Thursday Things

Oh, Thursday. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever see your arrival! But I’m most certainly happy you’re here, since you’re actually Thriday and all.

I have a whole jumble on thoughts on the ol’ brain right now. When this happens – as it does mostly towards the end of the week – bullet points work best. Can’t write a cohesive paragraph? Bullet points are the answer.

And go!

  • Somehow, I woke up for the THIRD day in a row, early enough to get my workout in before training clients. Without an alarm clock. This is a small miracle for me. I’m not sure why my internal clock is an hour ahead, but I’ll take it. Today’s workout involved Workout B in Tina’s boot camp program, and then for funsies, I tacked on this no-frills HIIT workout to the end of it to get my heart racing:


It also lead to a super sweaty Paige, which I’m sure aforementioned client appreciated. At least she was in good company when the sweat beads in her workout started making an appearance! Smile

  • I finally had a not-smoothie for breakfast. I love me some smoothies, but sometimes when it’s an hour or more between workout + breakfast, I just need something I can chew on. And I can definitely chew on these:


I can chew on these for days…I made the normal protein pancakes, but added chia seeds. I don’t think I’d recommend this, though. They made them cook all weird and not form into a nice little circle in the pan like they normally do. However, they were just as delicious as always. And looks aren’t everything.

  • Look what I bought at Kroger yesterday!


10 bottles of Vitamin water, 10 jars of peanut butter, and 1 sweet potato. What? That’s not what’s on your grocery list this week? Don’t worry, I’m not a hoarder (yet.) Today was Kroger’s last day of their 10 for 10 sale, and I had to stock up. Shane and I are straight up obsessed with Vitamin Water Zero in Go-Go flavor.


Also, I discovered that Kroger’s Natural peanut butter is THE best out there. It’s tasty, and drippy, and not super hard at all (that’s NOT what she said) and perfect. And then to make it even better? Check out these ingredients:


Peanuts. Salt. No.added.sugar. What up! I also now have 9 jars of peanut butter in my basement. Did I mention today’s grocery trip cost less than $26? Because it did.

  • Speaking of natural ingredients, I’ve been veering from my normal afternoon snack of a Luna bar.


When it comes down to it, I find something else to snack on on my way to the gym. Luna bars are great, and tasty, but macadamia nuts and unsweetened, dried cherries are whole foods and free of any and all chemically engineered ingredients. It includes organic inulin, which I’m for sure God did not make, and inulin does not replace the REAL fiber in macadamia nuts. Ahem.

  • Does anyone still watch Desperate Housewives anymore? If there’s someone out this who does and is reading this, email me! I need to discuss the latest episode with someone, but can’t find anyone to do it with!
  • From a show no one watches to a show everyone watches, how about that Walking Dead finale eh? If you haven’t watched it yet, SPOILER!!! DON’T SCROLL DOWN. If you have, scroll down and get ready to nod and say “mmmm hm!!!”

f’real, now’s your chance to not get spoiled.


Ugh. She annoys me. They all do. I love this show.

Gotta go! Happy Thursday Open-mouthed smile

What show do you love to hate?

Favorite brand of peanut butter?

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  1. Well I’m definitely going to be adding macadamia nuts to my shopping list this weekend. The photo had my mouth watering! I always forget how good they are.

    As for The Walking Dead, oh my goodness. I don’t even really like the show, but Dave is obsessed so I follow along and right about now I’m thinking Carl and Laurie need to be…taken care of if you know what I mean 😉 they both annoy me to no end!

    Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks so either… :p

  2. Thank GOD that’s not what she said!! 😉

  3. I loved Desperate Housewives when it first came on, but haven’t watched it in ages now. Hard to believe it’s still on!

  4. I used to watch it but haven’t watched it in years, though the other day I did want an update on it!
    I like most peanut butters, the all natural ones the best. I just tried Trader Joe’s PB for the first time and really like it, it is a bit different since its made with dry roasted peanuts, darker in color and the taste is slightly different.

