Possibly Cancerous

I know full well that today is Wednesday but for some reason it feels SO much like a Friday! I’m not sure if it’s because I had a short day today or what, but I have to keep reminding myself that today is, in fact, Wednesday (wait..right? Smile with tongue out) and that I will, in fact, have to wake up and work tomorrow morning!

For a Wednesday, things are going along pretty smoothly! I trained a morning client, ran some errands, and put in a few hours at the gym.

Snacks and lunch along the way:


banana + near empty almond butter jar, melted in the micro + some unpictured apple slices



egg and cheese sandwich on an Ezekiel English muffin

Possibly Cancerous

While at the gym, I was doing a little research on vitamins and supplements. If you guys couldn’t tell, I’m kind of (ok, big time) on a kick for ridding any toxins/chemicals/junk from my diet/life. In the past few months, I’ve re-hauled my purchase of and take on vitamins, supplements, protein powders, fruits + veggies, meats, and dairy.

Currently, the only thing that I consistently consume that is questionable in its ingredients is my beloved Xtend BCAA powder.


After reading through all of the extra ingredients and googling them, I came across Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K,) which is the sweetener in Xtend. Unfortunately, it’s also said to be “potentially carcinogenic.” Now, if I only used this once a month? ehhh ok. But I take BCAA’s probably 4-5 times a week. I don’t want to ingest anything that could be cancerous (as in cancer-causing) that much. Thus, the rest of my container will be going into the garbage instead.

As a replacement, I ordered USPlabs, Modern BCAA from iherb.com (along with 2 new bottles of org. multi-vitamins – one for me and one for Shane – some cocoa powder, and instant coffee for my smoothies~)


It does contain sucralose, which isn’t optimal, but bad either. Sucralose is one of two artificial sweeteners labeled as “safe” by the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Again, not an optimal choice (c’mon stevia!!) but I’ll take it Smile 

Time to get started on dinner! I’m making crock pot chili, so all I need to do is brown the meat, and set it and forget it for a few hours Open-mouthed smile

Do you consume many artificial sweeteners? If so, what kind?

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  1. I do time to time, the worst thing for me is having sugar-free syrup in my coffee but besides that I am really good on avoiding them. I have been slowly getting less and less in my coffee, baby steps!

  2. what the what? i am throwing that xtend in the trash! i prefer fitmixer, anyway!

  3. I only use stevia now. Most other artificial sweeteners seriously upset my digestive system, which I actually think is due to the fact that I consumed them in insane quantities when “dieting.” EVERYTHING was sugar free and eating in large quantities, especially gum!

  4. Artificial sweeteners freak me out. I use stevia occasionally, but that’s it. Everything else carries too much risk.

  5. I quit fake sugar a long time ago… I used to chew gum like a fiend and drink all those diet everythings. My stomach would bloat and rebel (and honestly I’ve had some embarrassing moments with, um, those things), especially with aspartame. Nowadays, I only use Stevia or Splenda when there isn’t a real choice (I will only use sugar in the raw packets and not pure white sugar). So far, my stomach handles those fine.

  6. I use Equal. :( UGH I know…it’s horrible! But I love it in my coffee. Luckily I’m trying to give that up so we’ll see…..

  7. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    I do consume Splenda and products made with Splenda. It doesn’t upset my stomach whereas some other artificial sweeteners do, and I can’t stand the taste of any brand of Stevia I’ve ever tried. I’ve never smoked, only drink maybe 6x a year, and consume lots of healthy whole foods so I feel like if I’m gonna take one risk, I’m okay with that being it, ya know?

  8. I’m interested to see how you like that BCAA product. Be sure to let us know! I love Xtend and it has really helped me be able to keep going longer in my workouts and I’m not as tired the rest of the day. This is a huge thing for me since I workout first thing in the morning and the rest of my day is filled with running around all over campus for school and such.

    What flavor did you go with?

  9. It’s really scary how many posssibly cancerous toxins that are in our food and products. I watch out for parabans, PBA, and known carcingens, but it is so hard! I’ve noticed a lot of my nice skin products have junk in them too. I have tried Stevia, but I am still not sold on it for some reason. I know it’s from nature, but my brain keeps thinking harmful things can be from nature too. I still chose it over aspartame and the really bad artificial sugars though….I’m still kicking the Diet Coke habit though (with 2 known carcingens!! ugh).

  10. I really try not to. Except I do in my casein at night!

  11. I only use stevia ever. And always check the ingredients when I buy new products! However, if it happens sometimes I’m not going to worry too much about it! It’s crazy how many companies use sweeteners now

  12. Marie-Sophie says:

    Definetely let us know how you like the iherb BCAA product!!!!

    I just ordered Xtend for the first time since everyone kept raving about it … guess I’ll have order again soon :-(

    I’ve never been into the whole artificial sweetener thing (my friends always threw loads of it in coffee … no calories blabla) but I do like the diet coke lemon. I try to limit it to once every month or so.
    Loving agave even though it’s been criticized.

  13. I do not consume sucralose because it tears up my stomach. I do have a diet coke maybe once a week. Aspartame doesn’t bother me as much, although it still does. Need to stop that habit! I quit it for like 6 months and started again. Argh.

  14. I was concerned about some of the ingredients too. I didn’t google them but I made the decision to not buy another container and instead called sarah for some advocare spark drink :) glad you did the research and brought it up on your blog. :)


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