Truth be Told

I’m alive!! Smile

I temporarily and completely took a break from all technology yesterday. It was fabulous and needed, but I’m recharged (heh, get it?) and back today!


And truth be told, there wasn’t much to blog about yesterday. Let’s see, I went to a too early spin class, trained a couple clients, and then lay on my booty the entire rest of the day watching TV and doing a little laundry.

While the day was boring (and awesome) the night was quite exciting! Around 4, Shane and I headed to the town I grew up in to meet up with my parents for a drink and some chit chat. Then Shane and I split ways.

Shane went to the bar with the guys, and I headed to meet my girls for a certain someone’s bridal party planning:


We may or may not have an obsession with mustaches. (and beavers, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.)


I mustache you a question…is this going to be one awesome party??



The answer is YES Open-mouthed smile

After some wine and party planning, Kim and I took off to meet our hubbies at a local bar:



As soon as I saw Shane, he let me know that I’d be the DD for the night, as he beat me in “not-it.” Or on a Saturday night, this means “I’ve had more than the legal limit already, and you have not, so you get to drive.”  I was actually quite OK with his declaration, and savored my short Shocktop draft (one of my very favorite beers to drink on tap) the entire evening.

We also got some dinner while there:


Not much to choose from – typical bar food, but I went with the pork chop and fries, because after a couple drinks, salmon just doesn’t sound like a good option. Y’knowhatImean?

Kim and Jason and their friend, Bob all had drill pretty early this morning, so we headed back to Normal around 10 and called it an early night. It was a 45 minute drive, but I didn’t really mind it. Shane and I had one of those drives where we talked about what’s impossible to wrap your head around – beginning of time, the big bang, the bible, etc. It was pretty deep! lol


This morning, I’m currently sipping on a cup of coffee and trying to convince myself to go to the gym and run before church. I think it’ll happen.

I’ve also already shattered a pie plate and froze in fear and Shane had to come rescue me. Whenever I break glass, I become catatonic and forget how to think. So there’s that.

On that note, I think I’ll go change into my running clothes Winking smile Happy Sunday, ya’ll!

Do you tend to take a break from technology on the weekends?

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  1. I always take too many tech breaks… And end up with a fairly non existent blog. I need to get on a schedule!

    I do the same thing when I break something. I automatically become 3 years old.

  2. I didn’t exactly take a break from technology yesterday but I took a break from blogging and reading blogs. It was nice…except that it meant I had to study all day, which was not so nice haha. So scary when glass breaks! I’m always afraid that I’ll step on it and cut myself. Hope you have a great Sunday!

  3. hey friend! glad you are back today! So good seeing you last night!! MULU!! <3

  4. hahaha i LOVE those kind of conversations! they can get so deep and intense its hilarious. glad you had such a fun night and those mustaches are awesome.

  5. It depends on how busy we are, typically I have time to spend an hour or so in the mornings on the computer but then might take a break for the rest of the day.

  6. The bridal party planning sounds so fun! I can’t wait until my friends all start getting married so I can plan parties too :-)

    I always love taking breaks from technology on weekends when I get to see my boyfriend!

  7. Gosh girl you are so gorgeous!

    Sounds like you are having a great weekend so far :) xoxo

    I haven’t done the “no technology” on weekend thing. I should, just to do it because I am on my computer SO much. But, I think I would miss my blog girls too much – like you! Haha. However, one thing I DO try to do is give myself an hour or so before bed without technology. Sometimes it doesn’t happen, but it’s something I want to work on. I find I sleep SO much better doing that

  8. Sometimes disconnecting is the best thing ever – so good for the soul! Sounds (and looks!) like you made the most of the time while disconnected, love it (esp the mustaches hehe)!

  9. yes we try to disconnect on weekends, does not always happen but we try to do less on the computer if we can 😉

  10. ohhh i love deep talks like that.


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