Work Turned Play

What I thought was going to be a day filled with cleaning and catch up work, ended up being a day filled with fun!

Around 11, I got a phone call from my good friend, Kori, who I rarely see, telling me she was on her way into B-town! This calls for all other agendas to be held off, and I joined Kori while she looked for flower girl dresses for her upcoming wedding this fall Open-mouthed smile

After a somewhat successful mission, we stopped at where else, but my new favorite lunch spot for some grub.


Isn’t Kori so dang cute?!

I went with the deli plate, where I picked 3 – some sweet and spicy sweet potato dish, cremini mushrooms, and garlic tuna salad.


The 3-choice deli plate never disappoints.

We had so much fun talking it up and catching up, that I was sad it had to end! Plus, it was fabulous outside. Oh! And I also finally met Molly from Life’s Lemons! We’ve chatted a lot online, but hadn’t met before, and she just so happened to be riding her bike through uptown Smile

Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to Kori soon after lunch, because I had to hop back over to the gym to train a couple clients. I also read this girl’s cook book on my iPhone for dinner inspiration while on the elliptical between clients.

Ironically, last night’s dinner was far from anything in the cookbook, aka not vegan at all:


Salmon! Plus roasted broccoli on the side. I had some wild rice cooking to go with the meal, but I forgot how long that little black grain takes to cook! Instead, I ate my weight in chips and guac:


Good meal! Shane cooks that fish perfectly on the grill. And yes, that would be the fourth consecutive night in a row we’ve grilled out.


IMG_7457Still winning.


This morning I did workout B in phase 3 of the boot camp program I’m doing. It was a timed one, which made me forget how much I love switching it up from a rep-based workout to a time-based workout! Today was also all about the pull splits, which is basically any muscle group you use to “pull” something:

  • Back
  • Lats
  • Biceps
  • Hamstrings

It went by super quick, and was pretty fun. It also reminded me of one of my all time favorite timed workouts, the Spartacus workout.

After my workout, I had a break in my clients, so I made a quick pitstop to pick up some coffee and then came home to cook up a breakfast.


One cup limit outtatha window.

That pic’s actually from yesterday, which would make this the second day in a row I bought an iced coffee. Oops? It totally made this morning’s breakfast that much better, though.

I’ve always wondered if my favorite pancake recipe would work in waffle-form, and today I found out that…


it. does.

Oh man, does it ever!


Even better? No messy flipping or pans and spatulas to clean up!

I just used the normal recipe, and topped it with a little bit of pure maple syrup, organic cottage cheese and blueberries.



Then directly after waffle consumption, I took Niko on a 30 minute walk. I do this every day either before or after breakfast to keep Niko’s craziness at bay, but I have a quick tip for you! Did you know that walking/moving for about 30 minutes either directly before or directly after you eat is good for your metabolism? After 30 minutes of movement, the muscles can more readily utilize the sugar you have just eaten or will just eat. The cells will be more acceptable to those sugars and will help muscle recovery instead of letting the food turn into fat. Cool, right?

Oy, this post is getting pretty lengthy! Gotta go Smile This afternoon, get ready to weigh-in on a heated topic. And by heated, I mean I am HEATED about this topic. And rant-ready. Watch out, nah! Smile with tongue out

What’s the last cook book you read?

For funsies…What’s the last recipe you pinned?

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  1. Oh love love lunch dates with friends – even more fun outside. My best friend is named Kori. Not a usually spelling of the name. I pin so much I can’t remember the last recipe LOL

  2. My fish always sticks on the grill, but yours looks fab! :)

  3. No shame in all the grilling! We grill often as well!

  4. I just read Alicia Silverstone’s Kind Diet book which has recipes if that counts! I pin so many recipes but the last one could have been your protein bars from yesterday!

  5. for a second i misread and thought your dog’s name was Nike. and thought that was awesome :) i love going for walks with the dogs after dinner! always makes me feel better

  6. ooo i’ll have to try out that protein pancake/waffle recipe!! i always love janetha’s recipes.

  7. I can’t wait until we finally get some grilling weather. Especially because I don’t have a grill, so that means I’ll have to go to my parents house and eat their food. :)

  8. The last book I read was Left Behind. It’s an old book, but I really liked it. Before that was the Hunger Games lol!

    That waffle looks SO good! The last recipe I pinned was an eat-clean Chinese recipe! YUM!

  9. omg i’m dyyiinnggg to use our grill! its starting to get that season around here :) can’t wait for some serious grill action! my fav time of the year fooo shooo

  10. I could eat grilled salmon every single day…. It’s my favorite! What a fun fat you had with gorgeous weather too!

  11. That waffle looks so good! I love waffles way more than pancakes for some reason! I seriously can not wait to grill, how come grilled food just tastes so much better. I actually haven’t read a cookbook in wayy too long, I just usually get recipe ideas online! Much easier, and cheaper 😉

  12. I’ve honestly never known for sure if pancake and waffle recipes end up being the same thing? What is the real difference???

  13. It was so crazy…I was just passing by…minding my own business…(envying sidewalk eaters’ lunches) and thought it was you. I wish that I could have stayed to talk fitness with you. :)


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