Incline Treadmill Workout–Walk or Run!

Phew! What a busy day so far. Today’s my first day in my new position, and I’m already loving it Red heart

Busy, though! This morning after training an in-home client, I told you guys about an awesome treadmill workout I did. Now it’s time to share Smile

I felt like getting a run in, but when I went to re-create the workout for you guys, I thought I’d add in a walking option, too!



I love adding hills/incline to my treadmill workouts. Reaallly works that booty.

While running, I noticed another person on the treadmill next to me who looked SO familiar! I’m not usually one to speak to someone who I just “might” know, as I hate saying “do I know you from somewhere??” to people. However, I knew it’d bother me all day long if I didn’t ask, so I did. Turns out, it was a neighbor from the street over from mine! I’ve probably seen her out during my morning Niko walks.

I ended up being glad I asked, because it’s nice to know neighbors. In our neighborhood, no one really hangs out. Shane made friends with the older couple directly next to us, and we say “hello” to everyone, but that’s about it. I’m always envious of those who have neighborhood block parties and get togethers on the weekend. Maybe the next neighborhood we move into will be like that Smile


Lunch today was more of a series of snacks:



First, I ate the pear and sweet potato:


And then after getting in a quick strength workout (workout A from the boot camp) I had my broccoli and hummus:


I’m saving the half-frozen Chobani for later Smile

Have a great day, everyone!  Open-mouthed smile

Are you friends with your neighbors? Or just friend-ly with them?

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  1. LINDSAY says:

    That looks like my lunch, except with pineapple chobani. WOO HOO!! and congrats on your first day. YEA!

  2. Does that sweet potato have PB on it? I never would’ve guessed that as a delicious combo! (:

  3. MMMM sweet potato looks so tasty. We’re friends with one couple – we share a parking pad. They are fantastic neighbors to have. But we don’t really know too many other neighbors.

  4. I’m not really friends with my neighbors, either. I occasionally try to strike up a conversation in the elevator, but my building doesn’t seem to be all that social!

  5. So glad you’re loving the new job! So happy for you!
    I’ve never really had good neighbor friends. I guess I did once, but it didn’t end well. I like the idea of it, but sometimes having people who live near you know you that well can get awkward. Kind of a loss of privacy. That said, I’d like to try it again sometime :)

  6. Just came across your blog from a Fit Fluential tag, I know anything they tag has to be amazing! ha I love this workout! I like the fact it has a walk and run aspect, depending what you’re feeling that day! And the added incline is always good! So glad I came across your blog, I look forward to reading more! :)

  7. I’m glad your first day went well! :)

  8. The sweet potator and PB (or sunflower seed butter) was the first thing I saw… you may have just unleashed a bunch of runners on a new snack. Kudos.

  9. Well I live in an apartment building, and I actually know no one except the girl who lives right next to me. I actually didn’t even meet her in the building, we met at a book club and discovered she’d just moved in next to me! It was crazy!

  10. Glad you had a good first day! We’re so lucky that three of our neighbors right on our block are all couples around our age. Two of them have young babies, one is recently married and then there’s us. It’s really fun to have them all so close!

  11. I hope you had a great first day at your new position!!

    I’m friends with my neighbors, but we also have lived near each other for almost my entire life :-) In college I just sort of knew them in passing – although I did give them my TV when I moved out :-)

    Your story about seeing your neighbor reminded me of one time in a college lecture, a guy sat next to me and said, “Hi!” in such a friendly way that I figured I knew him – so I said “Hi!” back in a way that said, “Oh, hey! Can’t believe I’m seeing you here!” And then he asked, “Wait, do I know you?” Ummm… I felt stupid. Haha.

  12. sometimes we miss our treadmill workouts!
    and yay for your first day!!!! always exciting and nervous doing something for the first time for me, but when it is over always feels good too :)

  13. Happy that your first day went well!! :) It must be exciting to be moving on to the next chapter in your life! I’m actually very good friends with our neighbours, we always have them over for BBQ’s and other things. It’s really nice to be in communication with all of them!

  14. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    That neighbor thing is what kills me about living in an apartment =( I miss really KNOWING our neighbors and having a relationship with them. No apartment I’ve ever lived in has had that kind of atmosphere though!


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