Sweatin’ “It” Out



Pizza. It’s what’s for birthday dinner.

Hi guys! THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes. Ya’ll are too sweet.

All in all it was a very good day! Work was work, but when I got home I had a SUPER exciting call to be on (which I will share with you all ASAP…I intended to this morning, but got caught up last night in birthday wineImeanfestivities) ate pizza, and drank (yes, drank) birthday cake.IMG_7403

Oh and wine. Just for you, Lindsay Winking smileIMG_7407


What a fabulous finale to a birthday week!


This morning I started off my day with an early morning spin class, followed by some upper body work. After a quick sink shower, I headed off to a client’s house to train her, eating my to-go breakfast along the way:


Or drinking, rather. Just another healthy mocha frappucinno protein shake!



Sweat Savvy

I hope my sink shower was enough this morning, because one sure fire way to get me spinning is an RPM spin class. Luckily I brought a change of clothes, because my shirt was pretty soaked.

Don’t mind the ghost behind the shirt. Also don’t mind the bottle of wine – that was from last night, I promise. Today’s my last day at the BIC, but no celebrating quite yet Smile

It’s funny how different people feel about sweat. It seems healthy living bloggers LOVE sweating. I don’t mind it, but I don’t love it either. It’s actually kind of annoying during spin class. However, one of my clients makes sure I’m very well aware that sweating is her *least* favorite thing to do. Naturally, every session, I ask her if she’s ready to do her least favorite thing Winking smile

Unfortunately for her, she’s just gonna keep on sweating more and more because each week she’s getting fitter and fitter. Regardless if you love to sweat or hate it, it serves a very important function.

The more in-shape we become, the more we’re going to sweat because our body becomes better and better at cooling itself down. Sweat’s just our body becoming more efficient at regulating our core temperature.
What’s in sweat? Contrary to what a lot of people believe (hot yoga devotees, etc) it’s not a bunch of toxins leaving our body (nor is it fat crying, unfortunately.) It’s actually mostly sodium, water, and electrolytes, which is why it’s super important to stay hydrated when you’re going to be sweating heavily, along with replacing those electrolytes.

On that note, it’s time to wash this dried coat of sodium and electrolytes off my body Smile with tongue out  Shower time! Have a good day, guys.

PS – did I today’s my last day at the BIC!!!

Sweat: love it or hate it?

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  1. Sweat – hate it!

    But… I do love that pizza :)

  2. happy last day!!

  3. I am in between, but I will admit that unless I am sweaty I don’t feel like it was a really good workout – so untrue I know! So I probably like it more than dislike!
    Glad to hear you had a great birthday :)

  4. I love sweating during and after a good workout, but I am definitely not a fan of sweating when I’m not working out or trying to wear a cute outfit. But, since I live in Florida, I need to learn to deal with the sweat!

  5. I LOVE sweat! I’m one of those people who just seem to sweat no matter how intense the workout. I always leave spin class looking like I just took a shower. Who cares how you look – if you’re not sweating you’re not working hard enough!

  6. Your abs look really good! Woohoo! Hard work pays off!

  7. Great explanation of sweat! And holy abs, girlfriend! 😉

  8. Probably TMI, but I think my sweat is smellier than most, so I don’t appreciate it. It makes my dirty clothes pile smell terrible. But I don’t mind sweating, unless I have somewhere to be and it messes up my hair. That is never okay.

  9. I actually really enjoy sweating when I work out. It is proof that I am burning calories, engaging muscles and working my butt off. The worst kind of sweat is when you are in unbearable humid heat and you sweat just standing – that I could do without.

  10. glad you had a great birthday!!
    as for sweating… i like it when i’m working out. it makes me feel like i’m working hard and pushing myself. i hate it when i don’t want to sweat though. i sweat super easily (gross), so when i’m out and about in my normal clothes and my hair & makeup done, i hate sweating.

  11. I LOVE SWEAT! Bring it ON!

  12. Generally I like sweating because I know it means I’m working hard, but I do not like when it gets in my eyes and drives me crazy and I do not like when my workout is over and I’m all disgusting and can’t get right in the shower!

  13. Oh I LOVE tulips!! So pretty. And that pizza looks great! 😛 So happy you had a HAPPY birthday!!

  14. ALmost always love — except when its super humid out and seems to drip off of you for no reason!

  15. I love to sweat but I don’t love when the sweat dries on my forehead and forms a hard salt mask – it happened on Sunday and it was gross! Maybe I should try and bring back those old school sweat bands from the 80’s??

  16. Happy Birthday! :)

    As for sweat – right on that it’s not toxins leaving the body. It’s a cooling system. I like a good workout, and I don’t mind being drenched in sweat, but I do hate it when sweat drips and stings my eyes (one of my least favorite things about running in Florida). So – I could do without that!


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