Gym Judging

Lookie what I did this morning:


Time to get extreme, baby!!! – Chalene’s words. And no, no picture of me doing the video, because I post enough tooly pictures of myself on this blog Winking smile

The workout was actually a lot of fun Smile I completed the 45 minute burn it off cardio workout shortly before leaving the house this morning, and felt great about getting my heart pumping a bit.

I snacked on the other half of banana from this morning with some almond butter on my way out the door, and then when I got back home, had another snack/lunch.

Lookie what was just screaming to be part of lunch today!


Holy Chobani! Thanks to the lovely Lindsay & Ashley for sending the Chob love my way Smile 

Lunch – aside from a Chobani – was Mexican tuna salad w/ tomatoes on a bed of spinach:


OK, I have to say that I usually stick with my usual mayo/Greek yogurt/relish/onion in my tuna salad, but today I got a little crazy and did a wild rice/salsa/Greek yogurt/avocado/spices today.


Unconventional? Why, yes. Delicious? Hell yes! And yes, that would be Clarabelle peeking up at you in the upper right hand corner of the picture. Little creeper.

Lookie what else I did today:



Basil, cilantro, and , to be specific! I came home and promptly planted them all:


Aren’t they pretty? I’m sure they’ll be dead in a week Embarrassed smile

Shane makes fun of me all the time, because once the weather gets warm every year, I’m all “yeah! let’s plant some plants! Let’s garden! Let’s get some trees!” But then when it comes time to actually do it, I’m all “uhhhh I got stuff to do, yo.”

The thing is, I want to want to have a green thumb. Reality is, I just don’t. Don’t judge.

From garden judging to gym judging, let’s to a bit more of a serious topic –

Gym Judging and Injury

It’s so easy to look around and compare ourselves to others’ in the gym. However, no matter if you’re rocking your workout that day, or just can’t seem to get through your run/sets, comparison in the gym is a lose/lose game.

Often times in between sets, I’ll catch myself watching other gym-goers and observing their workouts. It comes naturally to me, I’m intrigued and enthralled by fitness, and love to observe and learn from it.

However, the problem comes when I catch myself judging. Grimacing at someone doing a deadlift with atrocious form is one thing, but when I catch myself judging someone for not lifting “heavy enough” or running “fast enough” or doing certain exercises is when I have to snap myself out of it.


Especially when I get on my heavy lifting kicks, I have to be cognizant not to mind-criticize those lifting lighter weights. Often called “barbie weights,” it’s stereotypical to see a girl walk into the weight room, pick up the pastel dumbbells, and start doing curls.


And it’s easy to judge, but it’s also wrong.

There are SO many other factors that comes into play other than it just “being the easy way out:”

  • perhaps they’re injured
  • maybe they’re just getting back into exercise
  • they could be having a “light week”
  • they may not care a darn about gaining lean muscle mass, and just love lifting light weights!

And on and on. Just a friendly PSA (for me, too) to not judge others in the gym Smile

Do you ever catch your self judging other gym-goers?

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  1. I need to get my garden started ASAP. So behind on that. And good points on the judging. I tend to judge when I see guys lifting way way too heavy causing seriously bad form (hello injury waiting to happen). And I definitely judge when I see someone taking a leisurely stroll while holding on tight to the rails on the treadmill in their work clothes. Clearly they are not working up a sweat, trying not to actually. While I’m pouring sweat working my butt off. But then I realize that honestly people think they are doing the right thing, and are trying, by at least walking. I am a lot less judgmental about runners though. Weird?

  2. I don’t have good enough form to judge others in the gym, but I can’t stand it when people lift really heavy weights, either free or on machines, and then drop them with a big bang! Our gym has had to replace damaged equipment because of this, and I bet we all pay for it in our dues.

  3. There are definitely times when I cannot do multiple reps using anything higher than 3-5 lb weights, usually lateral raises etc. I always feel self conscious too, comparing myself to others who are pressing like 20 lbs in each hand. (I’m not at that point.) So I appreciate you reminding people not to judge 😉

  4. I don’t know necessarily if I “judge”. But I do entertain myself with “observing”. I feel like the two are similar, but not quite the same… or so I tell myself. 😉

  5. I think my biggest gym fear is that someone is judging me while I work out. It can be super discouraging to be intimidated in your own gym, but I realize that some people probably can’t even help it.

    • I know it, sucks. But shame on them for judging! Besides, I think most of the time, people just care about the workout they’re doing :)

  6. I tend to judge other people’s form. But then, I work as a personal trainer and hate watching people do things that might cause them injury. Do I say anything to them? Not unless they’re my clients!

  7. Can’t judge people on form because I don’t know enough but I’ve definitely caught myself “mind-judging” people who walk on the treadmill at 2mph wearing ballet flats or other non-athletic shoes while talking on their cell phone. Then they leave 15 minutes later. I guess their slow-walking is better than doing nothing.

    Nice Chobani hook-up. Blood orange is my favorite of the new flavors. Apple cinnamon’s not bad. The passion fruit one is a little funky but maybe I should try it a second time before giving up on it.

  8. Such good points about gym-judging! Another thing people sometimes judge in the gym is other’s body weight compared to what they are doing. But you never if a person is already down 100lbs or whatever the case may be.
    Herb gardens are the best!!

  9. I love cardio, but know that weights, lunges, squats are important to. I do a few machines with pretty high weights, but I usually do my free weights at home because its nice to have a break from hw and watch tv and do my free weights and ab work. But I def use barbie weights I use 10-12 lbs for each and sometimes 8 for lunges, I don’t understand how people can actually use high weights other than huge boys. I wish I could learn I guess. So I hide mine at home so nobody sees that I’m on curling with 12 lbs per arm while the ppl at the gym have double that!

  10. Very jealous of your herb garden! I would love to start a little garden but I’m definitely not the green thumb in this household…my husband is 100% responsible for all plant life.

  11. Lindsay says:

    I have been judged so much by people because I am naturally very thin and people always comment on how I dont need to be working out and how I need to eat a burger and fries! I wish I could tell people to mind their own business and that I would never go up to someone and tell them that they really need to do a ton to lose weight! :(

    • Aw, Lindsay :( I think a lot of people see thin as desirable, so they don’t think about how their comments can negatively affect people. Doesn’t make it right though!

  12. I try really hard to not judge. I mean at least they are at the gym! Who cares if they are breathing heavy or they are texting while on the elliptical. I don’t care its not my workout its theres. I’ve seen some people post about how they hate when someones bra strap is showing, like really thats not a big deal haha. And who cares if there is a girl there with makeup, if I workout after work I’m not going to wash off all my makeup just to workout. And if people don’t like that oh wellll. This is a great post!

  13. I considered people watching at the gym a sport in itself! I don’t catch myself judging others too often. I usually think to myself that all these people decided to come to the gym and at least do something….which is better than sitting on the couch and doing nothing at all!

    And I’m a total black thumb as well when it comes to gardening….i always kill everything I plant!!!


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