Water-logged and Happy

I’m not sure what’s up today but I am dragging! Remember how I said I didn’t need an alarm clock? Well, I still woke up on time, but I definitely could have lay there and fallen back asleep this morning.

Also remember how I said yesterday that I sometimes have 12+ hour days? Well today’s one of ‘em. I did get a quick 2 hour break this morning, though. Ah well, these long days won’t last forever. Soon I’ll have more help in the gym, and get back to working 40 hour max work weeks. Smile

Aside from slightly pooped, this morning’s HIIT workout left me thirsty! I’ve probably re-filled this Klean Kanteen three times today.


What’s with the K’s? I’ve always wondered why they didn’t just spell it clean canteen like a normal person. Is it kooler to spell with k’s? I missed that boat.

I sound pretty cranky today, eh? I’m not, but if I weren’t drinking up I have a feeling I might be.

Water-logged and Happy

I love reading the emails and articles that I get through being certified through ACE. I’m a study junkie. I love reading about new studies and findings in the fitness and health industry.

I’ve also been an advocate of drinking water my whole life. No, it’s true – I’m not just saying that. Shane makes fun of me and says that my solution to every single ailment is either “drink some water” or “eat a banana.” So much that when I tell him a problem like “ughhhh I don’t want to go back to work” he sarcastically replies with “drink some water!” hahah

When I found this article on dehydration and crankiness, it piqued my interest.


The article says that two new studies from University of Connecticut’s Department of Kinesiology say that even mild dehydration can cause an adverse mood. The women in the study even found tasks to be more challenging to complete when slightly dehydrated. The researchers also concluded that being even mildly dehydrated can damper motivation to exercise.

In order to stay hydrated (and happy!) it’s recommended to drink eight 8-oz glasses of water throughout the day – more if there will be vigorous exercise in your workout.

Are you good about drinking water throughout the day?

And, just because I’m curious – what type of water bottle do you drink out of?

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  1. I fill up my 750ml Camelbak water bottle every morning at work and aim to drink it all throughout the day. It stays at work, then at home I use Blender Bottle for my protein shakes, but also for water. I have a weird aversion to drinking water from a glass…

  2. Interesting- but it makes complete sense! I’m pretty good at getting my water in during the day. I keep a cup (with a BC logo on it- gotta represent my alma mater) on my desk and refill it whenever I need to get up and stretch…which is usually pretty frequent. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of the hormone-induced crankiness. :)

  3. I’m definitely cranky when I’m dehydrated! I usually use my Tervis throughout the day and an inexpensive Rubbermaid water bottle at the gym in the morning.

  4. Hmm I never thought of dehydration causing bad mood but that makes a lot of sense. I am the worst at getting my water in so just another reason to!

  5. haha “eat a banana!” I use that line all the time…and the water one too. I’m a HUGE water drinker, I definitely notice a difference in my energy levels when I haven’t had enough water for the day. It’s the worst when I travel for work,kills me!

  6. I am a water freak! I fill up my hospital cup 4 to 5 times a day! I can’t get enough of the stuff. Although I really don’t drink anything other than water and coffee (sometimes tea), but really that’s all the fluids I get. I would completely agree with dragging when I don’t get enough water.

  7. I use a 16oz camel bak – I probably drink 4-5 of them just while at school! I drink a lot of water, I’m always thirsty!

  8. I always try to get a gallon in! I was slow-starting today but am at 96 oz now!

  9. i try to drink about 16 oz or more with each of my meals and snacks, which is 5-6x per day. i also always keep a big cup of water at my desk and sip on it throughout the day. i love water!

  10. It’s so true! Water cures all! I drink so much water everyday, which in turn leaves me running to the bathroom 50 times. The things we do to stay healthy! :)

    • Ha! Right? My coworker (who could be a major PITA) used to make comments when I went to fill up my water bottle.

  11. I am SO bad at drinking water, but I have been trying to get better. I actually carry the bottle from my GNC blender with me all day and have recently made a commitment to fill it up twice a day. I love that is has measurements on it, so I know excctly how much I drink.

    No wonder why I’m always so cranky!


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