Fun Friday

I wish these were my “cube mates” every Friday!! Destiny took the train into town to stay with us so she could ride along with us to the funeral on Thursday. Lucky me, because that meant 2 nights of BFF time Yesterday was a really fun day, even though we didn’t really do anything at […]

Kitchen Homeostasis

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my interview with Ali. I had such a great time interviewing her, and I loved that you enjoyed reading about it! Yesterday was a whirlwind, emotional day – one which I pretty much stayed off the internet completely (unheard of.) We mourned someone and celebrated someone. As sad […]

Interview with Alison Sweeney: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Her

Last week I received an email from Molly on behalf of Yoplait Light asking if I’d be interested in interviewing Ali Sweeney. If you don’t already know, Ali is the host of the Biggest Loser, a Day of Our Lives soap star, and author of cookbook, The Mommy Diet. source Now. I haven’t hidden the […]

Quitting One Last Time

    The Last Supper Lunch Hardboiled egg salad + Greek yogurt w/ a healthy brownie and blueberries as my very last lunch here at the BIC.   Look at those perfected yolks! This combination was absolutely fantastic. Did you guys know today’s not my first time quitting the BIC? It’s actually the third. The […]

Sweatin’ “It” Out

  Pizza. It’s what’s for birthday dinner. Hi guys! THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes. Ya’ll are too sweet. All in all it was a very good day! Work was work, but when I got home I had a SUPER exciting call to be on (which I will share with you all ASAP…I intended […]

Sniff it Out

Birthday day is swimming right along! Funny story – since last Tuesday, I’ve been celebrating my birthday week. And every morning, I wake up to Shane saying “HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!!” Well, yesterday after he said it for the 6th time, I told him that if I was getting sick of hearing that he HAD to […]


Today’s going to be a great day! Not only is it my birthday…but it’s my golden birthday. And, 27 is my absolute favorite number. Some 27 factoids: My street address was 27 growing up My favorite channel growing up (Nickelodeon, duh) was on channel 27 I was born on March 27th I was married on […]


I didn’t mention it in this morning’s post because I didn’t want to jinx myself, but I think I overdid it on this morning’s workout. Last week’s workout A may have left my muscles crying from soreness, but today’s a little…different. It’s isolated pain in my left medial glute, and I’m just hoping and crossing […]

What Happens When A Girl Cooks on the Grill

Charred food, for $500, Alex? OK, fine. That may be a wee bit of a generalization. How about what happens when this girl cooks on the grill? haha Yeah…Shane made the mistake of telling me to “just go ahead and put them on” when I called to him that the veggies were prepped at ready […]


First off, thank you so, so, SO much for your comments yesterday (and this morning;) I truly appreciate them. Loss is so very tough, but a wee bit less tough with a strong support system ** Yesterday Shane and I celebrated my birthday. My actual birthday isn’t until Tuesday, but he’s got a big test […]

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