What Started As a Fling…

Nine years ago today, Shane and I decided we were going to start dating. I absolutely cannot fathom that we’ve been together that long. It seems like it can’t be more than five years! But it is…

Ready for some throwback pictures?


We were both practically kids when we started dating (if you can’t tell from the pic above,) me 18 and he 21.

OK, time out a second. I found some pictures I just HAVE to share with you guys.  As I was looking at old pictures, I realized how many times I changes my hair color between the ages of 18 and 21.

Check it out.

I started out blonde:


And then went multi-colored right before I took off to go to ISU: image

(excuse the awkward bathroom picture)

Then went to…purple? after my roomie and I decided to dye our hair.



This was also the first time I dyed my hair from a box!

I quickly realized purple hair and blonde roots was NOT going to happen, and I started the process to go back to blonde.




And finally back to blonde: image

Think I went through some phases during those years? Winking smile  Yeah…

All right, back to Shane and me.

If you read my Valentine’s survey, you know we didn’t get together in the most romantic way. That it was more or less just a summer fling…

…that just so happened to turn into 9 summers and more.

Even though Shane and I are married now and have a new “official” anniversary date, we still like to acknowledge the anniversary that we started dating.

Today we acknowledged it by going to lunch at the restaurant of our very first date – Olive Garden:

We didn’t make it back to the same city as the one we had our first date in, but it was Olive Garden nonetheless.

Since it was lunch, I went with the soup, salad, and breadsticks option:


I forgot to snap a pic of the soups, but I tried a couple yummy broth and tomato-based ones Smile

And now I’m going to try to get some work done before making an important phone call  this afternoon – despite my bread stick-induced carb coma Smile with tongue out

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  1. Happy dating anniversary!

  2. Looking back at older pictures is so great! Congrats on 9 years! And yummmm to Olive Garden! Have a great weekend! 😀

  3. Could you be any cuter? Happy anniversary to you two!

  4. You guys are adorable. :) Funny how the years fly, isn’t it? (Yeah, that just made me sound middle-aged. Oh well)

  5. Oh yum bread sticks! As long as they’re there I’d pick soup + salad as well! I hope my bf and I always celebrate our dating anniversary – it’s actually the same day and month as my grandparents’ wedding anniversary so we might actually try and make it our wedding date one day too (for convenience sake!)

  6. Very cute :) We celebrate our date-a-versary too (well at least acknowledge it). This past December was 13 years for us! Craaazy.

  7. My bf and I had our first date at Olive Garden too. We’ve been together for 7 years – since high school! I have no idea when we are going to get married, or engaged for that matter. He is a medical student…
    I love all your different hair colors. I have never dyed my hair.

  8. My Mom accidentally dyed her hair purple when I was in fourth grade! I was kiiind of mortified hahaha. You pulled it off WAY better than she did though. She’s kind of sallow so yeah…bad bad combination.

  9. i’ve been the same way… i changed my hair color SO many times in the past. now i settle for a little bit of highlights, but do it more natural looking because it’s cheaper and less maintenance. 😉 you look just like kate bosworth in that first photo you posted of you with blonde hair!! has anyone else ever told you that?

    • The second picture? That’s so funny – I actually do get that comment a lot in real life (not as often in pics) but I have never been able to see the resemblance! lol

  10. Love it! Especially that you went back to the same restaurant as your first date! Me and my boyfriend’s would be Chili’s :-)

  11. Isn’t it crazy how time flies? Happy 9 years of time together!

    And can I just say I love your hair darker (just not purple darker haha!)? I love it blonde too but it looks mighty fine darker as well.

  12. Paige you are gorgeous. Love the old school recap. Love you and Shane!! So glad a fling was the real thing <3

  13. Love all the old pics!! Too much fun!

  14. I just got really confused because the top picture has a ’94 date stamp on it. I was like, “How was she 18 in 1994? I am several years older than her and I wasn’t 18 in 1994!” Ha.

    Happy anniversary.

  15. Happy date-aversary! 😀 I have definitely had quite a few hair colors in my life thus far too. It’s funny to look back at what I thought looked good haha!


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