A Date to the Vineyards

Wondering where Shane took me on our mystery date yesterday?


To the vineyards! Well, a vineyard. One of two near where we live. It’s slim pickin’s here in Central Illinois. Winking smile (You can read about the last winery we went to – the other of the two here.)

Regardless, it was such a nice day and we had so much fun just sipping wine and talking for a few hours. I love relaxing. It’s probably my favorite.


(It was a sunny day, clearly!)

Before we headed to the winery, we made sure to make a pit stop to a local cheese factory to pick up our favorite blocks of cheese to go with wine. Then we got distracted by the yummy curds and picked up some tomato basil garlic and then some natural white cheddar curds. They’re so yummy and squeak when you chew them!


I was totally freaked out the first time I saw curds. We were in Wisconsin on a camping trip and made a pit stop by a gas station, and when I went to pay for my road snacks, I noticed there was a bag of cheese clumps sitting out on the counter. I promptly told the cashier and asked if she should refrigerate them, and she promptly took offense. Wisconsin people are passionate about their cheese! Right, Kim? Smile The curds were actually a nice compliment to the bottle of shiraz we bought!

The wind, however, was not. After about 20 minutes, we went back inside and enjoyed the view from behind the large glass windows.


Hey, we gave it a try!

Shane and I actually love wineries, and we have a trip scheduled next month for a long weekend in Southern Illinois to do just that! We got a couple cabins for us and a couple friends, and we’re just planning to hang out, hike a little, and go to wineries a lot. Should be a lot of fun!

The second part of the date yesterday involved going out to dinner, but after half a bottle of wine and more than enough cheese, I suggested we head home and then order something when our appetites come back. We ended up getting carry-outs from Avanti’s, a local favorite Italian restaurant. I got a chicken parmesan and more bread than I needed (my oh my is their bread good) but it went unpictured. Cut me a break, I’d been drinking wine all afternoon Winking smile


Although we stopped drinking around 5, and I drank a crap ton of water yesterday, I just can’t seem to get hydrated! I woke up this morning so thirsty and feeling a little nauseous, actually. So this morning has only involved coffee and water.


Oh, and I also chopped all the veggies for the week and changed the sheets. That just might be the end of productivity for me.

Aside from church (maybe?) I’m not sure what the plans are for today, but I’m carving out a good few hours of reading time, and then I think I’m going to visit my friend Heidi and her babies. And maybe a yogurt mask. Should be a good Sunday Smile Hope you have a good one, too!!

What’s your favorite kind of wine?

Are there any wineries near you?

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  1. I never used to drink wine but started about 2 years ago. I still do not drink it too often but when I do my favorite is a rose or white Zinfandel.
    Definitely no wineries near me! But we have gone to a couple on road trips – even before I drank wine and I still enjoyed them!

  2. Come to San Fran :) Plenty of wineries around here!

  3. Sounds like a fantastic date :-)

    I don’t drink wine, I just don’t like it, I find the taste so sour. I wish I did like it though, whenever I go to the restaurant I feel so unsophisticated when I have to turn down the wine!

  4. sounds like a great date! I am an avid Sauv Blanc drinker, but gave up white wine for Lent so I’ve been on a Malbec kick.

  5. wine & cheese?! sounds like a perfect day! love vineyards. There are a few near me but I haven’t been to one in years. I think I need to change that. :)

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  6. Oh I love wine!! I’m partial to white wine though. I’m working on liking the reds, they are just a little harder for me to get used to. Central PA has several wineries that are supposed to be pretty nice – unfortunately I have never been to any of them : (


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