Grass-Fed Ostriches

Ostrich? Ostrichi?

**Happy Monday! Today is the last day to enter the Good Belly giveaway (which I completely forgot about! oooops!) Get those entries in until midnight tonight Open-mouthed smile

Yesterday turned out to be such a great family day! Around 9 or 10, Shane and I made the drive over to our hometowns (they’re right next to each other) so he could work with his dad and I could hang out at my parents’ house.

My parents have this awesome treadmill, and I finally got a chance to take advantage of it, since I had a few hours to chill. Instead of chilling, I ran 5 miles while watching Good Eats – my favorite Food Network show.


However, my parents have a different cable network, so it was on the Cooking Channel…which I want, asap. Enough of this Comcast BS. I hate Comcast, can I get an amen??

Back to the run. I ran 5 miles, which is the most I’ve run in a quite a long time. Woo! I felt great afterward, but hungry.

We all had plans to meet at Khacki Jacks for lunch. But first, a little shopping.I picked up a cute tank and blazer from Banana Republic, but didn’t have much luck elsewhere. It’s a good thing I wear yoga pants and sweats M-F Winking smile

After shopping, we met up for lunch with everyone – Shane, my bro, dad and mom – at Khacki Jack’s, an Australian themed burger joint. I got the ostrich burger, and it was fabulous.


A note about eating animals. Whenever I buy beef or chicken at the store, I stick to organic because even though I’m not veg anymore, I’m still passionate about animals and the ethics of factory farming. However, I feel OK eating ostrich because I don’t know of any industrial ostrich farms that treat them badly, and as far as I know they only eat grass (no feed/corn/byproduct business.) Does anyone know any differently? (Please say no and preserve my love for Khacki’s oz burger!)

Some other meat that I feel OK eating are bison (are they ever not grass-fed?) and lamb. Even though I’ve never actually eaten lamb, I’m fairly sure they’re treated humanely – right? I guess I need to brush up on my farming practices, lol

The burger held me over for quite a while, until about mid-way through the evening back home, where I cooked up a little veggie/egg/sausage scramble:



And then, dessert:


Since Lent, I’ve been having dessert nearly every night. I usually have a small bowl of ice cream. I‘m currently working on the Stonyfield ice cream above, which is pretty darn good. I just finished some Greek Yogurt kind by Ciao Bella, which was also delicious! Has anyone tried the new Oikos or Ben and Jerry’s Greek yogurt ice cream yet? That’s what I’m after next.

So yeah, I have a bowl of ice cream basically every night again. However, I haven’t been having many, if any, sweets during the day, so I don’t feel bad about my night time sweet tooth muchSmile


This morning’s a pretty low key one for me. I had a client cancel, which isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it does mean I get to make my favorite spin class! Hooray Open-mouthed smile

Having a couple of these to tide me over:


TJ’s dried mango. Then I’ll probably eat a bigger breakfast when I get done spinnin’ it out.

Better enjoy my morning leisure…the rest of the day’s going to be a busy one!

What’s your favorite cooking show?

What’s your favorite ice cream brand? I’m a Ben & Jerry’s girl through and through, but I love Ciao Bella, too – and Three Twins!

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  1. great job on your run! :)
    ben & jerry’s is definitely my #1 as well. i rarely buy it because of its cost, but every once in awhile i’ll splurge for it!

  2. Cooking shows make me too hungry to watch! haha. But I do watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives every now and then.
    I usually buy Chapman’s Frozen Yogurt or a no-name brand of ice cream we have here since they have really awesome flavors and a great selection.
    I agree about the meat statement you made, though I do not eat any red meat (mainly because I don’t like the taste), I will eat other meat when I know its grass fed or came from a happy home :)

  3. Comcast is highway robbery. We’re getting ready to attempt to renegociate our contract… it’s outrageous!

  4. I’ve never heard of Oikos or Ben and Jerry’s Greek yogurt ice cream! Sounds amazing! Good job with the run :)

  5. you can get multiple “amens” on the comcast sucking. they are THE WORST. i have to be careful about what days i even choose to deal with them (because you know you have to call often enough!) because there’s such a strong potential for the call to ruin my mood!

  6. Ben & Jerry’s is definitely the best – my favorite is lite phish food – sooooo amazing!

  7. I haven’t tried Greek yogurt ice cream yet but definitely need to locate some soon! (especially once the weather actually warms up and I want ice cream every day) I don’t know much about ostrich farming…actually, I can’t say I’ve ever even eaten it!

  8. I heart lamb and bison and I think as far as meat goes, they are better off than the moo-moo’s and chickens (and are free range). Nice job on trying the ostrich- I need to find that! I’m all about trying out new meats!

  9. It’s ridiculous the amount of money that I send to Comcast every month for TV and Internet. Unfortunately they are two items that I’m highly addicted to and can’t seem to get away from : )

  10. Ostrich, so interesting, never tried it! I’m always so scared to try out new meats! I so want to try frozen greek yogurt, sadly I have yet to see it here! Have a great monday!!

  11. I think I may have to hunt down some of that frozen yogurt. I haven’t had any in eons. Nice job on the run too. I watch love Giada and Diners Drive ins and Dives. I think it’s mostly Guy’s personality.

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