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Today’s a great day already because it’s the first time I’ve run outside on a week day since October 6th! (I totally had to go back and look at past posts to find that out because it’s been so long.)


I did have a steady state treadmill run planned for today’s workout, but shortly after waking up, I checked the temps and saw that it was in the mid thirties. While normally I would have gone to the treadmill, it seemed plain unbearable to do another treadmill workout today. So, outside I went!  Thumbs up

I ended up running 4.2 miles in a little less than 40 minutes, then came inside, grabbed Niko, and cooled down by walking for another 20 minutes.


Another bonus about outdoor runs? No commuting to and from the gym! Without the extra few minutes usually spent on gym commute, I had extra time to really enjoy breakfast this morning.

And I realllly enjoyed my fluffy protein pancakes Open-mouthed smile

By the way, I think I’m the only one who didn’t know it was National Pancake Day the other day. Of course, National Pancake Day was about the only day I didn’t have pancakes for breakfast this week Smile with tongue out

In fact, I usually miss out on all national food holidays – even ones that I usually eat every day. I guess I’m the type of person to seriously let my cravings and appetite decide on what I’ll eat for the day. I’ll just say I celebrate every day Winking smile Today just so happened to be pancakes and bananas!


Another reason for celebration…happy March!! I don’t know about you, but I think March is pretty much the best month ever. Perhaps it has something to do with a certain someone’s golden birthday falling this month, but that’s just hearsay Winking smile

Have a great day, all.

Do you celebrate (or even know about) national food holidays?

PS – Check out my guest post I wrote over on my friend Kim’s blog, Sunny State of Mind!

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  1. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    I usually find out about food holidays AFTER the fact; but that doesn’t stop me from having belated celebrations :)

  2. Love that you got to run outside again *and* that you got to re-fuel with protein pancakes! I’m legit drooling over here – can’t wait to get home to my home cooked meals again!! Missing oatmeal and those pancakes in a BIG way today!!

  3. I don’t usually celebrate food holidays, but if I run across the event early I the day I may try and incorporate that ingredient/meal during the day. The last food holiday I celebrated was National Peanut Butter Day by making peanut butter cookies!

  4. I enjoyed reading your post. Pics of the pancakes are really good!

  5. I always learn about food holidays the day of. And since I’m a planner, it rarely works out well. lol

  6. I usually love March because it means the beginning of spring around here but this year it means the last full month until I’m 30, and I just can’t handle that right now.

  7. I sometime do, but usually miss them because I usually find out via Twitter or blogs after I have made breakfast already. I thought last week was National Pancake Week!? I did make pancakes twice last week cause of it! haha

  8. I am so happy it’s staying lighter outside longer so I can walk with my pup again after work. We’re both much happier after some much needed fresh air and exercise :)

  9. I usually find out about National Days after the fact. But today is National Peanut Butter Lovers Day! :-)

    My birthday is this month too!

  10. I never hear about National Food days…thats ok though – I am never home enough to prepare!

  11. I celebrated wine day last month :) haha
    what is on top of your pancakes? is it yogurt?

  12. Yay for getting in a run outdoors….and I totally want those pancakes :). I don’t ever celebrate food holidays because I usually don’t find out about them until they’ve already happened! haha

  13. i am a food holiday freak. today is national peanut butter lovers day and national fruit compote day. and tomorrow is national banana cream pie day. now you know :)


  1. […] from Wednesday night, peanut butter tortilla (hey! I actually ended up celebrating National Peanut Butter Lovers Day!) and some roasted veggies. I love adding a hefty amount of olive oil and reaaally roasting the […]

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