The Rotten Egg

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Hi guys! Hope you’re reading this post in good spirits this morning Open-mouthed smile

Unfortunately, last night’s slumber was about as productive as Monday night’s, but I’m not even in a bad mood about it. Because today brings about big changes for me. I can’t tell you all just yet – and know that I’m dying to share – but today I’m going to do something very exciting that is going to be pretty life-changing. A couple things, actually. Hopefully the dust will be settled by tomorrow and I’ll be able to share!!

OK, enough teasing. Hey, at least I left the words “big” and “announcement” out there, right? Winking smile

Since I didn’t sleep well for the second night in a row, I decided to nix my planned lifting workout and do a little light yoga instead. Before training a 7:00 client, I tip toed upstairs to the loft to do a 20 minutes Qi yoga podcast from yogadownload to wake up my body.

It was perfect. Not too strenuous, got in some deep stretches, and relaxed me all in one. I think gentle yoga is underrated.

Then after running to train a client, the second part of my “workout” was a leisurely walk with Niko.


Can the weather be any nicer? During the walk, I jammed out to my homies Tyga, Lil Wayne, and Drake, and cracked up the entire time because it was like a soundtrack to our walk. It made Niko look like she had some swagger to her trot and had me giggling throughout our walk.

Rack city, trick, Rack Rack City @#$#.

After that quality entertainment, it was breakfast time.

I strayed one day from the savory, but now I’m back!IMG_7208

Cheesy eggs and veggies. Nothin’ new here.

When making the eggs, I noticed there was an egg carton in the fridge pushed to the back with an expiration date of yesterday. Instead of throwing them out, I used a trick my mom taught me to tell if an egg is truly rotten or not.

Sink or Swim!

If it’s a swimmer, throw it out. If it sinks, get cookin’!

Luckily, all of the eggs I tested were supposedly fresh, and I was able to fry up a 3-egg scramble.


Happy Wednesday!

How much attention do you pay to expiration dates? Apparently I don’t pay much attention. Yesterday’s yogurt for lunch expired on the 9th, and it was still perfectly fine!

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  1. I learn something new here EVERY SINGLE day!! 😉

  2. Um I suddenly need strawberries right now 😉 I usually pay attention to expiration dates pretty closely. Every once in a while I might live on the edge though LOL

  3. So my mother heard the “racks on racks on racks” song a few months ago and asked why he was rapping about “rats”. So now the “rack city” song is “rat city” in my head. 😉

  4. Interesting trick about the eggs – I had never heard that before! I try to pay attention to expiration dates but I will admit there have been numerous occasions where I have eaten a yogurt or condiment past the expiration date. In fact, I used expired mustard the other night on my veggie burger. I survived : )

  5. Never knew that about eggs, but considering we go through about a dozen and a half a week, they never have a chance to expire!

  6. It depends on what it is. When I drank dairy milk I could not even stand it 2-3 days before the expiry date. Yougurt, however is fine at least a few days after and I find the same with almond milk.
    Good tip on the eggs!

  7. I have never seen the egg trick before! I usually keep an eye on the expiration date for dairy (i usually give it 2-4 days after tge expiratuob saye depending on the smell and taste) and meat, but not so much for pantry products. Usually when it comes to fruits and veggies I tend to just look for signs of the food going bad as opposed to setting a date.

  8. SO pretty outside! The roommate and I took a stroll last night and it just made me excited for the next 6 months or so…

    I’m usually really good about expiration dates. I seriously hate wasting food. However, the condiments sometimes slip past me- definitely threw away some BBQ sauce recently that was bad since last fall… whoops.

  9. Ahh you are killing me! I can’t wait to hear about this big life-changing news!!

  10. I’m currently eating my oats and now wish that I’d gone for eggs! That looks like an amazing breakfast.

    I haven’t slept well in two days either. Last night was horrible. I’m hoping tonight is a magical sleep for both of us!

  11. I usually only let things slide on the expiration for about one or two days. I get really weirded out dairy products, though, and toss them as soon as the date rolls around. I never knew that trick for eggs!

  12. I’ve never done that egg trick! Although I don’t eat whole eggs too much, but I need to! Way healthier than just egg whites.

  13. I like to think expiration dates are just suggestions. Once I ate an entire chocolate bunny that had been expired for over 6 months, and I was just fine. :)

  14. what a fun trick!!! i love hearing about thigns like this haha they always stick with me. i remember one time i was unsure about the expiration on cottage cheese so my coworker made me call friendship bahaha

  15. OMG that is hilarious – I love your ghetto-ness!! I was running yesterday and I had my nano and my ear buds that are not equipped with the volume/song changer thingy (<–that is a technical term!) — anywho, somehow a long halloween remix came on that was all ghouls and goblins making creeptastic noises — and creaking doors, etc — the whole shebang. I was laughing out loud as I was running by people because it kind of "themed" my run — in a spooky I-feel-like-a-stalker-and-really-want-to-sneak-up-on-people kind of way – bahaha :)

  16. I’m mildly obsessive when it comes to expiration dates, haha. It annoys my friends. :)


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