Ice Cream Addict

Yesterday when I making some dishes in the kitchen, I went ahead and prepped for today’s lunch:


super basic tuna salad: tuna+mayo+relish+onion

I took about half of the mix and put it in a la tortilla factory tortilla with some guacamole and grape tomatoes for this afternoon’s workday lunch.


Along with some bread I baked yesterday and an apple. All on a tinfoil placemat- yum Winking smile

Actually, tinfoil is probably my favorite packing method when it comes to packing up lunch. Plastic baggies can get messy and you run out so quick, plastic wrap just gets stuck on itself and makes me have a fit, and tupperware…well, you have to wash it. Tinfoil for the win!

Ice Cream Addict

Remember my rant in this morning’s post about getting the shakes after seeing Shane eat some apple pie? Come to find out, it’s totally justified. According to Oregon Research Institute, our brains pretty much process ice cream and drugs the same way. So if someone gave up dessert for lent, experiencing withdrawl symptoms would not be uncommon. (Or something else that justifies my reactions to ixnaying dessert from my life temporarily.)


The study also said that the more we eat ice cream over time, the less pleasurable it is. However, this doesn’t make us want it any less. I’ve heard claims that sugar is addictive for a while now, so this doesn’t surprise me much. But it does kind of make me want some ice cream…

Back to work!

What do you usually use to pack up your lunches?

Favorite ice cream flavor?

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  1. I love using tin foil to take food on the go, too. Doesn’t work well with leftovers like pasta or salads, though. 😉 But I pack my peanut butter toast like that every day! Favorite ice cream: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food. Those little fudge fish get me every time.

  2. WHAT! that is some interesting info about ice cream. however, i think it’s just as pleasurable every time, haha. it is my favorite food by far. if i had to pick, i would go with cookies & cream, but i am not picky! your tuna looks good, i just bought more tuna at costco for lunches this week!

  3. i LOVE ice cream. i used to have a bowl almost every single night until i decided to break my “addiction”. i’ve swapped it for a piece of dark chocolate or a mug of cereal most nights, which made it a little easier to “quit”. i still have an occasional scoop or two of ice cream, but it’s not every single night. my favorite flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough or cookies ‘n cream!

  4. I either use plastic baggies or tupperware type containers. I do tend to rinse them out a little and then leave by the sink until I have several to wash, then wash em – I hate washing every single day.

  5. I’m definitely at least slightly addicted to ice cream. Plain chocolate or butter pecan are my tops.

  6. I hate saran wrap! I think I waste more of it than I actually use because it balls up and sticks to itself and then I grab another piece.
    I can’t eat ice cream because of it’s made of that evil thing called dairy, haha, so I eat the non-dairy Arctic Freeze ice cream – it’s soo addicting.

  7. I LOVE ice cream. Seriously, it’s one of my favorite desserts :). When I have to pack something I usually use either tupperware or plastic baggies. I don’t know why I never thought of using tin foil! I’ll have to try that.

  8. It’s a tie for my favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip and pistachio. I like the neon green I guess! :-)

    I’m all about the ziploc baggies for lunches.

  9. I LOVE ICE CREAM. That will never change! My favorites are moose traps, mint chocolate chip, and of course cookie dough :)

  10. I’m trying so hard to ween myself off sugar. It’s sooo hard for me!


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