What Makes you Go to the Gym

Whoa! Did any of you happen to do the tempo treadmill workout from this morning? Talk about intense!! I can’t remember the last time I ran over 5 miles with such intensity. It was a great feeling Smile

Also – for those who wanted to know about the taste of the Modern BCAA’s – not too shabby! The taste was yummy, but it wasn’t overpowering. It was more like slightly flavored water, whereas my old amino acid mix had a much more exaggerated flavor. That make sense?

After running and training a client, I came straight home and had some waffles:


Caramelized banana protein waffles, at that! Topped with a mix of Greek yogurt and almond butter and some org. blueberries.


Still so darn delicious.

Be proud of me. While eating the waffle above, I did not think about what I should be doing, but instead perused Shane’s new issue of Men’s Health.


When did Zac Efron get so hot, btw?!?

One of the articles in the magazine talked about what men value most in a gym. The top contenders:

  • Locker room cleanliness
  • Proximity
  • Hours
  • Friendliness
  • Amount of cardio machines
  • Newness of equipment

Not surprised? Me either. I value all of those as well! But do you know the number one influencer on whether people actually go to their gym or not? Hint: It’s one of the above factors Winking smile


Yep – the closer you live or work to the gym you’re a member of, the more you will be apt to actually go to the gym to workout. So much that it’s the number 1 factor! I can believe it, too. When I was a member of a gym that was 20 minutes away, I rarely went. I also didn’t care for the gym, which may have contributed to my lack of attendance as well.

Fun little hump day fact of the week Open-mouthed smile


The waffles held me over pretty good this morning, but any time I do an intense run, my metabolism is sky high for the day.


Before I headed into work today, I grilled up a batch black bean burgers (which is OMG good. I have to share the recipe with you guys soon) and topped one over a bed of spinach, with tomatoes, 1/2 an avocado, and two pickles – homemade from a client.


Sides included a half frozen chobani and a banana in a near empty PB jar to stir and eat with a fork Smile

I also have a Luna bar for later in case I get hungry again! I have a feeling I might need it.

Back to work. Have a good one, folks!

Gym goers: how close is your gym to your house or work?

What’s the most important factor in your gym must-haves?

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  1. About a 3 minute drive, or about 6km walk/run. If it wasn’t as close I would not make it there 4-5 days a week that is for sure. I think proximity is number one, then the variety and number of machines. We have tons at our gym so you are rarely waiting to us stuff.

  2. Proximity is huge for me too! I’m lucky that I have three gyms very close to my house. It wasn’t until I quit my old gym that I realized friendliness is a big factor as well. I like when the staff recognizes me and is friendly. It’s extra motivation to go there everyday. I feel like they keep me accountable when I’m not just another face in the crowd.

  3. My gym is only a few blocks away so I normally jog there and consider that my warm up. It’s great for early morning gym days – no driving in the car or busing anywhere :)

  4. Proximity is indeed important, but CLASSES are my #1! I gotta have my fitness classes offered at times that work for me.

    Call me crazy but I think Zefron has gotten TOO large. His bicep looks alien to me!

    That waffle and the black bean burger look amazing. ESPECIALLY paired with pickles and avocado. Well the waffle wouldn’t be good paired with that but..you know haha.

  5. The gym I’m a member at basically allows you to work out at any one of their locations, and they’re all over – it’s GoodLife! The closest one I can walk to from my house but there are also two other nearby locations if I take the bus or get a drive! I 100% agree this is important.

  6. I agree–proximity is HUGE for me! It’s not that I’m not motivated enough on my own, but it’s best to create as little barriers as possible. Really, it’s about time. If I have to take an extra fifteen minutes or half hour out of my day just to GET there… that time comes out of my work or my workout, and that just makes it that much tougher.

    So, agreed. Cleanliness helps, too :) And hours is a big deal. I want to be able to go whenever I want/can.

    I want to read this article now :) Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Um, yum to Zac Efron haha. My current gym is like a 2 minute walk from my house. LOVE it!! Those black bean burgers look delicious…can’t wait for the recipe :)

  8. I don’t belong to a gym, but when I did, the proximity factor was huge. If it wasn’t so close to my house, I never would have gone.

  9. HAHA! I was thinking the same thing today! Zac is hott now!? WHAT!? hahahaha he’s so manly now and I love it 😉

    My gym is a 15 min walk from my house :) I love that :)

  10. I can definitely believe that proximity tops the list! When I have any inkling of thinking, “Maybe I won’t go to the gym today,” I rarely go if it’s inconvenient. My dream is to live within walking distance of a great gym with awesome classes. And it also only costs around $10 a month and classes are included. And it’s never crowded. But I’m not picky :-)

  11. Yep, totally agree. Well, working at a gym does help but so does convenience and just being able to walk there. ya know?

  12. I wish I lived close to my gym! The closest gym to me is 15 minutes away. Kind of a hassle. So I mostly workout from home. Zack is a babe. If he went to my gym, I would easily get myself over there everyday 😉

  13. My gym is literally a 30 second walk from my house. I can see into the gym windows from my bedroom window (creepy, but not creepy – promise). Having it so close definitely helps with the lack of motivation to go when the weather is bad or I’m feeling tired.

  14. I agree! My gym is about a mile away and I always go!

  15. My office shares a building with a gym. I literally walk through the gym to get to my car so I would say 0 seconds from work and it’s a 10 minute drive from home.


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