What Happens When A Girl Cooks on the Grill


Charred food, for $500, Alex?

OK, fine. That may be a wee bit of a generalization. How about what happens when this girl cooks on the grill? Open-mouthed smile haha

Yeah…Shane made the mistake of telling me to “just go ahead and put them on” when I called to him that the veggies were prepped at ready to go. GrillMaster 101: Don’t put the basket of veggies smack dab in the middle of the grill over the flame and walk away for 10 minutes.

The rest of our meal turned out perfectly!


I can tell you I did not grill the rest of our meal. I did make some very tasty mashed potatoes, if I do say so myself!


I never realized how easy making mashed potatoes was until I first made them a couple years ago. Boil, put in stand mixer, add milk, butter, and salt. Mix. I grew up on instant mashed potatoes, so I guess I just figured real mashed potatoes were only for Thanksgiving. Regardless, grilling out was the perfect way to end the weekend.


This morning I got up feeling ready to tackle the week and ready to get a workout in before my first client. Today was week 3 of workout A of boot camp, which is lower body and cardio, which I LOVED last week, and which also left my glutes whimpering the next few days. So today I did it again!

For breakfast, I did something a little different. Lately, I’ve been working out, then training a client, then going home and showering, and then eating breakfast. That’s just too much time in between workout + post workout meal – especially for a strenuous workout.

So today I brought my breakfast with me – smoothie-to-go form Smile


(recycled pic, but exact same shake!)

I felt much better taking Niko for a walk after training when my stomach wasn’t eating my backbone, too. What was eating me? The BUGS! They’re pretty bad this year…although I think they thought I was one of them:


That’s my bugface.

These sunglasses are so ridiculously huge that I always feel like a fly in them Smile with tongue out

Time to get ready for the BIC…only a few more days!!!!

On the grill: how do you fare for grilling out skills? Obviously, I fall short Winking smile

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  1. Hahaha this cracks me up, because sadly I’m the exact same way. I set the fire alarm off cooking GRILLED CHEESE this weekend. And of course I just ran out of the kitchen shouting for Dave to hurry up and do something! Guess we should leave the cooking to our men :p

  2. I haven’t done it in so long, but I think I’m a good griller! :)

  3. I could be better at grilling, but believe I’m better with the grill than the actual stovetop. Even if it means I’ll still cut into a piece of meat 10 times to make sure it’s done…

  4. I love the summer when we BBQ more, that means less cooking for me! My husband does most of the grilling. I think last year I did it once and was shocked I did not burn anything. My husband looses track of time when he is grilling and burns stuff, so I have to remind him to check on the food 😉 hah

  5. I typically under cook things for fear of burning them – steaks always have to back on!

  6. Haha, anytime I put my sunglasses on Ulysses immediately starts making “buzz, buzz” sounds. He also does this ridiculous hand gesture that I suppose is my wings flying away but it’s way too hard to describe in words.

  7. Veggies are about the only thing I can do on the grill without a disaster. Grilled veggies have always been a staple in my parents house during the summer, so I got years of practice. If I try to grill anything else, that’s when problems happen.

  8. Haha I’m the same with the grill. Whenever I put something on it, I’ll go back 10 minutes later and all of a sudden its burnt. When anyone else seems to use it its fine though 😉 I can usually manage things when I wrap them in tinfoil, but that’s about it!

  9. I do most of the grilling in our household. I love being outside cooking. However, I did slightly char some of the sweet potatoes last night. I guess I’m a bit rusty after winter 😉

  10. hehe – I have made this mistakes many a times too. I discovered that if you turn one side of the grill on medium heat and place the basket of veggies on the other side of the grill, but really close to the flame, they turn out perfect! Simply toss with tongs occasionally and voila! I usually cook them for 20-30 minutes :) Hope that helps!

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