    • Yeah…I’m actually not a fan of TJ’s peanut butters! Their almond butters though…that’s another story – yum! :)

  5. I love Vitamin Water Zero, but I can’t find it in Europe. I’ll just add it to the list of things that I miss while I am studying abroad.

  6. i used to buy kroger’s natural peanut butter in college, and then i completely forgot about it! you’re right, it is really good. for the past year or so i’ve been buying adam’s all natural crunchy peanut butter. i love it! i buy it in a HUGE container from costco.

  7. Was the PB 10 for 10 too?! That’s incredible for such a great looking product – love when you can find one with no added sugar!

  8. I was actually flipping through the 10 for 10 deals yesterday and wondered to myself what my roommate would do if I brought home 10 boxes of cereal…

  9. Your groceries seriously cracked me up!! haha shooooot if the price is right you may as well stock up! You’re gonna end up buying it down the raod anyway!

    • Exactly! When Shane gave me the wide eye, I told him he should pay me for how much money I’m saving him.

  10. I prefer a natural peanut butter but don’t get me wrong, you stick a jar of Jiffy in front of me and by goodness I will eat spoonful after spoonful. haha.

  11. Oh – I watch DH but haven’t finished this week’s episode yet! Although I’m about 1/4 of the way through and already have cried, so this may be tough!

  12. hehe – you are too darn cute- happy Thriday! :) We do not keep up with any shows really — BB Theory and the like…yesterday we watched Modern family and Are you there chelsea — may be new faves :)

  13. I still watch Desperate Housewives, feel free to e-mail me! How sad was the ending!!!!? I was balling like a baby! I love that you bought so many peanut butters :)

  14. I still watch it and OMG I am SO mad that Mike got shot!! I LOOOVED him! Couldn’t they have chosen someone else. I was also so sad watching last weeks episode. When she said that poem to him, I almost cried :( I HOPE Lynette and Tom get back together! Also, I don’t see how Bree is going to get out of this one. If the show ends with them all in jail (like Seinfeld) I’m going to be MAD!!!

  15. I love any kind of Peanut Butter. Right now, I’m loving PB2. I’ve never tried or heard or Kroger before. I’m sure I’d like it! :)

  16. I always get Trader Joe’s peanut butter because it’s so much cheaper than at other stores, but I haven’t ventured beyond that since I started eating natural foods (aka I used to use Skippy).

  17. I love to hate the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad. Yep, that pretty much covers it.

  18. I’ve been eating the Jif natural PB, but that Kroger brand looks pretty good, especially when you can get it at 10 for $10! We don’t have a kroger where I live now, but there’ll be one when I’m at school next year. I’ll have to look out for that!

  19. That peanut butter stash is awesome.

    My favorite brands are Teddie and Trader Joe’s.

  20. I still watch!

  21. Macadamia nuts and dried cherries sounds like the perfect snack! And, I wish I could start waking up before my alarm on weekdays. I’d get so much more accomplished!

  22. I definitely have no shame when it comes to stocking up at the grocery store, especially when there’s a sale or precious seasonal items going away soon. I like TJS no-salt PB and Smart Balance Chunky PB.

  23. So I’m reading this post at 10 pm, called Weston into the room, showed him your blog, discussed a late night Kroger run to stock up on cheap peanut butter, seriously considered it, but ultimately decided against it. THAT much peanut butter (as well as ANY amount of peanut butter) is a bad idea in our apartment. P.S. Kroger’s Creamy w/ Honey variety (yellow lid) is amazing! 😉

  24. OH! I didn’t know it was the last day! I feel like I’m about 20 years older than I am because I am actually a little jealous of your 10 for 10s :p I love the zero’s too after giving up Diet Coke this year. I haven’t tried their peanut butter, but I am going to now. I love Jiff Natural :) Nothing fancy, but oh so good.

  25. Yayyy for morning workouts (on my way now) and all that nut butter! I like tjs plain unsalted


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