Quitting One Last Time




The Last Supper Lunch

Hardboiled egg salad + Greek yogurt w/ a healthy brownie and blueberries as my very last lunch here at the BIC.



Look at those perfected yolks!


This combination was absolutely fantastic.

Did you guys know today’s not my first time quitting the BIC? It’s actually the third. The first time, I quit after one year, in order to apply for a higher position (politics…I had to resign in order to get hired, blah blah blah.) My last day was on NYE, and I didn’t know if I’d have a job the next week. Luckily, a week and a half later, they called to inform me I got the position, and I started back up the following week.

If you’ve been a reader for a while, or read my story, then you know about the second time. It was in May of 2010 in order to dedicate more time to my personal training business. Then they asked me if I could still work part time, 20 hours a week, and I couldn’t refuse.

This time, it’s all on my own accord, and I know in my heart it will the last. I mean, third time’s a charm, right? Winking smile

Regardless, each “last day” has felt completely different. The first time, as I drove into work that day, I felt it was completely up to fate what was next. I had no more control. The second time, I was happy that I’d be coming back because that meant more $$$, but I was also questioning not being able to go 100% in the direction I wanted to go.

This time is just feels…right. I truly and fully appreciate my time at the BIC, the opportunities it gave me, and the people I met. I’ll also always remember it as a good experience in my life…

But I have a feeling I won’t look back after today Smile

What was the last job you quit? How did you feel about it?

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  1. Happy last day!

    The last job I quit was when I worked at Meijer right before I started teaching. I spent 5 years there, so it was definitely surreal to leave, but a great feeling to be making a step in the direction I wanted to be! :)

  2. I am so excited for you and the new changes in your life. I quit a job just about 4 years ago. I hated every second of the job, but was there 8 1/2 years mostly because I was terrified of change and there weren’t many other options here. I was ready to quit that job regardless of a backup plan. Luckily, I ended up being hired by my current company. I hope the next time I quit it’s so that I can either work for myself or in health/fitness.

  3. That’s actually pretty funny. Who can say they’ve quit the same job three times? Haha.
    I just quit my last job two weeks ago, and although I felt bad, it was definitely the right choice. I needed more of a work/life balance and I’m getting that and more at my new gig.
    Congrats girl!

  4. I quit the first job I had out of college and I about threw up! I was making GOOD money and had full health benefits…but I just hated it! Felt good to leave, but horrible as I was telling them “I quit!”

  5. The funny thing is the last job I quit was my job at the gym…now I work there as nutrition consultant. I am there all the time! Kind of funny and now I’m totally loving being there. I love working with people like this. I’m so happy for you Paige!

    Oh and you just reminded me I forgot to boil eggs yesterday! I’ve been craving them and went to cook them. I forgot! Now I’m sad I can’t have a quick egg snack!

  6. SO dang excited for you!! Congrats on your last day!! :) Your yolks look so much prettier than mine. I need to work on that…I always get distracted by my son and overcook…ending up with gray/green yolks. Ick.

  7. I just quit my first job in October. I had a pretty good job – part time, very flexible – but decided it was time for a change after nearly 9 years. I accepted the position I’m in now and that meant working full-time in the same field (accounting). I was terrified of quitting and telling my employer. I know they had big plans for me but I was ready to move on. Congrats on your last day!

  8. Woot woot! Happy last day :). The last job I “quit” was a summer job..and I didn’t really quit, I just had to stop working because I to do go back to school haha.

  9. well said. Classy and honest. :) Congrats and good luck on all your future endeavors! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you, my dear :)

  10. Congrats on it being your last day!

    I’m still waiting for the day to get to quit here… why are there no good jobs out there?!?!?!

  11. I hate having to resign (sounds so much better than “quitting” 😉 ) jobs!! I’ve had to do it more than I’d like to admit, due to school/moves/career changes. If it’s all for you then more power to you girlie!!

  12. Congrats on moving on to bigger and better things! I felt so good when I quit my last job – it was so stressful! I’m so grateful to have found a company that has a great work/life balance!

  13. I’ve worked at the same place since graduating college and have a feeling I won’t look back either when the time comes… So happy for you! Congrats on moving in the “right” step :)

  14. Isn’t it awesome how life just falls into place so naturally how it should? (Sometimes…)

    Who knows what it would’ve been like if you left the BIC completely when you still had more time left to put into it! I’m so excited for you, Paige! You have some great new things coming your way :)


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