I didn’t mention it in this morning’s post because I didn’t want to jinx myself, but I think I overdid it on this morning’s workout. Last week’s workout A may have left my muscles crying from soreness, but today’s a little…different. It’s isolated pain in my left medial glute, and I’m just hoping and crossing my fingers and toes that I didn’t strain it. About half way through the workout, I felt a little twinge, but thought it was just a cramp.

I did get a chance to do some foam rolling, so hopefully that helps, and the soreness is, indeed, just a cramp.




Last night while everything was cooking on the grill, I prepped our lunches for today. I made Shane his normal 2 PBJ sandwiches on whole wheat bread (which he eats every single day – unless I’m too busy to make it, then he usually just doesn’t eat b/c he’s so busy lol) and me, some tunamole salad:


I made guacamole for us to snack on as dinner as dinner was cooking last night so I didn’t chew my arm off (I forgot to eat lunch) but saved half of it for today’s lunch. The above is just half a can of this tuna with ~1/4 c. guacamole, grape tomatoes, and spinach.

My two sides include Greek yogurt, raspberries and healthy brownies along with some veggies and hummus:


Balanced, and plenty of food for the afternoon Smile

Notice the container my yogurt combo is in?



A glass Gladware container. I recently made the switch from plastic Tupperware to glass.

I’m kind of on a kick on eliminating as many toxins (that I can control, at least) from my life, and this is just one of those changes. I made a shopping trip over the weekend where I purchased all organic fruits and veggies (or thick-skinned non organic,) some organic sheets (a LOT of sheets contain formaldehyde) and switched all of our cleaners to natural cleaners – including dishwasher and laundry detergent.

I’ve just read way too many studies lately about how BPA, formaldehyde, carcinogens, toxins, and just plain chemical junk can wreak havoc on our endocrine system and cause all kinds of damage ranging from slowing our metabolism to causing our cells to mutate and cause cancer. So I think the extra expense is worth it, and I’ll cut back other places.

And it bothers me a wee bit that the tuna above didn’t come in a BPA free can. It touts being sustainably caught and low mercury, why not go the extra step and can it in a BPA-free can?


That’s my Monday afternoon spiel. What’s yours?

All right back to work…have a good one!

How important do you feel about using natural/organic products?

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  1. ahhh toxins are everyfreakingwhere. i try to buy organic when and where possible, but don’t sweat it if i can’t. i grew up eating conventional foods and i turned out OK.

  2. “healthy brownies”?? where can i find this recipe? :)

  3. We just bought some brand new organic sheets as well!

  4. I love glass containers, especially for re-heating – they’re heavy to carry to work though!

  5. I used to be the person who said “Everything causes cancer” so I wasn’t too picky about trying to avoid toxins. Then I got cancer. Now my argument is that making the switch to buy/make as many toxin-free things as possible is still WAY easier than getting cancer and going through treatment. I’ll never know exactly what caused my cancer, but we do know that all cancers are caused by a combination of genetics + environment. I can’t do anything about my genetics, but I can control my environment. I also gave up sugar – which is a huge deal for me!!

    If you’re interested in making your own cleaners and toiletries, is my favourite site for that :) Everything is basically a combination of vinegar and/or baking soda.

  6. I’ve really been trying to cut out as many toxins as possible too. I clean the whole house with vinegar/baking soda/borax and or murphy’s wood oil. No more dizzy spells while cleaning the small window- less bathroom. I still can’t afford lots of organic produce for our family of 4 but during the summer we have 100% organic fruits & veggies from the garden plus I can and or freeze as much as possible. BPA in cans is a big concern, I’ve cut down on my purchase of food canned in tin and have switched to dried beans vs canned. Takes more time to prepare but they are cheaper, low sodium and not soaking in a bpa lined can.

  7. I feel like we get toxins fro everything now a days, so I actually still do use tupperware containers, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea for me to switch over. Might as well stay safe where I can! I use organic/natural cleaning products which I love because I don’t feel super sick now when I clean


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