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No Race, No Cry

Hi guys! Happy Friday Open-mouthed smile

I’ve been training clients all morning, and just now got a chance to sit down. Well, actually, I had about an hour in between clients this morning, but I chose to get in my own workout instead of blogging. Yesterday I did strength training, so today I did some HIIT work:


It’s completely done in 30 minutes, but will leave you red faced and sweaty! Just how HIIT workouts should. However…this isn’t technically a HIIT workout by definition. So maybe we should call it an interval workout, now that I think about it!

So today I want to discuss a topic I haven’t talked about in quite a while: running.


Before I even began this blog, way back in early 2009, I started the couch 2 5k program. This lead to my first 5k race, and opened up my love for running and racing. That year, and the following year, I raninasmanyracesasIcould. Then, the next year (2011) I noticed I wasn’t as gung ho. I only ran in a total of about 5 races last year (including my most favorite race – the Chicago Rock ‘n Roll Half and the annual Frank Lloyd Wright that’s begun to be a tradition with my girl, Kim.)

This year? I haven’t signed up for a one. Yet, at least. I possibly want to run a 5K sometime this summer as well as maybe running a half marathon.


Do you see where I’m going with this? Yeah, I’m not as gung ho about races this year. I could say that I burn myself out a couple summers ago, or maybe I’m just cheap and don’t want to pay a bunch of money to wake up super early to run a race. However, the fact of the matter is, I just don’t want to train for them.

I’m having so much fun running for, well, fun! There’s no pressure to log a certain amount of runs per week or x number of miles a day, and I’m loving it. I’m loving choosing spin for cardio if I feel like it. Or doing a fun HIIT workout instead of my scheduled 5 mile tempo run. I’m enjoying not being a slave to a schedule and tied down to rigor in my exercise. Please. I get enough of that at work, right?


And who knows? Maybe next month I’ll get the itch again and start following a training plan. But for now, I’ll just continue on with my fun interval treadmill runs, and nice-day outdoor runs Smile

Have a happy Friday, everyone! I’ve got a little bit more work left, and then I’m getting a MUCH needed massage. It’s been at least a year since my last one. I’m so excited!!!

Runners: are you training for a race right now? Have you ever had to take a break from racing?

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  1. I let the hubs do most of the racing here, running for fun is my passion. But when i get the urge to race, it’s better to do with company, yes!

  2. I am on a break too. After two years of intense training, I was more than burnt out and my body was screaming for a break. I do miss running right now and am trying to keep it to a minimum. No runs over 10km and a slower pace than I am used to.

  3. I think that’s great — you don’t need to race to be a runner. I love that you love to run to RUN, nothing more. There’s a nice simplicity to that. Run when you want to, don’t when you don’t want to. I think it can be so easy to get caught up in the whole racing bug, esp as a blogger when you see everyone and their brother racing all over the place. I think it can get to be a bit much. For me, I like to run a couple of races a year, just not allthetimeeverysinglemonth or anything. It can be overwhleming and can steal the fun from running .

  4. I am training for a half marathon at the end of April; it will be my first!! While I am doing well with my training plan and have not skipped or skimped on any of the runs, I am looking forward to a break after the half is over. I really miss some of my other workouts that I am having to miss to fit in my runs. I miss seeing the “regulars” at my group fitness classes and just being able to decide what I “feel like” doing that day rather than what is on my plan. I do still want to continue doing some longer runs from time to time, BUT for the FUN of it not because it’s on my plan!

  5. I really am never in the mood to run. I love group fitness too much. So as much as I’d like to accomplish finishing a half, I have never signed up for one. I know that I could do it with the right training, but I don’t WANT to do the training. I want to work out in ways that I enjoy!

  6. I’m training for a half marathon at the end of May. I find that without racing, my running really suffers because I get really unmotivated. I have all sorts of milestones I want to achieve, so I race! :)

  7. I’m not training for anything right now- just trying to build up a solid running base because I want to run a half marathon in November. :) I just started running this past October, then ran a 5k, 2 8ks, and a 10k within three months and I was feeling a little burnt out by the end of it all. I’m excited to just run for fun now!

  8. I think I may be on a permanent break from running in general. I haven’t run a single race since my last half, which was over a year ago. I did just order a new pair of running shoes though, so maybe I’ll get back out there one of these days. I’m not pressuring myself to do it though, because I hate that kind of pressure. I agree that not having a schedule is so nice!

  9. Great post! I agree sometimes having to feel obligated to run or do whatever makes you feel like you don’t even want to do it!

  10. Wow that workout looks intense! I think I would be burnt out on racing too. Perhaps you could stick to 5ks if you want to get that racing vibe but not have to train!

  11. I know what you mean, I feel like I get oped about racing, and then just want a training break for a bit.

  12. I’m totally with you on this! I’m thinking I probably won’t do a whole lot of racing, for sure during the summer when it’s so hot! I just need a break after two half marathons this year :)

    I’d still love to run a full in December (I have my eye on one) but for the next few months I want to take more fun classes at the gym!!

  13. Good for you for listening to your body! Running is no fun if it’s forced.

  14. I’m not a huge runner by any means, the longest race I’ve done is a 10K, but I do find that I enjoy running the most when it’s not forced. That said, I do enjoy shorter races, when I’m running them with friends :) If focusing on my time is going to take the fun out, then I won’t focus on that. But sometimes it can be motivating :)

  15. I did a 5k last year and I loved it. I never thought it was possible, but the Couch to 5k really delivered results for me. I was never a runner before, and unfortunately, I’m not really a runner now. I wish I had stuck with it, but I can’t get up before work to run, and when winter came I totally fell out of love with running.

    I want to start again. I really, really do. But I’ll probably have to start back from square one, which is a bit off-putting!

    I’m glad you’re running for fun now. It’s not all about racing! :)


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