Personal Trainer for a Day–Trainer Lindsay

Hi guys! It’s a dreary one here in central Illinois today. Makes working inside all afternoon seem not too bad Desk lunch: I told you guys to get used to this lunch! I even had leftover Thai food in the fridge – and went for this instead. It’s just such a yummy – and satisfying […]

Workout to Burn Out

Hi guys! How was your weekend? It was pretty cold and dreary here, but aside from that, not too shabby! Saturday after work, Shane and I headed out for drinks at our favorite place down town, and then to the Thai House for dinner (hence yesterday’s little game.) Yesterday, I went to the gym to […]

Fill in the Blank Sunday

Fill in the blank: I love to order ________ but have never tried it at home. Me: Pad Thai! Your turn

Friday Night Impulses

During work yesterday, I got an email from Bloomington/Normal’s version of Whole Foods – Naturally Yours – saying everything in their bulk bins was 25% off! Despite the fact that I just spent $12 on a bag of dried cherries there on Wednesday, I headed over to get my fill of nuts, oats, and dried […]

Pre-School & Kindergarten Years

I swear, if my thermostat could tell me what it’s thinking (and, err, actually had thoughts in the first place,) it’d say you are one bipolar woman, Paige!! I’ve never switched from the heat to the air conditioning and back more times in one year, ever! On Tuesday night, it was 75 degrees in the […]

Hunger Fueled by Workout

In this morning’s spin class, we were nearing the end of our workout, about to head into the cool down, and my instructor said she couldn’t wait until her post-workout cup of coffee. She said she looks forward to her post-spin coffee immediately after spinning, but her appetite for actual food is no where to […]

Because I’m 12 Years Old…

Humor Games: Ha! *does a Peeta dance* I just can’t. I can’t. *dies* Hopefully that got a laugh out of you guys, too, as I’m guessing 90% of you have seen The Hunger Games Safe bet? Although today’s one of my marathon days, it’s more than half way over and so far I can’t complain. […]

Reading Recipes in the Kitchen

Sigh… My poor lap top. It was all shiny and new and impressive when I got it, and now it’s all smudged up and used. Which reminds me that I do actually have cleaner for it. Just like I have cleaner for the interior of my car…both of which are dusty and smudgy. Hmph. Where […]

The Burpee Jack + Helpful Cues

Good morning! Just like Monday, I woke up, coffeed up, and headed upstairs to the gym for some ChaLEAN Extreme. I’m really loving dispersing these workouts into my routine. There. I took a picture of myself doin’ the darn thang! And yes, I always work out in mismatched Nike tempo shorts + a tee shirt […]

Water-logged and Happy

I’m not sure what’s up today but I am dragging! Remember how I said I didn’t need an alarm clock? Well, I still woke up on time, but I definitely could have lay there and fallen back asleep this morning. Also remember how I said yesterday that I sometimes have 12+ hour days? Well today’s […]

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