People Pleasing Habits

Heya friends Smile 

I’m so glad you guys are into the trainer for a day series! I love talking about training, but only quickly mention it here and there on the blog, so it was nice to get into the nitty gritty details.

This morning I woke up fairly early to train a couple clients. I purposefully got to the gym about 20 minutes early to do some TRX-ing.


Holy hell. I’m fairly certain I’m going to be very sore after just a 20 minute workout. I’m not to the point where I feel confident enough to train others with them yet, but I hope to be soon! I also want to take a class to become certified. Get ready for some TRX blog and v-log posts Open-mouthed smile

After a 20 minute chat with my stabilizer muscles, I trained my clients while sipping on my breakfast smoothie. It was a little early for breakfast, but I knew I wanted to get in a run afterward, and that’d be a not so wise idea if my tank was empty.


Not that kind of tank – my fuel tank!


I ran a quick 3 mile HIIT run (5 min. warm up, 30 speed, 60 recover, 5 min cool down,) and then headed home to shower up.

People Pleaser

The other day when I was training a client, we finished a set of squats, and I saw that she was rubbing her hip afterward.

“Are you ok?” I asked. Yes, she was fine, she said. But when I told her I asked because I saw her rubbing her hip, she said, “well, it’s been hurting whenever we do squats tonight.”

“Why didn’t you speak up when it started hurting?” I asked. Her answer surprised me, but I could understand. “I guess I didn’t want to let you down!” She thought she would be letting me down for not finishing the set! And I promise I’m not a scary intimidating trainerWinking smile

Us people pleasers are a rare breed.

Up until a couple years ago, I was the ULTIMATE people pleaser. I couldn’t say no to anyone who didn’t want to hear it, and I wanted everyone to like me. My mom always emphasized how important it is to be nice to everyone, but I think I took it a little far and craved for people’s approval as well.

I’m not as much like that now, and have more of a “they’ll get over it” attitude, while still actively trying to be nice and do the right thing. In fact, I get angry at myself when I catch myself caring too much what other people think of me now.


There’s absolutely no way to please everyone in life. I realize that sometimes I’ll feel let down, and that sometimes others will feel let down because of me – it’s a fact of life. But as long as I keep those moments to a minimum, and as long as I don’t let down those who are dearest to me, who there for me and who are in my life 99% of the time, life will go on.

Maybe I’m just getting old Winking smile

How’s that for a deep start to a Tuesday morning?

Have a great day, loves! Oh! Also, I’ve been getting more questions after yesterday afternoon’s post. What I’ll do is just edit in an FAQ beneath, so it will all be in one post and you won’t have to click from here to there to there.

Off to shower off from that treadmill run and get ready for the day. Ciao!

Do you consider yourself a people pleaser?

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  1. I’ve yet to try TRX – will be looking forward to your posts. I definitely fall into the people pleaser category most of the time. But I’m getting much better about it.

  2. it depends on the person! haha

  3. I am! And it gets the best of me, I need to learn how to say no to people and not care what others think.

  4. I am the worst at this! Starting to learn, though. I’ll never be able to please everyone, and when I end up trying, everyone is only halfway accomodated… ugh.

    It’s hard to get past the desire, though.

  5. I am DEFINITELY a people pleaser! It’s really bad, actually. I think it’s a fear of rejection – I want people to like me so I try to make them happy! Haha I also did that with my personal trainers – I’d keep going even if something was bothering me because I didn’t want to wimp out!

  6. Oh goodness, I am for sure a people pleaser. Its pretty bad, I don’t think I have ever said no to someone. I really want everyone to like me and if I don’t do something for someone I am really afraid they will hate me. I really need to get better at that!

  7. I am such a people pleaser!! I have been working on it especially in the last year. I don’t think it is a good thing to be when it goes against what you really want, but it is even worse when you are friends with a group that uses it to their advantage. I will probably always like trying to please people, but at least I have a good group of people now :)

  8. Oh, Will is a TOTAL people pleaser too! It’s one of those things that can either be really good, or really bad at times. Good when he is willing to go out of his way to do something kind for someone, but bad when people like to take advantage!


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