Love for the Newbies

One of my favorite parts about being a personal trainer is meeting with new clients. I love meeting new people, so that first training session with a new client is something that I don’t take lightly. Whether they are brand new to exercise or they’ve worked out their entire lives, taking on a new client provides a challenge, opportunity, and some variety! Smile

Of course, my regulars – my bread and butter clients – are irreplaceable and I’m so thankful that they give my job (and my income) stability. I’ve formed some great relationships and friendships from my long-term clients.

For some reason, lately I’ve been taking on quite a few new clients, which has been absolutely fabulous. However, combined with my half-time office job, my schedule is getting more and more packed. Yesterday my work day spanned from 6:30 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. (save a couple hour break in the morning.) Days are getting pretty full lately, but all I know is that the very last thing I want to do is turn down a client. We’ll see what the following weeks have in store… Smile

Since I got home fairly late yesterday, I told Shane to fend for himself for dinner (which means frozen pizza for him) and I went for the quickest option: leftovers.

Chili from Wednesday night, peanut butter tortilla (hey! I actually ended up celebrating National Peanut Butter Lovers Day!) and some roasted veggies. I love adding a hefty amount of olive oil and reaaally roasting the veggies. It gives them a yummy crispy crunch.


This morning I woke up and had to drag myself to the gym. Guys, I’m going to level with you for a minute. My motivation levels have plummeted this week. I’m not sure what’s with me, but it’s like I have to convince myself to do anything productive. I guess everyone has one of those weeks every now and then though?

Regardless, once I got my booty to the gym and warmed up, my energy levels crept up and I managed to get in a pretty decent lifting workout. (Read my guest post at Sunny State of Mind on how to love strength training!)

It took me about 45 minutes to complete the following workout:
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…and hit every major muscle group. Phew!

And now I’m eating breakfast as I type this post – and am about to bring with me to finish in the car on my way to the gym:


cottage cheese, pumpkin, oats, almond butter, stevia, currants.

Back to the gym – but this time for other people’s workouts Winking smile

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. I think that would be one of the best parts of training too – meeting new clients and the new enthusiasm that I would think they would have. Very cool. Love roasted veggies. Pretty much any roasted veggie works for me. And yes, we all have those weeks of low motivation. Maybe take a backoff week from workouts?

  2. I’ve been in one of those weeks, too. I think it’s just the whole “end of winter” mentality. No matter how weirdly nice the weather has been. We all go through the doldrums!

  3. Yay for getting new clients! That’s fun :). It has to be a nice way to increase the variety in your job and keep things even more interesting! That workout looks great too. Can’t wait til I can workout my full body and I can try it!

  4. That’s awesome you’re getting some new clients! I agree…I love meeting new ones and learning all about their goals. It keeps things exciting! :)

  5. I’ve been stuck in midterms and school stress for the past week and a bit, and it’s not gonna be over for a while, so I know what you mean. I’ve pretty much been only working out every 2nd day. But this weekend I already know is gonna be too busy between family events, boyfriend time, and studying! Not the end of the world though :)

    Hope you have a great Friday!

  6. We can ALL relate!! I know that I certainly have days and weeks where I just feel blah about anything other than laying on the couch and watching Walking Dead (my current obsession!)
    It’ll totally get better!

  7. I’ve totally felt like that this week too. I just make sure I keep in the HABIT of going to the gym and working out even if I throw in a few lame ones here and there. If I get out of the habit for a week or two, that’s what gets me into trouble!

  8. Glad you hear you’re getting so many new clients! That’s definitely a great compliment!

  9. Those leftovers look pretty good! It’s great that you’re putting so much time into your work; I understand the sentiment of not wanting to turn people down. It must be fun figuring out new clients and creating a game plan. Keep it up! Hope your motivation picks up!

  10. Those motivationless weeks are definitely things that happen to everyone! I was feeling that way last week. It was hard to get out of bed every day, hard to go into work, hard to make myself do anything at home. This week has definitely been better – I think Spring right around the corner is making everything start to seem better :-)


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