Because I’m 12 Years Old…

Humor Games:image

Ha! *does a Peeta dance*


I just can’t. I can’t.



Hopefully that got a laugh out of you guys, too, as I’m guessing 90% of you have seen The Hunger Games Winking smile Safe bet?

Although today’s one of my marathon days, it’s more than half way over and so far I can’t complain. Sometimes when my schedule gets packed and I see that I’m working well over 40 hours for the week, I seem to get down. The thing is, it’s not even the work or tiredness that gets me down itself. It’s my schedule and looking at it and realizing I’m working so much. Regardless, only another week or two of crazy hours and I’m in the clear.

I did eventually get around to doing a strength circuit today, which happened to include this torture device:


At least I’m pretty sure that’s what some of the gym members who have never seen a TRX system before think. Or some kind of swing…


I did the following “pull circuit”

  • Single leg deadlifts – 10 reps – 20 lb. dumbbell
  • Inverted rows on TRX
  • Hamstring curls on TRX
  • Rear delt flies on TRX

Then I cleaned about 10 treadmills and had some lunch:


Well, actually just the part in the foil, which is leftovers of last night’s pizza. Cold pizza is just as good as hot out of the oven if ya ask me!


I also had the Chobani shortly after, saving the protein bar and this deliciousness for later:


That would be one of my favorite combinations as a child – cottage cheese (my favorite brand,) a chopped pear, and peanut butter.


See? I had a blogger’s taste from the get go! Smile Such a yummy combo.

Have a great day, ya’ll!

What would you and your significant other’s (or celeb crush if no SO atm) pairing name be?

Shane and I are always PAINE in video games or when we’re on a team and have to come up with a name. Intimidating, right? LOL

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  1. Oh, the Peeta text… I can’t.

    And since my S.O.’s name is “Ryan” ours would be like… Rordan or Jyan. Neither sound all too appealing.

  2. Sable@SquatLikeALady says:

    I haven’t read or seen the Hunger Games! =( I was entering my Margaret Atwood phase when it was big and at this point I guess I have just missed the whole boat. haha!

    I really want to play around with TRX – it seems like so much fun!!

  3. Chadsey – haha, Lindsey and Chad 😉 I am going to email my hubby right now on that one!
    I have not tired any of the cottage cheese combos I hear about! Not brave enough yet but plain Greek yogurt and peanut butter is my favorite combo right now.

  4. Haha, I saw the Peenis reference a while ago and couldn’t stop laughing. I think that means I’m 12, too. :)

  5. Who comes up with this stuff?? I never could. Thanks for sharing, that was a good laugh.

  6. Thanks for the afternoon giggles! :) That pear, cottage cheese, and pb combo sounds great! Will have to try that!

  7. mmmm cottage cheese pear and pb!? great combo babe!

  8. I think I’m the only person in the world that hasn’t seen hunger games! I was in Europe while the whole craze was happening here

    I need to get on it

  9. omg I died laughing! thank goodness i read this at home and not on the bus!

  10. I love that Peeta text :-) I showed it to my students a few weeks ago, thinking they would love it because they are obsessed with the Hunger Games, and some of them liked it. Some of them thought I was even more of a super nerd for showing them that.

    I think my couple name (Craig + Michelle) would be “Crelle” 😀

  11. Haha I laughed at “some kind of swing”, maybe I just have a dirty mind…And I absolutely love those Peeta pictures, I still haven’t seen the movie but read the book! Isn’t the TRX the best! I love the exercises you can complete with it!


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