Pre-School & Kindergarten Years

I swear, if my thermostat could tell me what it’s thinking (and, err, actually had thoughts in the first place,) it’d say you are one bipolar woman, Paige!!


I’ve never switched from the heat to the air conditioning and back more times in one year, ever! On Tuesday night, it was 75 degrees in the house, so I switched on the air. Then last night, we had a cool down, so I turned it off. This morning, it was 65 degrees in the house! I was very tempted to turn the heat back on. But I refuse. Refuse!!

Oh, #firstworldproblems.

Today’s another work day for this girl. Right after posting this morning, I had about 30 minutes to shower and be at work. Whenever I have less than an hour to get ready, I know it’s going to be a beachy hair day.


Not that you need (or care) to know this, but as much as that looks like a posed, I’m-looking-coy-with-my-eyes face, I was actually watching out to make sure no one saw me taking pictures of myself (I’m in a public place.) Ha!

Anyway. Right before posting, I stopped for a little lunch break.


Egg mcmuffin! But the healthy kind. The kind with 2 eggs, 1 slice american cheddah, and some guacamole on an Ezekiel muffin. I’m in love with this combination as of late, so expect to see different varieties on the blog during my lunchtime posts in the future for a while Winking smile I also have another pear (they were on sale at Fresh Market) and a half frozen Chobani.

Pre-school and Kindergarten Years

I have the most random conversations with clients sometimes. Today with one of my stay at home mom clients, we were talking about her daughter in kindergarten, and how she has to pick her up at 3.

Me: Oh, so she’s in the afternoon class?

Client: Nope, it’s all day now.

Me: All day, 5 days a week?!?

Client: Yep!

Well, I’ll be darned. When I was in kindergarten, I was in the morning class! I went from like 8-11, and then came back home and chilled with my mom or the babysitter the rest of the day. Then she proceeded to tell me that not all children go to pre-school. This I knew, but I still find it crazy. I went to two years of pre-school! I also went to day care before that for a couple hours a day a few times a week, and absolutely HATED leaving my mom.


All right. Back to work for a couple more hours, then heading home to chill. I’m hoping to chill all. weekend. long. I have to work this weekend tomorrow, too, and with the shenanigans of last weekend, I just want to kick back and relax. Mmmm. Sounds wonderful Smile

Were you a morning, afternoon, or all-day kindergartner?

Did you go to pre-school?

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  1. I was a PM pre-school, all day Kindergarten kid. :)

  2. I attended two years of preschool also (pre-K3 and pre-K4) and then was in morning kindergarten. I’m pretty sure it was only a few hours too. My girls now are in their second year of preschool and will be going to kindergarten next year. Many of the school districts in our area still have half-day kindergarten from (9-11:30) but we have chosen to send our girls to a full day program (it’s more like day care) since both my husband and I work full-time.

  3. I know this weather keeps changing drastically. I went to preschool which was full day but then in kindergarden you did half the year doing morning and the other half in the afternoon.

  4. Ha very intersting. I havent even heard of half day kindergarten, pre k yes but not K. Learn something new everyday.

  5. I was morning kindergarten, then day care in the afternoon! I was surprised it was full-day now, too!

  6. My kindergarten was all day too, that was the year we switched from half day to full day school!

  7. I went to kindergarten for a whole day. I remember being the only school in the city who went all day at that age. I was always surprised when kids went for half a day!

  8. I was also morning kindergarten. My mom took me to the bus stop in the morning and my babysitter picked me up when it was over.

    I went to pre-school in a Catholic Church. I’m Jewish. I don’t think it was actually a religious pre-school though; it was just held there, I think.

  9. I, too, had 2 years of pre-K, then “extended day” kindergarten-we stayed til about 1:15 instead of 3 or 3:30 like the other elementary school kids, and there was no class after us! Now, I think my hometown is starting to implement all-day kindergarten.


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