Creepy TV

Another savory start to the day this morning!


Oh man, was this breakfast yummy as ever!!

This morning’s egg scramble was made out of 3 eggs, grape tomatoes, 1 small, chopped zucchini, and some goat cheese.


Love veggies and eggs! However, combined with the two slices of raisin bread toast and butter, it left me SO FULL. My eyes were definitely larger than my stomach today. I managed to eat most of the eggs, and 1.5 pieces of toast though.


Perhaps my eyes were so big because of the workout I did earlier this morning.

I did workout B of Tina’s boot camp plan, which was awesome! One of my favorite exercises to hate are 1-leg squats, and today’s workout had us doing a variation of them. After one set I realized why I love to hate them…and may have said a few curse words Winking smile

It also has us doing 20 minutes of cardio, which I chose to do on the elliptical.

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Then, after my workout, I trained an in-home client. So naturally, I was pretty ravenous when it came time for breakfast Smile

Creepy TV

This morning as I caught the tail end of Married with Children and part of a Home Improvement while incline walking on the treadmill. I just love throwback shows from the 90’s – Full House, Saved by the Bell, 90210, Home Improvement, and The Cosby’s were always some of my favorites.


I know they’re all pretty cheesy, but if I happen to catch one now, even in 2012, I’m not gonna change the channel. Just sayin’.

That said, there were some shows in the 90’s that I wasn’t crazy about – like Fresh Prince (I know, call me crazy!) However, some of them were just plain creepy:

  • Alf – this show was not enjoyable to me at all, and in particular, Alf creeps me out.
  • Dinosaurs – same thing. Creep-y. Remember my weird fear of the baby?
  • King of the Hill – I was never a fan of this show! I didn’t find it funny, but instead just weird
  • Tales from the Crypt – anyone remember this show? It was kinda interesting, but creepy as hell!


You cannot tell me that’s not scary!!

I guess you could say the same thing about shows now a days, like Intervention and that Strange Obsessions show.

Oddly enough, with the list of dislikes of shows for being “creepy” I did like a few a weird shows – Beavis and Butthead, Southpark, and MTV’s Daria and Undressed (does anyone remember this one?) were some of my favorites in Jr. High and High School.

Have a good Wednesday (this week is a-flyin’!)

What are/were some shows that creeped you out to watch?

Favorite/lease favorite shows of the 90’s?

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  1. Michelle @ Our Dream, Made Out of Real Things says:

    I swear you are the only other person I know of that didn’t like Fresh Prince! I just could NOT get into that show and even now when I tell people that I didn’t like it they freaking out on me.

    My favorite shows were Home Improvement (major crush on JTT) and Clarissa Explains It All. I’m pretty sure I would STILL be watching Clarissa if it was still on…

  2. I seem to remember liking Alf when I was a kid but I saw it recently and it is sooo awful!! I can (and do) watch Full House over and over again though 😛

  3. Alf totally creeped me out. I really think I just don’t like muppets. They give me nightmares!

    I will never watch Sesame Street with my kids. This I know.

  4. Don’t forget Fraggle Rock!

  5. Some of my favs that I can remember are Full House, Fresh Prince of Belair, Dawson’s Creek, Step by Step and Sweet Valley High. I was never a fan of shows like the Simpsons, or Southpark and was always scared of the show Unsolved Mysteries – where the guys walked around the pool…

  6. I always watch the old but awesome shows like that too! And I actually liked most of the creepy shows…except Alf. He was a no go.

    Breakfast looks YUMMY!

  7. I was just thinking of Home Improvement this morning! Loved that show.
    I hate any and all adult cartoons, but loved 90210 and Blossom back in the day :)

  8. I LOVED Daria and Undressed! My dad got me all of the Daria episodes on DVD a few years ago!

  9. Haha, Dinosaurs, I used to make my mom and dad watch that one with me all the time! I also loved Clarissa Explains it All and Are You Afraid of the Dark. There are too many others to list, but those spring to mind first. Oh I miss the 90s hehe.

  10. I fully believe we had some of the best tv shows ever in the 90’s. Full House, Saved by the Bell, Family Matters, California Dreams, that was quality programming.
    I remember one weird show that had a stuffed talking dog. I think it was called Unhappily Ever After. It always seemed like they were trying to be like Married with Children, but you just can’t compete with that show.

  11. oh man, I loved Alf & Dinosaurs!! But then, I also loved “Are You Afraid Of The Dark?” so clearly it takes a lot to creep me out.

  12. I loved Alf! I even had slippers with his face on them. I must have been a weird child because I enjoyed Dinosaurs and Tales of the Crypt. :-)

    I loved watching All That as a kid too. And I was actually raised on Married with Children and the Simpsons. High quality there!

  13. HAHA! Oh my goodness Paige! I totally agree with you about Alf! So freaky!


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