Dare to Be Bare–Staying Cool in the Summer Heat

Alternative title: How I Stay So Fresh and So Clean Clean in the Summer Heat

Hi guys! Hope your Thursday is treating you well Smile

I don’t know about where you are, but the weather here has that full fledged summer feeling, and I am absolutely loving it. One of my favorite things in the entire world is being able to step outside and go for a walk, no matter how little (err, well appropriately) I’m wearing. There’s just something about a warm summer breeze whisking across bare arms and legs while wearing a tank and shorts in the summer.


Am I right or am I right? (HLS 2011, what what!)

However, along with the summer heat – and thusly wearing less – comes the little issue of staying fresh and confident while baring a little more skin.

Allow me to be a little…candid…with you all, and talk about the problems that I sometimes have with summer heat and baring more skin:

Pit stains.


I sweat. I love to sweat when I’m working out. When I’m not actively trying to get my heart rate up? Notsomuch. However, ever since I was younger (read: adolescence) I was a pit sweater. I think it’s gotten more under control as I’ve gotten older, but I Still have to rely on a few tactics to keep the pit stains at bay. My #1 tip is to rotate deodorants.

I swear, my armpits become immune to a deodorant if I use it for more than a month. To avoid this, I typically switch out my deodorants every few days. Right now, here’s what’s in the cycle:


I typically rotate between three deodorants – a roll on, an all natural, and a white stick one. The last one in the rotation this time around is Dove Cleartone, which I received from the company to try out*image

But more on that in a minute.

Red bumps. AKA – razor burn. Another one of my concerns is that I have fairly sensitive skin. Sometimes when I shave, I get little red bumps from the irritation of the blade, wax, etc. These are especially pesky on that super sensitive bikini line. However, with a little prep work, I typically don’t have to worry to much:

  • I’ll first prep my skin by exfoliating the areas I want to shave or wax one day beforehand.
  • I don’t buy shaving gel, and haven’t since Freshman year of high school (do people still use this stuff?) Instead, I use conditioner. It’s there, it makes my hair soft whether it’s on my head or my legs, and it helps soften the hair so I don’t get razor burn.
  • Apply deodorant to bikini line. I heard about this tip years ago, but have no idea where I got it. However, it works – I apply Dove’s sensitive skin deodorant to my bikini line after shaving to help minimize razor burn. I’m sure you could use any brand’s deodorant for sensitive skin, too.
  • Lotion up! Keeping skin hydrated can also minimize irritation. I just make sure that I’m using a fragrance-free lotion on just shaven skin – it works better for me.

Pasty skin. If you can’t tone it, tan it!


Ha! Who doesn’t love a little safe, UVA/UVB-free summer glow? Anyway, each year instead of getting freckled and risking my chance for skin cancer, I tan with a bottle. Usually this surrounds an event or something that I’ll need to get pictures taken for, as I don’t use it the entire summer.

I’m just not that high maintenance (aka I’m too lazy to put on both regular lotion and tanning lotion every day – or other day- whatever.) However, if I’m feeling ultra pasty, I’ll use a bottle of foaming tanning lotion to get my bronze goddess glowing. Or something like that.

Sun burn.


That picture is from our Dominican Republic trip last year. Note to self: the sun is a lot closer to the earth down there. I won’t go into too much detail, because if I went over sun safety with you guys, I’d be beating a dead horse. We all know it. Stay out of the sun between 10-2, wear a hat, wear sunscreen. Got it? Good Winking smile

Frizzy hair.


When it comes to girls and hair, it seems like the grass is always greener. It’s the same for me. I’m not one who has naturally shiny, slick straight hair, but I waaannnnnt ittt. Instead, I have hair that I have to blow dry straight to make it straight. Otherwise it just air dries like crap (see here.)

Basically, I have a LOT of course, thin hairs on my head. So when the summer humidity is at its peak here in Illinois, blow drying it straight really isn’t an option. So instead, I embrace the moisture in the air, and do the whole “beachy wave” thing. Some days it works better than other Winking smile (see my beachy waves tutorial here!)

Melted makeup. Every year around March when we get that unseasonal heat wave here in IL, I’m quickly reminded that it’s time to change my foundation. In the winter months, I either wear a tinted moisturizer or a liquid foundation. In the summer heat and humidity? It’s GOT to go.

Instead, I switch to a mineral powder foundation. I think it’s probably healthier for my skin, too. But for the most part, I use it because it eliminates melted make up and shiny T-zone problems.

Finally, one summer weather blunder that I hadn’t thought of – probably because I never look here too closely – is discolored armpits. Dove recently sent me its new Clear Tone deodorants to try out*, claiming that it combats dark marks in your armpits. I was intrigued, and willing to give it a try. Naturally, I conducted my own little study.

