ZuskaLight’s Healthy Chocolate Brownies


I gotta be quick here – I’m up early to take a spin class before training a couple clients, then Shane’s taking me on a mystery date Open-mouthed smile Quite a packed little Saturday!

And about that last point – your guess is as good as mine. Shane and I are known to get stuck in ruts – aka staying home and watching TV and movies and ordering pizza on the weekend nights because, really, we both really love doing that. However, that doesn’t always = romance. So we decided to take each other on a surprise date a couple times a month. Only rules are it can’t combine TV and pizza Winking smile

Anyway, let’s get to the main topic here – brownies!


Nope, not those kind brownies. I can’t have those until Easter. And you can bet I will have those on Easter! These brownies:


I made these on a whim before Bunco last night (where I did not win a single dime!) because I was on the list for people to bring a dish. After a hope and a prayer, I measured out the ingredients and let them whirl away in the food processor.


After sampling the batter, I was SUPER impressed!! Don’t be fooled, they don’t taste like regular brownies at all, but if you know what the ingredients are, you’ll be impressed, too. These brownies are good for you!

In Zuzana’s video, she explains a little about the ingredients and how to make them here:

isn’t she so cute?!

But she doesn’t list out any measurements. Here’s the measurements I used, and they turned out delicious:

1 c. oats

1 c. almond meal

1 c. unsweetened golden raisins

1/2 c. cocoa powder

teensy weensy dash of cinnamon

3 tbsp. almond milk


Then I found out she actually did list the measurements on her facebook page – I was surprised how much they differed to mine! I think there will be several variations of these in the future Smile

I actually didn’t have any at bunco, but when I got home, I put one in an almost empty Fage 2% Greek yogurt container and the combination was spot on.

Have a great Saturday, friends!

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  1. yum! these look great! you’re making me want to bake right now… unfortunately i’m in a hotel this weekend, so that’s not happenin. do these brownies stay together pretty well? i need to find almond meal that’s not outrageously expensive! there’s all these great recipes i’ve been seeing lately that calls for it.

  2. looks funny but so do avocado chocolate chip cookies and those are so yummy – I will definitely try this recipe :)

  3. I’ll have to try those next! I made her almond carrot “bodyrock balls” that were posted on the BR homepage for awhile (tweaking a few things) and I loved them.

  4. Very cool. I wonder if you could use dates in lieu of the raisins.

  5. I may sound nuts, but are almond flour and almond meal the same thing? Regardless, LOVE Zuzana (Zuzka?) and love brownies too 😀

  6. brownies sound great! we saw Zuzana video and though mmm brownies :) love all the ingredients too, so easy!

  7. These look really good and super easy too!!! I think I’m going to try it with a mix of raisins and dried tart cherries. Thanks for the recipe :)

  8. Nick and I made brownies last night, but they were probably as unhealthy as they get! I should have found this recipe first :) I’m not sure what the “calorie-boosting ingredients” are that were mentioned in the video…..but….I’ll ignore that and just say that I want to try this recipe!!


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