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My poor lap top. It was all shiny and new and impressive when I got it, and now it’s all smudged up and used. Which reminds me that I do actually have cleaner for it. Just like I have cleaner for the interior of my car…both of which are dusty and smudgy. Hmph.

Where was I going with this?

Oh yah. My lap top. It’s so smudgy because I use it in the kitchen. When I got it, I made a rule that I would only use it away from any and all food. Just like I said I’d never eat anything in my car. I’m full of empty promises!


Oh, hai flour fingerprints!

Why is my lap top in the kitchen, you ask? Well aside from my “office” being at the dining room table, it’s how I make dishes out of recipes. Whenever I make something from a recipe, such as I did last night as I made miss Gina’s cinnamony protein bars, I bring up the recipe online and set my laptop on the island counter. Unless I’m making something out of a magazine. Then I tear it out and tape it to the stove hood thingy (what’s it called?)


Anyway, last night as I was mixing and stirring and checking for the next instruction, I wondered how everyone else does this madness. I can’t possibly be the only one who brings their nice laptop into the kitchen, risking getting egg stuck in the keys. Right?

So I got to Googling, since the Google has all the answers, and I came up with two realizations: 1) I need an iPad. 2) I need a nifty little cradle for said iPad that I can hang in a cabinet door. image

However, I don’t think that’s reason enough to convince Shane that I need an iPad. Anyone with an iPad have a solid argument for getting one?

After making Gina’s protein bars (which are amazing. why did I not make these sooner?) I made some pizza for dinner.


I used my quick and easy 30 minute pizza crust, and topped it with a little olive oil, pizza sauce, spinach, mozzarella, tomatoes, and organic pork sausage.


Ahhh. I could have eaten a floppity gillion pieces, yet I stuck with three and a side salad.


Perfect crust!


So good Smile


This morning I had two early morning clients before coming home to write this post. I decided against a workout today, in lieu of protecting my sanity on this 13 hour day. Plus I didn’t want to wash my hair Winking smile Plus I’ve already worked out more than I usually do this week. Plus I might be able to sneak in some strength training during some down time at the gym.

Instead of working out afterward, I came straight home to breakfast:


Caramelized banana protein waffles. Two of ‘em.


One just doesn’t cut it these days, such the furnace I seem to be. I topped them with my absolute favorite – a mix of Greek yogurt, raw almond butter, and local honey. Then I added some raspberries for the heck of it.



OK, time to get scootin’. Happy Thursday, all!

How do you read recipes in the kitchen?

iPad users: just a toy or a life necessity?

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  1. Gorgeous pizza! I typically use recipes right off my phone or off a post-it; now that I upgraded to an iPhone, I’ll probably try to stick to paper copies. :)

  2. Yummy pizza! I actually am not a recipe user so I guess that solves that problem LOL. Sometimes I do go back to a blog post of mine to remember what I put in something, but I’ll leave it on the table far away from anything that can kill it – I’ve already killed one laptop.

  3. I do the same thing with my computer except I usually use my “work” computer instead of my personal one b/c I don’t care about it as much 😉 ha! employee of the year right here.
    Glad you liked the bars! They’re definitely one of my favorites :)

  4. I fully support you getting an iPad! I love having mine and use it in the kitchen a lot.

  5. That was my argument to get a iPad, no joke! Never thought my hubby would go for it, but he did. He hates all the recipes I print and thinks its a waste of paper. I love having the iPad to cook/bake off of, best thing ever! This is coming from someone who is anti-Apple usually too. I also think it will be great for travelling, when we usually haul our laptop around.

  6. I don’t think the iPad is a necessity, but I definitely think our lives have been easier with it. It’s great for travel, and I do use it in the kitchen when I’m cooking. I really only use my laptop now to blog. Everything else can be done with the iPad!

  7. Im still trying to get my husband to buy me an iPad. I think I may be on the rit track. Every time I do something I tell him how much an iPad would help me or “us” and my birthday is right around the corner so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. There is a new app that I’m waiting for from cook’n because that is where I store all my recipes on my laptop. I’m excited just thinking about it…lol. It’s the simple things in life. 😉

  8. I do the same thing with my computer! I think that iPad in the cabinet looks awesome, but I’m not really sure iPads are necessary. Then again, I don’t have one & if I did I might be saying something different. haha!

  9. That’s how I read recipes most of the time, too! My mom has seen me do it a few times and freaks out. Can’t blame her- she works strictly from old school cook books. 😉

  10. You could serve that pizza in a restaurant! I read recipes on my laptop in the kitchen as well, which can get messy. That ipad holder in the kitchen looks awesome but I don’t have one…because I have a laptop…and I don’t need both :) I don’t really get the ipad, lol I can only see business people needing it for traveling and stuff.

  11. I have the same computer and I do the same thing in the kitchen. Even worse though, we have NO counter space so what ends up happening is I hold the computer in one hand and stir my recipe with the other – oy!

  12. I am the queen of smudges, you should see my laptop. it is mostly because I am usually eating while reading blogs…whoops. But I always read recipes off my computer, I mean why waste paper?

  13. Haha I use my computer in the kitchen as well. If it’s simple I’ll write it down on a post it, but otherwise the computer comes with me. An IPad would be amazing!

  14. I always have my computer in the kitchen. No matter how had I try to keep it away from my mess it never works. Last night it was covered in flour.

  15. I got torrance an ipad for xmas because he is horrible with computers (but does well with his iphone). i use it SO much for recipes its fantastic! not a necessity but it is AMAZING and very helpful!

  16. Hi Paige, love your blog! I do one of two things; bring the laptop in if my receipe is online or use my receipe book holder that my sweet boys got me for Christmas after I said I didn’t need anything. I was wrong…I needed a book holder. Pizza looks fab….you’ve inspired me to make one! Thank you for sharing your ideas :)

  17. Ugh. One of my least favorite things to do is clean the inside of my car. Grrr…

  18. The iPad is seriously useful in the kitchen! I love it for work and play! That pizza and the waffles..yowza! Now I’m starving!

  19. Oh wow that pizza looks divine! My computer has the same flour marks on it! So annoying, but I do the same thing as you. I really want an ipad as well, but can’t seem to convince myself to spend money on it right now, I’ll have to look at the reviews!

  20. Truth be told, I have an iPad and rarely use it.. but I SHOULD use it. Especially in the kitchen, instead of my macbook.

  21. I do the same exact thing with my laptop! I am also trying to convince my hubby to get an iPad… so far it has not been successful.


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