Would my pits change in appearance after 14 days of wearing Dove Clear Tone? I took a picture of my armpit right when I got up, before applying the deodorant for 14 days (nerd alert, anyone?) to find the results. Although I’ll spare you 14 pictures of my arm pit, I will show you this before, during, and after picture:

pit1 pit2 pit3

I’ll let you be the judge. Just don’t zoom in my armpit too closely. I shave every other day, people. Embarrassed smile

(For the record – although I was skeptical at first, I do think I noticed a slight difference in coloration. Sometimes, even if I shave that day, it looks like I have a “shadow” still. However, by day 14, it seemed less noticeable. Also, for my extremely clinical (aka in the bathroom) study, I used the regular Cleartone deodorant – not the clinical strength one.)

Aside from all this maintenance, sometimes I’m just a sweaty mess. Summer’s hot, and when it comes to outdoor activities like running or outdoor boot camp, sometimes ya just have to embrace your body’s not-so-pleasant cooling system and do what ya can Smile 

What’s your biggest summer skin-bearing problem and how do you combat it?

What kind of deodorant do you use? I’m nosey Smile

*As part of the DailyBuzz Healthy Living Program, I received free Clear Tone Deodorant and a stipend from Dove. However, my opinions are entirely my own.

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  1. Oh girl I’m a major major sweater too. I started using Certain Dri once or twice a week. I feel like a normal sweater now (regarding armpits I should say, I still sweat buckets working out).

  2. Oh i am such a sweater…i get it from my dad and so not a pretty thing! I used to love secret platinum, but think i used it too much and now it doesn’t work. Now i use Mitchum…love it! I can only use it on my pits if i shave with a shaving cream or gel though. I have not tried conditioner.
    i have super thick hair that i sear is always a sweaty in the summer…ugh! I typically don’t dry it on really hot days and wear in a loose curly pony tail.
    Oh thanks dad for the sweaty trait 😉

  3. HAHA love this post too cute! I have used secret for years and I love it. I have tried others off and on and they don’t keep me as dry. I live in south MS and it gets HOT here so I have to stay dry!

  4. I use Mitchum (smart solid performance) and love it. It is the first deodorant I have found that I really like and it works.
    My biggest summer pet peeve, sweat stains, I find certain fabrics make me sweat, and then you end up with the wet spots. So annoying!
    The other annoyance – mosquito bites, I am a lucky person and almost every bite I get swells up to a quarter size and gets puffy, and they little buggers love me…

  5. i can totally relate to pretty much all of these… i like your advice on the red bumps/razor burn. i’m going to try the deoderant thing. i’ve never heard of that before.
    i almost always use dove deoderant. it keeps me smelling good and doesn’t irritate my skin like other deoderants do.

  6. I use Dove and love it. It’s the only kind that’s ever worked on everything for me. I usually carry a deoderent in my purse with me in the summer too. If I’m goign to be gone for more than half a day…you better believe I’m reapplying!

    • Yep, some days reapplication is just necessary 😉

      • georgia q says:

        girl im no sweater but i love sweat! If i ever see u at the gym or something just know that i would love it if i see pit stains plus to me i hate deodorant so all you girls should screw deodorant and let me sniff your stinky sweaty armpits i have a major armpit fetish so just ditch the deodorand and force me to suck every last drop of sweat off of your armpit then after that force me to smell the sweaty smell

        any girls that want an armpit sniffer contact me or reply to this

  7. destiny says:

    My biggest summah problem is being HOT HOT HOT- after a shower- no matter how cold i make it-
    when i get out of the shower in the summer i can not cool down for like 2 hours– so makeup is smudgy and it is impossible to get dressed without sweating alllll over my clothes- my solution….. being fully nakie for about 30 min after the shower and drinking lots of ice water (hows that for a visual people) hot or not, beats the hellah out of winter- so hey ill take it !

    ps i wanna see your organized cabinets yo
    and XOXO

    • Ooh girl I hear that! That’s when I just turn up the AC 😉 haha Blow drying my hair in the summer isn’t an option because it’s like a furnace!
      I like the naked solution too though 😉
      Project cabinet organization hasn’t started yet. That’ll happen this weekend!

  8. I rotate deodorants every now and then too, and Dove is actually my favorite – right now I’m using the clinical strength one. I’ll have to give Clear Tone a try soon!

  9. I’m a Dove girl all the way! I might have to try the clear tone one now!

  10. I use secret clinical strength, but the has to dry! I also swipe on others such as dove or degree if I put it on the night before or if I need it! What kind of mineral powder do you use? I usually use tinted moisturizer with spf in the summer instead of foundation or powder and lots of sunscreen at least spf 30 on my face everyday! I have wavy hair and feel your pain but I fix mine up with a curling iron, no flat irons in the summer bc it isn’t going to stay straight in Alabama!

  11. I still use shaving cream hahaha but that’s because I started using realllllly expensive hair conditioner and I couldn’t stand using it for shaving anymore. I also will use coochie shave stuff from Pure romance. It’s for all shaving despite it’s sassy name. Didn’t know the deod trick about bikini line though. Some swimmer friends told me years ago (I don’t swim they do) to only use the bikini razors and every since I made the switch I haven’t have an issue. As far as deod in general. I only ever liked this one type by Secret, I think it was Platinum. And they stopped making it! Now I can’t find anything I like. It’s either too cakey or dried me out or makes me itch or gets all over the place. Truth? I don’t sweat much so 90% of the time I skip it.

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