Four Fitness Facts Friday

How’s that for alliteration? Winking smile

Good morning, my friends, and happy Friday! Is it just me, or did this week seem to fly by? I can’t believe it’s already Friday and the weekend is right around the corner. I’ve got a few clients, followed by a few hours at work, a couple appointments. Then it’s weeeeeeknd time Open-mouthed smile As you’re reading this, I’m probably making someone sweat.

Since I had somewhat of an early wakeup call, I took breakfast on the go today.


Just your regular mocha frap protein shake.

In Wednesday’s post, I gave a shoutout to IDEAFIT Journal, because it’s one way I keep current with the fitness industry. This month’s issue had quite a few interesting facts, and today I’m here to share the most interesting one (in my humble opinion) with ya’ll.

Hence, we have Four Fitness Facts Friday!!

Fitness Fact # 1

An Italian study recently found that eating breakfast before working out does, in fact, make you burn more fat than doing a fasted workout. The study found in a group of men who did 36 minutes of cardio – one group before eating breakfast and one after – that the group who ate breakfast before sweating it out had a higher excess postexercise oxygen consumption (EPOC,) thus a higher afterburn, as well as burned more fat as fuel both 12 hours and 24 hours post-exercise. The two groups performed the exact same workout and ate the exact same meals throughout the day. The only difference was the timing of breakfast. Myth=busted. Fasted cardio does NOT burn more fat!

Fitness Fact #2

Postworkout massage reduces inflammation.

According to a report in Science Translational Medicine, postexercise massage promotes the development of mitochondria, which help energy production. The report also noted a decrease in inflammation levels. Too bad I don’t have an on-call masseuse… I guess my foam roller will have to do Winking smile

Fitness Fact#3

Fitness DVD sales are on the rise!


OK, so this one isn’t ground-breaking, but I found super surprising. With MP3’s and iTunes and digital media replacing…hardware (?) it surprised me to hear the sales of fitness DVD is alive ‘n thriving. According the article, it’s expected to rise nearly 10% in the next 5 years. Guess I better keep around that DVD player after all Winking smile

Fitness Fact #4

We all know that strength training is good for us – it prevents osteoarthritis, protects our bones and connective tissue, increases our metabolism, and builds muscle that’s pretty easy on the eyes. However, it also benefits the mind and physiological body. According to the article Resistance Training Benefits Mind and Body, it decreases anxiety, improves brain cognition, and increases self-esteem. Not that you needed any more reason to pick up a dumbbell, but it seems there’s more and more research every day saying it’s one of the best things we can do for our health!

Hope you feel more knowledgeable now – I think I’ve got a bigger brain! Winking smile

Have a happy Friday, loves!

Do you eat before working out in the morning? I have to admit…I haven’t been lately! I just eat right after working out. But if I’m going to be up for a while – say, training a client and then working out, I’ll eat a little something.

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  1. This makes me even more excited for my massage next month! The roomie and I bought a massage through Groupon and have waited FOREVER for our appointments! Ugh.

    I’m usually one to wake up and go when it comes to morning workouts during the week, but during the weekend, I sit and have my breakfast and lounge for a bit before heading out. I can see how the breakfast option would probably be better- you have more energy and your metabolism is kicking it up a notch…

  2. I don’t workout often in the mornings but usually when I do I try to have at least a bite of something. I don’t want my tummy rumbling during a workout!

  3. Ahh what I wouldn’t give for a post run massage right now! Whether I eat breakfast before working out definitely depends on what time I wake up. Usually during the week I am less likely to eat first, but on the weekend I usually eat and the digest before working out.

  4. I usually have a banana before I workout in the morning, but that is it… Sometimes I might have a date or some PB with it too.

  5. i agree, this week has FLOWN by!! i’m not complaining though. :)
    i always have to at least eat something before i workout. if it’s a super early morning workout, i’ll just eat a banana and then eat something bigger after my workout. but if it’s a little later, i’ll eat a full breakfast and let it digest a little before heading to my workout. if i don’t eat, my energy levels are crazy low.

  6. This makes me happy to hear! For the longest time, I was in the routine of not eating before the gym. I got up so early that I wasn’t hungry! Now that I am on a different schedule, I find myself needing to eat before I go or else my stomach is growling at the gym! Some days, I still don’t eat before, but I find that when I do, it helps! Also, sometimes BCAA’s will suffice as the drink fills me up a bit.

  7. I am dying to jump on this dvd bandwagon, I think next year will really be when it takes off because I will not be at a school where I get free fitness classes.

  8. Good to hear about strength training…maybe that’s why the boyfriend thinks I’m intelligent… 😉 Eating before working out, it depends. If its early in the morning I do not; instead I will eat after the workout. If its in the afternoon, maybe I’ll have a banane about 30 minutes earlier.

  9. I don’t like working out early in the morning even though I always get up early and can do they around the house or walk the dog. When I try to work out early I can tell that my legs just don’t feel as strong and I’m just not in to it. That said, if I didn’t eat before I would not be able to work out, don’t understand how you can workout without eating it sound crazy to me! :) If I don’t have good fuel in my body, I can’t workout I feel weak and hungry!

    • I definitely notice an increase in energy when I have a little something in my stomach to burn.

      • Maybe because I’m a teacher I just used to getting up early and eating so that could be apart of it! I’m used to eating early, so I am hungry!

  10. haha, I love me some alliteration. I try to use it whenever I can. Dr. Seuss say what?
    I used to refuse to eat before am workout – now I find I perform better.
    Love the final one – I work in neuroscience and I’m always reading research about how my hobby (health and fitness) relates to me work (neuromolecular mechanics and cognition).

  11. I can’t eat before my workout in the morning. I will do a pre workout drink or if I am hungry I will have a tablespoon of protein powder with glutamine.

  12. I have never understood fasted cardio. I would fall asleep on the treadmill without food. I always tell people to at least eat a little and take some bcaa’s but no one wants to do that, lol. For me, breakfast is my pre-workout meal so it’s massive :)

  13. I have massages bookended around my marathon weekend and already told Peter he’s giving me one after. :)

  14. During the week I usually wake up at 5:30 to get to the gym. I’m too tired to think about food, so I always eat afterwards. It works for me!

  15. (in a whiny voice) But I don’t wanna eat before I run… i dont, i dont, i dont.

    Ok. Now that is out of the way. I know eating prior is muy importante. I just need to get myself up and out of bed earlier to have something to eat.

    Great post, great tips.

  16. This week did fly by!! Yay for massages. I didn’t really think not eating before working out would make you burn more fat, because you would be burning muscle too because you had no energy in the form of food in your stomach to burn. I can not eat before my morning workouts though, too early. I feel sick if I take a bite of anything and then workout for some reason.

  17. I don’t usually eat breakfast before I work out! I am up early to get in a workout before work. I eat when I’m all showered and ready for work. With my schedule, I don’t think I can change that :-( But I will be making best friends with my foam roller from now on! Thank you for sharing those facts; they are very helpful!

  18. I generally have some gatorade and a few dried apricots (<– the only thing my stomach can handle, learned from many trial and errors!) if I'm running over 5 miles, but if its just a 2 or 3 miles really quick before work I usually just drink a glass of water before! I guess it just depends if it's a weekday or weekend and what the duration/intensity of the exercise is for me. :)

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