Fill in the Blank Sunday

Fill in the blank:

I love to order ________ but have never tried it at home.



Pad Thai!

Your turn Open-mouthed smile

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  1. That looks AMAZING! I gotta make some at home soon. Or just get some takeout 😉

  2. Mine would actually be the same! I took a Thai cooking class hoping to learn but unfortunately the pad thai was the one thing we made that came out gross so I refuse to follow that recipe!
    Happy Sunday! :)

  3. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    SAME! Ugh I wish I could learn!!!

  4. I love to order beef brisket but have never made it at home! Craig and I decided that if/when we get married, we’re putting a smoker on the registry so we can make it and smoked pork all the time :-)

  5. Cheesey chicken rice from my favorite Mexican restaurant. I love it but have never tried to make it :)

  6. Pad Thai for me, too! I’m afraid to make it because it would become a weekly eating habit. So yum!

  7. I’ve never had pad thai actually. Let’s see….actually being vegetarian most things I’d already make daily. Kind of sad huh?

  8. SUSHI!!! It’s been on my “to make at home” list for 5 years!


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