What an amazing day today!! After what seems like weeks of cold, gloomy weather, the sun came out today Sun


It was PERFECT weather for some outdoor exercise.

Shortly after posting this morning, I laced up my sneakers, grabbed Niko, and headed out for a leisurely walk:


What? You don’t have the super-speedy-power-walking skills to walk 5.46 miles in 68 minutes?

OK, ya caught me. I cheated. The first 4 miles were spent running. Yes, I ran today! Although I said it’d be a complete rest week this week, I woke up feeling better than I have in days, and found it impossible not to take advantage of this weather with a run. I didn’t run intervals or anything, and kept the run to a slower than usual pace, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

After my four miler, I grabbed Niko and finished up with a 25 minute walk Smile 

Walked in the door, opened fridge, inhaled watermelon:


Would you believe me if I told you I only have about a cup left from the massive amount we had on Tuesday?! Thankfully Shane’s a watermelon fan, too, and we steady demolished that thing!!

Then after showering and dressing, more watermelon with breakfast, as I kicked back and watched Live with Kelly.


Steel cut oats, full fat organic Greek yogurt (more on that tomorrow,) dried cherries, almond butter, and honey.

Fabulous combination that left me sad when my spoon hit glass.



Love the cherry bites!

Then I peeled myself off the couch to get ready and head into the gym to train and work. I’ve got a pretty long day ahead of me, but I actually have a lot of studying to do throughout the day. I haven’t studied since I was preparing to take my ACE exam! Any guesses as to what I’ll be studying for? Hint: it will give me another title Winking smile


Last night I found out that a pound of ground pork makes a lot of meatballs – enough for both Shane and myself to have it for lunch today!


Yes that’s last night’s photo. Just picture the same food, cold, in a Tupperware container – but it still tasted just as good. Smile

I also have some watermelon (LOL, surprise surprise) and some trail mix to get me through the day.

What’s your job title(s) or initials?

Mine: CPT (certified personal trainer, sports nutritionist, gym manager…. hey, no longer a project planner!

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  1. Can you believe I hate watermelon!? I know it’s like a summer sin hahaha

    My job title is Donor Relations Assistant for a small private school in Brooklyn!

  2. Yay for some nice weather. Glad you were able to get in the 4 miles. My job title is web content specialist and I do get to use a nifty CUA tag (certified usability analyst)

  3. RAN Mom says:

    Everybody needs to know that the huge watermelons at SAM’S are absolutely delicious, even this early in the season. Pick one out with a white spot on one side. My favorite food!!

  4. I’m going to have to take your mom’s advice from above! Right now my only title is “math teacher” but in a few years it will be “dietitian”!

  5. Oooo, I could go for some watermelon. It’s 90 degrees here in NC today, and that’s watermelon weather if you ask me!

  6. Your breakfast looks delicious! I had overnight oats this morning too. I eat 0% Greek yogurt but recently was told to have the full fat stuff, so need to buy some, just not sure on what % to buy.
    My job title was Events Coordinator but just changed to Marketing Manager, and only initials I have is my degree BMgt.

  7. got to take advantage of nice weather when you can! great run!

  8. Yumm!! I need to go get some watermelon… nothing signals the start of the summer (well, soon…), like eating watermelon!
    I have my Masters in Education… 3rd grade teacher :)

  9. Jealous of your run! Glad you felt that great :)

  10. At least you were feeling better and enjoying the weather outside. I love full fat greek yogurt! The way I see it more beneficial CLA’s and less processed :) And 80 times as good as fat free!


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