Friday Night Impulses

During work yesterday, I got an email from Bloomington/Normal’s version of Whole Foods – Naturally Yours – saying everything in their bulk bins was 25% off! Despite the fact that I just spent $12 on a bag of dried cherries there on Wednesday, I headed over to get my fill of nuts, oats, and dried fruit.

The goods:


While I was there, I also checked  out some of their beauty products. As you guys know, I’m a bit obsessed with getting rid of toxins, chemicals, and carcinogens from my life. Although I already use several products that are all-natural, the rest, like my shampoo, conditioner, and face wash, are loaded with toxic ingredients:


Uhhh yeah, Paige, just because it’s got a cute little leaf on the bottle and says words like “almond” and “shea butter” doesn’t mean it’s all natural.

So I picked up some newbies.


We’ll see how it goes!


Oh! Then I got yet another exciting email! Lou Schuler is at it again, and released his newest New Rules book – New Rules of Lifting for Life.


Yep, I went and picked it up from Barnes and Noble even though it cost me twice as much as it would to order off of Amazon. What can I say? I am my father’s daughter, and he passed down his impulsive purchasing skills to me Smile I wanted it RIGHTNOW!

I’ve been a New Rules fan ever since the very first book came out. I read that one (which is actually Shane’s) before the blog, and then when NROL for Women came out, I bought and did that, and then when NROL for Abs came out, did the same. NROL4A is by far my favorite one. I love the workouts 100 x’s more than the others, and despite the title, it’s hardly a book for the abs.


In fact, it’s far from! I highly recommend. (Phase One and Phase Two review + before and after pics!)

Then I came home and wanted some dinner. Shane out of town at a friend’s last night, and when I got home, I knew I wanted something quick and easy. So after making myself a mango cake cocktail, I did just that.




Egg, cheese, and veggie scramble



Then I had a PMS-induced snack of half a dark chocolate cookie butter bar from TJ’s, an Oikos chocolate yogurt container, and about 10 chocolate covered pretzels, which I proceeded to dip into the yogurt, and went to bed at 8:20 where I caught up on Glee and passed out.

Talk about a wild Friday night! Party. Animal. Party smile

Have a lovely Saturday, loves! It’s another work day for me, but it shouldn’t be too bad Smile

What do you typically get from the bulk bins?

I always, always, always get unsweetened dried cherries from Naturally Yours because they’re bomb. I also get most of my nuts from them, too. But that’s about it!

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  1. I buy carob chips, raisins, buckwheat, flaxseeds and other seeds from the bulk bins. Most of my nuts I buy at Costco in large bags, so much cheaper!

  2. ooh unsweetened dried cherries would be awesome! i have a bag that are sweetened and i really wish they’d be unsweetened!

    i generally buy the things i’d buy in bulk at costco rather than the bulk stores around here, because they simply work out to cost way less! i can get twice the walnuts for $10!

  3. 25% off?? That is a great deal! I always get nuts from the bulk bins at my grocery store, but I’ll have to check out the dried berries there too.
    If you don’t mind me asking, how does the price of the shampoo you’re trying compare to what you’d normally buy? I’d like to try switching out some of my beauty products for ones with less toxins and chemicals if the price change isn’t too drastic.

    • It falls somewhere in the middle 😉
      Right now in my shower there’s both $2.99 Sauve shampoo as well as $19.99 Bumble & Bumble shampoo! lol
      The NOW stuff I got yesterday was $9.99 a bottle, but I’m sure you could get it a couple bucks cheaper online?

  4. oh Paige, I love you :) and thanks for the book recommendation – NRFL4A! Sounds great!

    P.s. you ALMOST have me convinced to read 50 shades of grey. I just mentioned it to my Mom and she was like “isn’t that porn” hahahahaha

  5. For my bulk store I usually get almonds, unsweetened shredded coconut, chia seed, spelt flakes, red quinoa, and any other interesting grain that I haven’t tried before… got some millet the other day. Enjoying your blog!

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