Friendly Frappuccinos + Killer Full Body Superset

Yesterday ended up being the perfect mix of leisure and productivity. I love it when that happens.

For the better part of the early afternoon, I hung out with my friend Heidi. She’s one of my best friends here in town, and I love that she always makes time for me despite being a busy mom of two little ones. When I arrived at her house, she immediately busted out her immersion blender and new favorite shake mix to make us mocha frappuccino’s.



Heidi mentioned she’d been using Shakeology as part of her breakfast every day by whipping up smoothies, so I was excited to try one for myself!


Oh. My. Delish. This stuff was amazing. After gulping it down, I looked at the bag and saw it’s full clean, nutritious ingredients and lots of superfoods. It got an A+ from this sports nutritionist! IMG_2588I declared that I had to get some for myself, until she told me the price tag. Wowee. Maybe a birthday present? (hint, hint, Shane Winking smile)

The rest of the day involved a little cleaning and a lot of book reading:


One of my clients lent me this book, and after starting yesterday afternoon I’m already more than half way through. It’s heart-breaking yet riveting at the same time. I couldn’t put it down!

Ever though yesterday was Day Light Savings time, I found myself waiting for the time to be an appropriate dinner hour. Once the clock deemed it appropriate for dinner and not supper (6:00, btw) I whipped up a dinner that I haven’t made in probably…5 years:


Meatloaf! (also, natural light! yet another reason why I love DLS Smile)

I made this recipe with a few tweaks, and served up some steamed broccoli on the side.


I’ve never declared myself a huge meatloaf lover, but this tasted absolutely fantastic! It didn’t hold together perfectly, but I don’t think that affected the taste at all.




This morning I set my alarm for 1.5 hrs before my first client so I could get to the gym to crank out a lifting workout. Although I’m still doing Tina’s boot camp program, I decided to switch things up a bit for workout A.

After a 10 minute dynamic warm up, I did this full body super set workout:

Pin It

Then stretched and trained a client.

After coming home and showering, I was in the mood for a savory breakfast (surprise, surprise) so I whipped up a cheesy egg and veggie scramble:


Loved this combination! I also had some unpictured blackberries and plain Greek yogurt on the side.


This week’s going to be crazy and super busy, but this helps it start off on the right note Open-mouthed smile

Have a good Monday, ya’ll!

What’s your favorite protein powder/meal replacement powder?

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  1. I have never heard of Shakeology, but I am always looking for delicious and nutritious additions to my smoothies! Right now I small about Spiru-tein Cookies & Cream protein powder for creamy drinks and Amazing Grass Orange Dream for fruity smoothies!

  2. Right now it is Vega vanilla but that could all change this week, I should get my new order of Sun Warrior for the first time :)

  3. Where do you get that shake stuff? I’m always interested in new products!

  4. Wow, just the tagline description of that book sounds intense! I’m not sure I could read that knowing it’s true, too disturbing!

  5. That scramble looks so good especially those veggies! Good job on the morning workout!

  6. I do like shakeolgoy but it seems really expensive. I’ve been using Vega Sport lately and love the chocolate a lot in my green smoothies

  7. I haven’t been drinking any protein lately (bad!), but the only one I’ve been able to keep up with for any length of time is Vanilla Sunwarrior.

  8. I love my vanilla sun warrior protein blend powder. It is delicious to drink straight up after a run and works really well in smoothies and protein pancakes.

  9. I have been wanting to try shakeology! That egg scramble looks perfectly cooked.

  10. ah! i saw these shakeologys through the jamie eason live fit facebook page. i checkted them out and they are EXPENSIVEEEE. haha iw as like looks good but not wallet friendly. glad your friend had such a positive response to them though!

    • I know! I just can’t bring myself to buy it :( And I’ve paid a ridiculous amount for some ridiculous things in my life.

  11. i just recently tried the chocolate shakeology for the first time, and i absolutely LOVED it too! i added a couple tablespoons of PB2 in mine with a banana, and it was SO good! i definitely plan to buy some more.


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