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I sure do love my Thursday mornings lately. I get the majority of it to myself, so I don’t feel one tad guilty for lying around in bed a few extra minutes after waking. However, a light morning usually means a busy rest of the day, as such does today, but I just won’t think about that right now Winking smile

Before we go any further, I have to tell you guys about the dinner I made last night.


I made a barbeque chicken pizza, that tasted awesome!


All I did was use this super simple crust, cooked the chicken in a pan before dicing it and tossing it in this barbeque sauce, and then just used the bbq sauce as the pizza sauce, layered with cheese, and then topped with the chicken.


Mmmm…SO good. Just posting these pictures makes me want to eat it again for breakfast! lol

Shane and I both gave both the pizza and this barbeque sauce a thumbs up


Thumbs up HG sauce right there, friends.


Today I’m starting off my morning by sipping on – and savoring – a hot cup of coffee with the morning news on in the background.


When I empty this cup, I’m going to head upstairs for my workout with some loft yoga. I think I’ll do one power yoga-type podcast followed by one hatha-style class. Get my werk on and then my ahhhh on Winking smile

Before I go, I want to talk about something I heard on the news this morning – about chubby babies:




If you’ve ever heard the phrase: a chubby baby is a healthy baby, then you know what I’m talking about.

According to the news segment, 9 out of 10 moms see overweight babies and toddlers as normal – and even healthy. However, it drastically increases that child’s chance of being overweight later in his or her life.

I have to admit, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with a chubby baby – or even toddler. I suppose my ignorance just sees it as cute, and that some babies and toddlers are just a little chubbier. That it will even it out as they grow – and I’m sure for some it does.

However, Dr. Erin Hager says that even in an overweight infant, that baby won’t necessarily outgrow it.

I don’t think this study will affect the way I think about chubby babies too much, but it does shed a little light on the misconception! I also think mother’s have enough to worry about – hopefully this doesn’t study doesn’t sway any mothers to potentially underfeed their baby.

All right…coffee mug is empty. It’s yoga time Open-mouthed smile

Have a good Thursday, m’friends!

What do you think about the study and article?

What would you rather: leisurely morning or a long, leisurely evening

I prefer a busy morning and a free night, actually. But I do appreciate lazing around in my robe with some coffee every now and then Smile

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  1. Leisurely morning, I love mornings! And if I am rushed it effects my whole day!
    I am torn on that research… I love me a chubby baby and I always thought it was a good thing! I could see how though once they are toddlers they should grow out of it so it doesn’t carry into their childhood.

  2. I like leisurely mornings. When I don’t go into the office until 9:30, it’s amazing what I can fit in and still not be rushed- Workout, sit down breakfast, watch the news, stop by the grocery store… makes me feel so accomplished!

  3. That is really interesting! I have always thought too that a chubby baby was a healthy baby…but I also understand that there is a certain amount of chubbiness that is probably okay and then anymore than that and it could become a problem! Usually I prefer a leisurely morning, but sometimes a nice and leisurely evening is amazing!

  4. I like to get as much done as possible as early on in the day. I would much rather get everything done early on and have the rest of the day to relax.

  5. I’m a morning person – I usually work out, make breakfast and lunch and get to work all before 8 am :) I like being able to come home on the earlier side and relax.

  6. I was a big chubby baby and toddler too…and I’m not overweight now…of course I’ve been active my whole life so guess it depends on how you are raised :)

  7. stephanie**s says:

    my husband was the FATTEST chubbiest baby I have ever seen. So much, that it terrifies me to have a baby with him LOL. His mom had to take him to the dr because he couldnt crawl he was so chubby, However, he eats all he wants today, never exercises, and he is the skinnest thing ever. He is lean though, but tall and skinny. I hate him for it.

  8. I heard a bit about that article yesterday and I would love to read the entire thing. I remember learning in college nutrition class (I’m a dietitian) that breastfed babies were usually chubbier but grew up to have a decreased risk in being overweight later in life. I’d love to see if this article discusses the differences between breastfed and formula fed babies and if that earlier finding of chubbiness in bfed babies still holds true today.

  9. First off- used that running app today- LOVE! Second, having a little chubby baby ;)- Kay eats as recommended. Shes just a little chubby. I think as soon as she really starts walking, it will fall right off. If you over feed your baby, or feed them crap ….I can understand this being a concern…I dunno. Sometimes I think our over thinking of some of this stuff is half the problem. i.e. we know more than ever about health and fitness and yet we have a huge obesity epidemic on our hands….

  10. i was a chubby baby, but glad that didn’t pan out. Although, i think they are onto something!


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