Caramelized Banana Protein Waffles

Hold the phone, everybody. First thing’s first. I have to let you in on a little secret.

IMG_7462Caramelized banana waffles.

So remember how I was absolutely obsessed with pancakes with caramelized bananas sliced on top?

The combination is amaze, but it’s also a slight pain in the butt.

Well, I have a new obsession creeping in – and it’s using the exact same recipe (Janetha’s) for the pancake batter but then adding in half a chopped banana at the end. It’s not even really a recipe, but again, if I didn’t let everyone I know who owns a waffle maker in on this tactic, I’d be remiss.


Caramelized Banana Waffles

Inspired by caramelized banana pancakes

Serves: 1

Time: less than 10 minutes

One batch of Janetha’s protein pancake batter

1/2 banana, roughly chopped

Preheat waffle makers and mix up the batter in the blender as directed. Before pouring into the waffle maker, add the chopped banana and give it a quick stir with a long spoon. Pour in the waffle maker until done.


The result? Your typical fluffy, yummy waffle, with bits of caramelized banana in every other bite.

To mine, I added a bit of Kerrygold butter, ~tsp. maple sryup, and blueberries. But honestly? I didn’t even need that bit of maple syrup because the bananas along added so much sweetness.


oh, and see that cup? It’s tea. Say it with me now: teeeaaaa. Now I’m not a tea drinker at all. For me, it’s coffee or water during the day. However, I’m trying to stick with my one cup of coffee a day schtick, and although I failed yesterday and Monday, I’m turning to black English breakfast tea with a spot of cream and honey today (fancy.)

These waffles (and tea!) were supposed to do a great job of re-fueling after the spin class I took this morning and I’m sure it would have if I’d gone to the class Winking smile However, when I woke up at 5, I noticed my legs are a little mad at me today. I think the hill running I did on Monday combined with all the hamstring and glutes work I did yesterday came back to bite me in the butt…literally!! I’ve already busted out the foam roller, but I have a feeling we’ll be meeting again today Winking smile Plus, I could have use another hour of shuteye. So I rolled over and did just that.

I think if I feel better later I’m actually going to bust out…a workout DVD!!! *gasp!* I haven’t been a workout DVD girl in a long time, but about 5 years ago, it’s all I was. I’ve done tons of DVD’s, but my favorites have always been Chalene Johnson’s DVDs (though I haven’t tried Turbo Fire yet.) I’m thinking about dusting off my set of ChaLEAN Extreme videos and doing one of the cardio circuits in the set – Burn it Off!


If you haven’t tried ChaLEAN Extreme, I highly recommend it. It’s what really got me into lifting free weights! And just for funsies – I did a “ChaLEAN” search on the blog to get that post I just linked, and found this old school tutorial I did in ‘09 for getting a rounder butt. My blog was only 8 days old. Ha! Oh man…

Have a happy Wednesday, all!

What’s your favorite fruit to pair with pancakes and waffles? The blueberries work so great with the little squares in the waffles, too!

Are you into workout videos?

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  1. Those waffles look amazing!!! Blueberries are definetly my fav topping!

  2. I’m with you on the banana thing – they’re perfect in pancakes!

  3. bananas are my favorite fruit to pair with waffles and pancakes. i like to add a little peanut butter and syrup too… yum! these look great. i’m going to try them this weekend!

  4. ChaLEAN Extreme is my favorite strength training workout! I have tried free weights at the gym, but there are always really huge bodybuilders in there. So I have a ton of DVDs, Boflex weights, and a treadmill. :) I also love TurboFire–it’s a better quality stage, and the music is better. I am doing a hybrid of ChaLEAN and TurboFire right now, and I am constantly sore (in a good way)! I think people just get freaked out by DVDs at first because there are some really bad ones lol!

  5. OMG that looks SO GOOD! I love Janeetha’s recipe for protein pancakes — I always put sliced banana in the batter once I put it on the griddle. They come out so warm and toasty at the end! I have yet to try it as a waffle though but now I think this might be “it” after my next long run. OMG mmm!!

  6. I pretty much only eat Belgium waffles when I’m at a hotel continental breakfast. Special treat..

  7. Those look soooo good. I’m asking for a waffle maker for my birthday this year from someone, or at least a Bad Bath Beyond giftcard to get one. I want in on protein waffles 😉

  8. I almost always top my pancakes and waffles with blueberries and strawberries, soo good!
    My favorite workout DVD’s are Jillian Michael’s. I do Yoga Meltdown once a week and the 30 Day Shred every once in awhile too.

  9. bananas or blueberries definitely! YUM!
    i do like workout videos sometimes. i get really distracted working out at home tho i notice. I did enjoy the P90X ones tho!

  10. Oh man, I am craving a waffle big time now…that looks delish! I always have to top my pancakes/waffles with bananas 😀 I also really like berries on top, if I have any!

  11. Oh my god, get in mah bellayy haha. That waffle looks and sounds amazing! I love bananas and strawberries with my pancakes and waffles. But in all honestly, I prefer chocolate chips hehe

  12. Bananas are the best with waffles or pancakes! I do love pumpkin though, I seriously can not get enough lately! Fresh berries are always a good thing too though! I do like workout videos some of the time, but haven’t tried ChaLean yet!

  13. That’s it. I need a waffle.

  14. Turbo Fire is what I’ve been into doing lately and I love it! It was between that or the set you have and now I want it, too!

  15. Strawberries are my favorite fruit to pair with pancakes/waffles. I like the idea of blueberries in the little waffle squares though.


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