No Clothes, No Gym

My days of cubicle lunches are numbered!


Lunch, compacted

Lunch deconstructed:


Tuna salad (tuna, guacamole, onions) in a w.w. tortilla, roasted broccoli form last night’s dinna, apple, and a luna bar. I also have packed some trail mix. Yesterday my appetite was on high gear and I ran out of desk food. Don’t want that to happen again!

Eggs yesterday, tuna today…I bet my coworkers are just counting down the days until I leave Winking smile



So this morning as I was leaving the gym, I was reminded of an article I read yesterday…

No Clothes, No Gym

I read an article on MSNBC yesterday saying that one of the main reasons women avoid the gym is to avoid the naked issue in the locker room. You know, go to the gym straight from work, change in the locker room, do your workout.

I know that it’s kinda awkward and not the definition of a good time to get undressed in the gym locker room, but I never thought of it as a reason not to go to the gym at all.

Currently, I work out in the morning, and I have for the last couple years, so I don’t have to worry about it at all. I come dressed in gym clothes and then go home to get ready.

It’s been a few years, so my recollection of feeling may be a little rusty, but for a brief time, my work schedule forced me to go to the gym straight after work. I had to change in the locker room, and although I didn’t get completely nude, I didn’t feel too weird about dropping down to my skivvies. I just kinda hid in a corner and tried to be modest.  Besides, there were private restrooms if anyone really felt uncomfortable.

And since we’re on a taboo topic anyway, let’s just cross that line a little further, because I think any reason to avoid the gym could be negated by the results from this study that says those “feel good endorphins” aren’t the only kind of pleasure you can get from your workout.  Um, yeah…

On that note, it’s time to get ready and head out!

How do you feel about nakedness in the locker room?

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  1. It’s funny – my friends and I were just having this conversation about how it seems that men are much more comfortable getting naked in locker rooms than women are. Perhaps this is a cultural thing and has to do with the critiquing spotlight women put on their own bodies that men don’t seem to do, at least to the extreme that we do. I used to go from work->gym and I would change in the locker room. But I was the same – found an empty isle or a corner to discreetly change in.

  2. That’s interesting that people would use that as an excuse! If I’m changing out of my running shorts (built in undies means I’m not wearing any…) then I most definitely change in the restroom stalls. Otherwise there are so many full on naked ladies in our locker room (I’ve become immune to it) that no one would notice me! Although honestly I don’t have to change in there often, but I did this summer.

  3. Being naked is normal…we are all women and most people are more concerned with how they look…not about anyone else. I think it’s good for women to be comfortable in their own skin. Especially when they are already at the gym. They are there to better themselves and should be proud of that and no worried about what other people “may” think.

  4. Oh yay to days numbered for cubical lunches!! I really think that’s crazy someone would use that as an excuse, just go into a bathroom stall at the very least.

  5. I mean, some days I’m a little shy cause of the undies I’m wearing, but if I have to change at the gym, I don’t really care. I usually do just wear my workout clothes to school so I can go in between classes, or wear clothes to school that I can workout in! I am loving summer so far, though, cause it just means I switch my denim shorts for gym shorts :) Even though I’m often self concious in there, the locker room’s never made me not wanna go! (Also my gym has two or three private change rooms if you want to use them!)

  6. Haha, oh man, you’re THAT coworker at lunchtime! At least you didn’t bring a ton of crunchy stuff, too. :) I’ve always felt weird about getting nekkid at the gym, but as long as you’re quick, as modest as possible and don’t make eye contact (NEVER make eye contact), I don’t think it’s too bad.

  7. I’m like you, I’ve never felt like it was a reason not to go. Granted, I don’t have to change in the locker room, but I don’t think my shyness would keep me away!

  8. I’ve never had to deal with it, but as I am now, I wouldn’t mind. There have been times in my life when I would rather not. Funny how time and perspective change the things you care about.

    Bold choices in eats Paige. I almost took boiled eggs for dinner tonight at the gym, but I decided on a protein shake instead. I would hate to smell like egg working with people that closely. I’m a gum freak now too!

  9. Because I swim, I have to do a full change, twice. After busting my elbow a few times trying to be discreet in a corner, I have stopped trying to make others feel more comfortable by hiding. :)

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