Superfoods of 2012

Lunch was almost a smoothie-on-the-go today, but at the last minute, I decided to throw a batch of quinoa in the rice cooker before hopping in the shower.


I love getting ready and “cooking” at the same time Winking smile

The outcome:


OK, so maybe I did a little of this and that after it came out of the rice cooker, but I can’t share the recipe with you quite yet! I will say, however, that it’s the spring-time version of my warm quinoa and grapefruit salad Smile

Paired with some veggies and hummus and an apple, it made for a very tasty mid day meal.



Superfoods of 2012

Whilst eating I browsed through my latest IDEA Fitness Journal magazine (whom the woman on the cover resembles Lindsay, in my opinion!)


An article that caught my eye were foods that once popular, but are now trending out as well as foods that were popular for 2012. I thought it was pretty interesting, and thought you might think the same! Below are some of the ones they listed – and my opinion (of course.)


Trending Out

  • margarine (agree)
  • processed soy products (agree)
  • low sodium (agree)
  • fat free (a-men)
  • artificial sweeteners (agree)
  • chicken breast white meat (disagree)
  • superfruits from afar (never jumped on this bandwagon)
  • egg whites (a-men)
  • processed cheese (agree)
  • excessive supplements (neutral)
  • ultralite beer (agree)
  • baked potato chips (neutral)
  • wheat grass shots (neutral

Trending IN

  • real butter (agree and amen)
  • grass-fed meat (agree)
  • sea salt (wasn’t this a trend last year too?)
  • healthy fats (agree)
  • stevia (neutral)
  • chicken thigh/dark meat (neutral)
  • local, seasonal superfruits (agree)
  • whole eggs (yes!)
  • farmstead cheese (neutral)
  • fresh produce (again, last year too right?)
  • craft beer (agree)
  • kettle chips (agree)
  • dark leafy greens (neutral/was popular last year too)

I think I’d also add almond meal, coconut flour, and chia seeds to the trending IN list. Chia seeds are almost mainstream now!

Back to non-fitness-y work. Happy Thursday, everybody Open-mouthed smile

What do you think about the trending in and trending out lists? What would you add to the Trending IN list?

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  1. it’s all about the chia and dark greens for me lately!

  2. Ditto on Chia! I’d also add different nut butters (but maybe that’s just me…).

  3. fun to read the lists! i agree with all of your agrees, haha. chia was pretty trendy last year, well on blogs.. maybe not outside the blog bubble? i think juicing is super trendy right now as well as anything with probiotic in the description OH and everything touting a gluten free label, which is just silly, but trendy all the same. paleo and crossfit are pretty trendy, too.

    i have a rice cooker in the box.. i need to bust it out! it’s been over a year…

  4. Sea salt was totally a trend last year! I actually thought healthy fats, leafy greens, kettle chips, and Stevia were too.

    I didn’t think egg whites were trending out just because I’ve seen a lot of #EBwhites campaign activity on Twitter!

    I’d add your “additions” to the trending in list as well. Also – crazy martinis are so in now! cucumber martinis, I saw one last night with gluten free vodka and coconut water, I had a basil martini on my trip. Old school drinks no longer cut it!

  5. Ohhh I NEED that recipe from you! I’m dying just looking at that pic! Quinoa is my favorite superfood :)

  6. Alexandra says:

    Pretty much agree with all your points, especially the chia. I think its just me but I still like to use egg whites…
    But I’d also add greek yogurt to the IN list? My grocery store has exploded with normal yogurt as well as greek yogurt!

  7. I love the trend on the egg whites. It’s something I notice a lot in health magazines. I love them, but I’ll often see an article about how eating the whole egg is better, but then a recipe five pages later will instruct you to only use the egg whites.

    I always say go for the whole thing: There are so many nutrients in the yolk! Plus it just tastes better :-)

  8. Totally agree with you on the chia seeds! I still need to try them too haha. I think greek yogurt has been trending big time as well!

  9. I read the article and did the same thing myself! I would definitely add coconut oil, chia seeds, and greek yogurt to the list as well :)

  10. I agree with all your opinions on those! Chia is a staple over here and dark leafy greens are always in the fridge.

  11. Love everything on the IN list. Three cheers for whole eggs and farmstead cheese. I ditto on the chia seeds, but I would also add hemp seeds/protein to it and maybe almond milk.
    Glad to see processed soy and excessive supplements are heading out.

  12. That’s really interesting. I’ve never paid too much attention to food trends, but I like most of the things listed there – except dark chicken meat.


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