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If there’s one food I’d have to bank on never getting old, it’d be the apple.


Nearly every single day, about 45 minutes before lunch, I have an apple as a snack. And every single day, I crave it and look forward to it! It’s also why I buy apples by the bagful instead of individually.


So much more cost-friendly! Also, that picture reminds me of a tip I heard recently about the color of the twisty ties on bags of food like bread and apples.

Apparently, the color of the tag coordinates with the day of the week the food was made/bagged on, and goes alphabetically for the days in the week. For example:

Blue =  Monday

Green = Tuesday

Red = Thursday

White = Friday

Yellow = Saturday

Good to know right? See now reading this lunchtime post makes it all worth the while Winking smile

Can you guess what I had with before my lunch today?


An apple!…And then later, some turkey avocado roll ups, 2 hardboiled eggs (made this way,) and some veggies and hummus. I also have a Luna bar to eat before I head to the gym to train a couple clients later.


I am just loving these turkey avocado rollups…so healthy, light, and tasty!

Today’s been a pretty fab day so far for a Tuesday. Nothing spectacular, just running very smoothly, which is nice! Today also marks the start of my birthday week, which I made sure to promptly tell Shane upon waking up this morning. Birthday’s on a Tuesday aren’t ideal, so why not celebrate for a week, right? Actually, I think we’re going to celebrate on Saturday, but I’ll just extend it in my own little world Winking smile

Have a great day, loves!

Today’s the last day to enter the Aerobie Ring giveaway!

Do you pay attention to the color of the tags on bread? I never did until I heard that tip!

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  1. I could not live without apples! I have more than I care to admit in one day! I don’t really pay attention to the color tags on bread. I buy it so rarely now that I just don’t look at it.

  2. It’s funny that you mention the bread tags. My husband used to work in a grocery store and knew that trick about the tags. Now whenever we go to store he always look for the tag corresponding to that day. I didn’t know all the specific color and day pairings but I knew about the concept – sneaky!

  3. Unless you’re buying freshly baked bread from a grocery store bakery. I used to work at one and we just used white tags for everything.

  4. Happy birthday week! I love stretching the festivities out for more than just one day! And those turkey/avocado wraps look tasty – I might have to try bringing them for lunch sometime.

  5. I literally am OBSESSED with apples. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve gone a day without eating one! They are usually my morning snack tooo :) Very interesting about the ties on the bag, definitely paying attention to that next time I’m in the grocery store.

  6. How funny! I’ve never paid attention to the tags – but I definitely will now. I’m becoming obsessed with your turkey avocado rolls as well. I’ve got to stop and pick up some avocados tomorrow though – this is the first time in a long time that I haven’t had some in my fruit bowl!

  7. Happy birthday week! I love the idea of the turkey roll-ups, sometimes I do it oppositely with the lettuce as the roll, but I like your idea ;)!

  8. I eat an apple a day too! I swear it DOES help keep me healthy :)

    Yay for your birthday week…birthdays are the best!!

  9. I celebrate all week too! My birthday week is still going. :-)

  10. I never get tired of apples either. My husband always laughs that I consider a sliced apple and caramel drizzle dessert. He wants something chocolate.

  11. I agree with you about apples, 100%! They’re one of my favorite foods, and I’ve been known to snack on 3 or 4 a day some days! LOVE them!


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